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NBC Spins 911

This is an excerpt from NBC Spins 911, a new booklet from Counter-Propaganda press. This is a review of taped footage of NBC-TV News coverage of the September 11th event from about 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM NY time. Did NBC give us the news or a brainwash?
On the Screen

Continually played and replayed are the terror-scenes of death and destruction. There is a limited menu of such images, and they replay incessantly. They are inter-cut with various voices, who, in the early hours especially, are rarely on screen.

The images play behind the voices of Tom and Katie and a few other NBCers and behind a parade of analysts and experts, who, through the authority of the scenes of death and destruction that play continuously behind them, derive credibility for their abstract words. Many of these voices are by telephone; yet, even when video is available, the voice's face is on full-screen but an instant, then it's to split-screen with the imagery of destruction, then it's just voice-over behind full-screen destruction. Establishing this terror imagery is the primary business of the day.

The smoking tower. The second plane's fiery impact. In slow motion, the straight-down collapse of one tower, then the other. The white cloud-rush of smoke, dust, and debris through the downtown canyon. The fleeing hoards. This awesome hard-won movie-footage played again and again at every opportunity. The aircraft-impact scene especially is burned into the consciousness so that it becomes impossible thereafter for one to see a skyscraper without imagining a plane smashing into it, or visa-versa.

The sources of these clips are rarely disclosed. Amateur camcorder? Professional network? We are not told.

Audio is mixed in with a few of these scenes. It is played at a low level, so as not to interfere with voiceovers. The roar of the collapse is hushed, almost subliminal. But, unlike CBS, NBC has in its inventory no female screaming "Oh God, no!" That soundtrack is so terror-effective. Mostly it's the rumble and roar of collapse, the shouts and screams of the retreating crowd.

The staple in the visual inventory is a downtown panorama, shot from Brooklyn Heights. The source may be a network pool camera. Across the water, a huge white plume envelops the financial district and slowly drifts east, the twin towers gone. This is the only destruction footage shown for more than just a few seconds. It becomes the standard backdrop for the anchors, lingering for long minutes. It is a comprehensive take on the situation. It is also a safe shot, providing no detail that could prove troublesome.

"Scenes of war... financial district of the world," intones Brokaw lazily, behind him the smoking panorama. "But now the towers have collapsed onto the ground. There is untold loss of life... smoke and dust spreads out over that very densely populated area... epicenter of a great, great national tragedy and a great loss of life." And on and on... Brokaw is as unperturbed, as laid back as on any routine news day, as behind him Manhattan burns. A central part of Brokaw seems always to be asleep, to be comatose, through all the blah-blah that he spins out through the long hours. Perhaps he wants some part of you to sleep, too. Maybe the part that wants to ask questions.
Local news vs. national news 20.May.2002 14:48

mussed coif

Here's an interesting large (35mb) streaming video from Alex Jones (www.infowars.com) that contains original local news coverage of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing. The OKC coverage starts about 15-20% through the video so you can skip to where it begins. In the video, Jones expounds on the New World Order conspiracy, but even you discount his particular conspiracy theory the implications of the original local news coverage of the OKC event are astounding.

The local coverage of this incident is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what we heard in the national media. In OKC, local news programs show that several bombs were found INSIDE the Federal Building, corroborated by many witnesses including police and fire dept officials (county bomb squad unit). You can see it all on camera. You see the bomb squad unit arrive and the area is cleared because more bombs were found. Witnesses at the building describe hearing several bombs go off. Security camera footage of John Doe #2 (middle-eastern appearance) is seen leaving the Ryder truck in addition to Tim McVeigh. It's all there on the local news. Most of this was ignored by the national media.

This appears to indicate complicity by the Feds and the national media in domestic acts of terror.

link to "The Road to Tyranny" streaming video:
 link to www.libertythink.com

Noticing 9/11 23.May.2002 00:43

jypd jypd@imsa.edu

I remember during the 9/11 coverage that there were car bombs supposedly going off near the State Department and a few other buildings. There were also reports of hijacked planes heading for Seattle and Los Angeles. Considering that all of America was a no-fly zone for news crews or civilians for three weeks after the attacks, it's possible there were other planes that didn't go down. I personally still think that the 9/11 plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was shot down by our military. It had debris sites 6 miles apart, which to me, indicates a mid-air breakup, and if our Air Force shot down that plane after the passengers supposedly retook it from the hijackers, there would be a press relations nightmare.

As far as all the news coverage from 9/11, a lot of the early scenes were only of the impact on Tower 2. After Tower 1 was hit, every news organization was pointing cameras at the building, but the footage of the impact on the first Tower didn't make the news for awhile. The source, supposedly, are the two Frenchmen who were making a documentary about voluntary firefighters.