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Anarchist prisoner Rob los Ricos new support address

Rob los Ricos has a new support address.
Letter from Rob saying thanks and posting a new PO box address for continued support.

Rob los Ricos Enterprises

Over the past 3 years of my prison experience, friends, supporters, well-wishers and comrades have been generous to me, sending donations,
books, zines, cards and letters. Thank you all very much for thinking of me, it means a lot.

The Oregon Department of Corrections makes it difficult to send literature and monetary donations to prisoners, so a friend offered to start a bank account for me in Eugene. The only way this seems to work for all parties involved is to start a business account in my name, so that's what we've done.
Having one address for people to send donations my way seems like the easiest way for me to manage my personal affairs, so that I have one
place and person to contact when I want to order a book, subscribe to a magazine, order new glasses, replace my worn out running shoes, send
money to my daughter's mother or send her a gift. (Her birthday is coming up soon.)

In the future, this business account may come in handy for helping me produce publications and otherwise conduct business with the outside
world. Of course, I'll let ya'll know when such developments arise. Thanks again for your support. It's made a really horrible situation somewhat more bearable.

Send donations to:

Rob los Ricos
PO Box 50634
Eugene OR 97405

In Revolt,

Rob Thaxton # 12112716
OSP 2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310

homepage: homepage: http://www.defenestrator.org/roblosricos/index.html
address: address: POB 50082, Eugene, OR 97405

Photo of Rob 20.May.2002 16:53


this is an older photo of Rob and his daughter off the above website.
Photo of Rob
Photo of Rob