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Bari v FBI - FBI Tries to Stop Jury from Reading Constitution

Subject: Bari v FBI - FBI Tries to Stop Jury from
Reading Constitution
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 15:31:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Darryl Cherney < ensopro@asis.com>
FBI Tries to Stop Jury from Reading Constitution

Deliberation in 2nd Day—Questions May Reveal How
Jury Leans

CONTACT: Jean Eisenhower or Steve Christianson
at 510/663-6330.

OAKLAND, CA — The jury's request for a copy of
the 1st and 4th amendments of the US Constitution was opposed by
the Department of Justice council Joseph Sher and City of
Oakland council Marie Bee. Judge Wilken overruled the motion to oppose
and read those amendments to the jury, but did not give the jury
an actual copy of those amendments for them to return to the
deliberation room. "Their agents obviously haven't read the
Constitution, so why would they want anyone else looking at it?" said
Darryl Cherney, co-plaintiff in the Civil Rights lawsuit.

Bari v. FBI is in its second day of jury
deliberations following a six week trial. There are four defendant agents
from the FBI and three defendant Oakland Police officers. Lawyers
from all sides must be on call to appear at the courtroom for
the remainder of deliberations to answer any questions the jury
may pose.

This Friday, May 24, at 12 noon there will be a
rally at the Oakland Federal Courthouse to celebrate Judi Bari
Day. Darryl Cherney, Bari's co-plaintiff, has proposed to
Council member Nancy Nadel of the Oakland City Council that May
24 be declared Judi Bari Day by the city. The day would be
devoted to education about the life of environmentalist, labor
organizer and feminist Judi Bari as well as FBI persecution of
activists, such as the Black Panthers. Nadel agreed that if Bari and
Cherney win the case she would present it to the City Council for
serious consideration.

1611 Telegraph Avenue, Room 205 (corner 16 St.)
Oakland, CA 94612

Environmentally Sound Promotions
PO Box 2254
Redway, CA 95560

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