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9.11 investigation

Green Party Demands 9/11 independent Probe

Probe of 9/11 must be independent of Congress and the White House, say Green

For immediate release:
Sunday, May 19, 2002

Probe must be independent of Congress and the White House, say Green

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green candidates and other members of the Green
Party of the United States repeated the call for Congress to authorize an
independent investigation into the attacks on September 11, in the wake of
revelations that the Bush Administration failed to inform Americans about
indications that Osama bin Laden was behind a plan to highjack airlines.

"The government of the United States owes this to the American people,
and especially to the victims and their relatives," said Ted Glick, New
Jersey Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate. "It should be an
independent investigation, with broad subpoena power and access to classified
information, conducted by a body of citizens outside of Congress and
the Ashcroft Justice Department."

"While the White House tries to downplay the news, it's becoming clear
that this is even more gravely serious than the Enron debacle, which
Congress refused to investigate as a political scandal and only as corporate
malfeasance. An investigation needs to be directed by those whose only
interest is in finding the truth, and who have the courage and resolve
to seek the truth regardless of political or criminal implications.
Relatives of the victims should play a major role in the committee overseeing the

Other candidates seeking their states' Green Party nomination,
including Stanley Aronowitz (for Governor of New York) and Charles Pillsbury (for
Congress, Connecticut 3rd District), have also called for an
independent investigation. Like millions of other Americans and many of the
mainstream media, Greens are asking hard questions:

*** Why did the Bush Administration fail for nine months after
September 11th to disclose its knowledge of intelligence warnings from as early
as May, 2001? Did top Republicans and Democrats, including Rep. Nancy
Pelosi (D-Ca), in the House and Senate Intelligence Committees also conceal
such knowledge? Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Al) has admitted that they had
received the same classified information as the President.

*** Why did President Bush and Vice President Cheney, the latter
repeatedly,contact Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle to urge the Senate not to
conduct a full investigation into September 11?

*** Will apologies be paid to Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ca), after the
harsh criticism and derision she received from Trent Lott (R-Ms), Zell Miller
(D-Ga), and others last month for demanding an investigation into
possible White House foreknowledge of the attacks?

*** If suspicions of an attack came in part from intelligence warnings
about questionable enrollments in flight training schools (August 6, 2001
secret memo to the President, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S."), why
does the White House say it expected a conventional hijacking? Since when
are years of pilot training part of the preparation for what Press
Secretary Ari Fleischer called a "traditional" hijacking?

*** Did insider trading occur on Wall Street based on knowledge of an
impending attack? Did U.S. intelligence, which tracks trading
patterns, detect the jump in United Airlines put options (90 times above normal)
between September 6 and 10, 2001, and 285 times higher than average on
September 7; or the jump in American Airlines put options (60 times
above normal) on September 10? (Put options are leveraged bets that a
stock's price will fall.) This was reported on CBS News on September 26, 2001;
no similar trading patterns occurred for other airlines.

*** "The Attorney General John Ashcroft stopped using ordinary
commercial jets in early summer after an internal security warning." (The
Independent,May 17, 2001) Why did the FBI advise Ashcroft, as later reported by
CBS News on July 26, 2001, to avoid commercial flights for the remainder of
his term? Did it occur to Ashcroft (and Bush) to ask what the threat was?
Should other Americans have been warned?

*** Did plans for the trans-Afghanistan pipeline to transport oil from
Turkmenistan motivate Bush to block intelligence gathering on al Qaeda
in early and mid 2001? According to CNN, this obstruction drove FBI
Deputy Director John O'Neill to resign two weeks before September 11. (After
leaving the FBI, O'Neill became security director at the World Trade
Center, where he died on September 11.) The revival of pipeline plans after
September 11 was denied by the White House in late 2001, but confirmed in
a February 8, 2002 joint declaration by Afghan interim Prime Minister
Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, and more recently
by World Bank chief James Wolfensohn. What kind of influence did oil
interests have over Bush intelligence policy before and after September 11?

*** What elementary precautions could airlines, the FAA, and the U.S.
military have taken to improve security on commercial flights and at
major landmarks known to be vulnerable? Why didn't U.S. intelligence
agencies compile, compare, and analyse numerous intelligence reports, such as
the e-mail from a Minneapolis FBI agent suggesting that Zaccarias Moussaoui
might fly a jumbo jet into the World Trade Center? Could the attacks
have been prevented?


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National office: 1314 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
202-296-7755, 866-41GREEN

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