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BD vs. BD

Summary: God will win! Note: If I am using initials like "BD, BM IDM, etc."; that is because I have already been blocked posting this here when writing the info out or because I have had similar experiences here in the past.
My Daddy said that the revelation that the CIA had prior knowledge of the World Trade Center attacks just scrapes the surface of what the powers-that-be have been trying to conceal. If they determine who knew of this information beforehand, they will probably be able to determine that the culprits used this information to blame the attacks on people who were entirely incapable of carrying them out. Everything that links these alleged hijackers to the attacks is akin to something out of a dime store novel. If they would focus on the probable truth that these attacks were radio-controlled from the ground, that the lack of information from the FAA confirms this, and that the true culprits were immediately at the crash sites to retrieve the radio-control devices; they would see that the success of these attacks was akin to the "Bush Daddy Buffoonery" (176670) that allowed that Kennedy assassinations to go unsolved. Like the burning of the Reichstagg Building (174299), these attacks were an attempt to put this nation in a state of war and give the rogues in government even greater power. What they don't understand is that the public is not stupid enough to continue to "swallow" their banal explanations of what happened. There is not much that one can do to oppose or correct such corruption in government other than to rely upon God. So keep in mind how the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots (179472) have promoted absurd falsehoods to cover up their own involvement in such evils, for they have become central figures in God's plan for having acted as though they were God's chosen people. By accentuating the fact that Bush Daddy Tribe has acted in a way so that they will have to oppose Bush Daddy Tribe, one will be able to turn their own tongues against them (Ps. 64:8) by merely trying to get them to defend their absurd contentions about what is true.

Cut to the chase! Bush Daddy is dead set on getting rid of all the asinine idiots (Is. 14:20), including himself. Bush Daddy keeps moaning and groaning about his kid being a victim of the stupidity that prevails, not letting on that he is the one who "bought" his kid a "slaughtering block" (Is. 14:21). Bush Daddy figures that people will pity him if he loses his first-born son (Mic. 6:7); i.e. "extra credit" for Bush Daddy. In an apparent attempt to mimic the fabricated conflicts of the Middle East, humble Bro Bubba Bill has emerged as the harshest critic of the Bush Daddy regime. Bro Bubba Bill, being still off "stealing TVs" and having studied John Lennon's "How I Won the War!", says, "I'll send my wife instead!". Although Hillary seems to be more than pleased to help Bush Daddy get rid of himself, it remains to be seen if she will emerge as a staunch supporter of "coprophagic fertilizer" (Jer. 9:22; 70672, 151866, & 166317); for it just might be her way of "feeding the wolves" (Gen. 49:27: Jer. 8:3). "What about the wolf??!!" In the "game" for the Empire State, I support the "Adirondack Oaks". In addition to her distinguished adviser, Bro Bubba Bill; Hillary has another advantage in that she doesn't have to do anything to conceal (Is. 29:11)from Bush Daddy's kid that he might forego the "slaughtering block" and sacrifice all his poopheads instead. That would probably be like Hitler "committing suicide" with his wife: "You go first! I'll be the last to go!". As for the demise of Bush Daddy, if they start circling my house with Bush Daddy standing in the open doorway of a helicopter, I'll be sure to "catch him" when he falls (Is. 14:12-14; 147306). Meanwhile the Bear Lord is probably off swearing to himself that this was supposed to happen (Amos 6:8); plus you know that this stuff all comes from the Bible. That is why God will fulfill completely the words of His messengers (Is. 44:26). In the contest of Bush Daddy vs. Bush Daddy, God is sure to win, for Bush Daddy has danced with prophecy.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PS: Last week to keep the natives entertained and to draw attention to the alleged "good works" of the niggardly asinine Zionists idiots of this neck of the woods; I posted an editted version of "The Beast Raises Its Head Again" (108404) as "Abduction at Cornell!" (180797).

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