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President Bush Exposed For Provable and Blatant Lies Over September 11th

Bush made a startling statement about September 11th and I said to my wife - "you won't believe what this guy has just said, I bet the spin doctors are screaming at the screen."


By David Icke

Earlier this month, on December 4th, I was sitting in a hotel bar in Bermuda watching CNN as I killed time waiting for a flight after my talk there. CNN were broadcasting live coverage of a "town meeting" at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, where President Bush was answering non-challenging questions from a sycophantic audience. Then suddenly, as I sipped my beer and despaired at the hero worship being enjoyed by the village idiot, Bush made a startling statement about September 11th and I said to my wife - "you won't believe what this guy has just said, I bet the spin doctors are screaming at the screen."

For the next two days I scanned the newspapers, the Internet "news" sites, etc., including CNN, but there was no mention of the amazing statement he made. Nor had I found any mention of it since. That did not surprise me at all, but now, thanks to Didier, a reader of the David Icke website in Belgium, I have the words that Bush said - ironically posted by the White House website, hidden away in the full transcript of the meeting:

Bush was talking about what happened on September 11th and how he heard of the atrocities in New York. If you remember, Bush was at a school in Florida where he was taking part in a photo opportunity, which included reading a story about a pet goat to a class of children. The media around the world told us, from White House statements, that Bush heard of the twin tower attacks when his chief of staff, Andrew Card, spoke in his ear in the classroom as he addressed the children. There was the famous picture of Card leaning over Bush accompanied by headlines like: The Moment Bush Knew.

But Bush told the Florida town meeting a very different story. This is what he said about what happened that morning in answer to a question by someone named Jordan:

"Well, Jordan, you're not going to believe what state I was in when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in Florida. And my Chief of Staff, Andy Card -- actually, I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works. I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on. And I used to fly, myself, and I said, well, there's one terrible pilot. I said, it must have been a horrible accident. But I was whisked off there, I didn't have much time to think about it. And I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my Chief of Staff, who is sitting over here, walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower, America is under attack."


And what about that statement about "there's one terrible pilot". What?? A passenger jet crashes into one of the twin towers full of people and all the President of the United States can say is "there's one terrible pilot"!! And then he walks into a classroom to read a story about a pet goat?? God help us. "There's one terrible pilot"? We are not talking a light plane flown by an amateur, but a commerical airliner and even if it had not been a terrorist outrage, it would still have been an enormous tragedy requiring the leadership of the US president. But of course none of this tissue of lies by Bush could have happened because he could not possibly have seen the first crash on live television because there was no live coverage. The fact that Bush KNEW the plane was going to hit the tower is more like it because he, like his masters who orchestrated it, was well aware of what was going to unfold that morning.


As Associated Press reported on September 12th: "In Sarasota, Florida, Bush was reading to children in a classroom at 9:05 a.m. when his chief of staff, Andrew Card, whispered into his ear. The president briefly turned somber before he resumed reading. He addressed the tragedy about a half-hour later. "

"Briefly" remained somber?? He's just been told that the New York twin towers have been struck by commercial airliners. Death and destruction on a massive scale was already obvious and the President was "briefly somber" before continuing to read a children's story? Bush told the town meeting:

"But I knew I needed to act. I knew that if the nation's under attack, the role of the Commander-in-Chief is to respond forcefully to prevent other attacks from happening. And so, I've talked to the Secretary of Defense; one of the first acts I did was to put our military on alert."


Bush has been caught in a monumental lie here and it is just one of the endless daily lies that gush forth from the lips of this lying imbecile, who is currently a national hero. So news media, where are you when a real story is set before you? I would appreciate it if people could circulate this to all the news media you can think of and bombard the White House with requests for a statement about the provable, blatant, lies of the President of the United States about one of the darkest days in US history.

David Icke

homepage: homepage: http://www.battl.nl , www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2001/12/20011204-17.html

error in links 20.May.2002 12:39


(this is the transcript of the meeting Bush spoke at, scroll to nearly the bottom to find the aforementioned quote.)
Here is link to site where I found this article:

this is the best evidence i've seen yet 20.May.2002 13:09


This is the best piece of damning evidence that I have personally seen thus far; Bush has hung himself on this one!

Not the last time he said it 21.May.2002 05:40

Jody Paulson

This is a comment from an article on global indymedia made at 7:42pm Sat Jan 5 '02:

the 12/5/01 transcript from California (english)
by q 9:56pm Sat Jan 5 '02

check out the websites - it's all there! god...


Aired January 5, 2002 - 12:59 ET
Ontario, California

QUESTION: And what was the first thing that went through your head when you heard that a plane crashed into the first building?

BUSH: ... I was in the midst of learning about a reading program that works. ...

...Anyway, I was sitting there, and my chief of staff -- well, first of all, when we walked in the classroom, I had seen this plane fly into the first building. There was a TV set on. And, you know, I thought it was pilot error. And I was amazed anybody could make such a terrible mistake. And, you know, something was wrong with the plane or, you know.

Anyway, sitting there listening to the briefing, and Andy Card came and said, "America is under attack."

And in the meantime, this teacher was going on about the curriculum, and I was thinking about what it meant for America to be under attack. It was an amazing thought.

But I made up my mind that if America was under attack, we'd get them.

Anunnaki Bloodlines must be uprooted 25.May.2002 17:05


The masters behind the doings are the anunnaki bloodlines, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Mellons.......they must be uprooted if we are to live happy and fruitful lives......

Sheep 25.May.2002 17:07


You Sheep in the usa - you voted (well about half of you) for an alcoholic cocaine addict brain dead semi moron who is incapable of completing a whole sentence - you deserve all you get -
Congratulations - you voted for the guy who was giving out the most balloons, hats and flags - (paid for by the corporations that now dictate policy)
You brainwashed morons - you only have yourselves to blame for the horrid mess you are in -
So quick hide under your beds before the bogie man gets you! You bunch of spineless cowards.

Bush Knows Nothing 25.May.2002 18:35

E. S. Toledo estoledo@msn.com

You're talking about a man who is out of the loop in his own administration. The poor fool can't even eat a pretzel and watch tv at the same time. My guess is that it's probably Despcable Dick Cheney who knew about all the advance warnings and did nothing so Haliburton could get the contract with UNOCAL to build the pipeline through Afghanistan. That would be worthy of a $34 million bonus...

There is more that meets the eye 25.May.2002 18:47

Debby Ladyquill57@aol.com

Personally, when I saw on the news Bush's "reaction" when Andy Card whispered in his ear? Bush did NOT looked shocked. In fact, on the contrary. He really looked as if to say, "Ah Oh......we better be moving on this one real quick like before anyone figures this out". THAT is what I saw right off!

It is not just Bush though. I am including a website for you to go too. If you want to know more and learn more and are serious enough to take the time to learn WHO really is responsible. Try to keep an open mind as you read:
 http://www.aphetictechnologies.org Type this into your web browser then, read it and weep. :-(

Bush reaction to 9/11 26.May.2002 05:09


Sort of brings to mind the CHallenger disaster. When Reagon was told of the shuttle exploding, during a meeting regarding economic policies, I believe his words were "This is terrible, but can we wait until I finish this meeting? The world goes on" True compasionate conservatism.

Consider, though....... 26.May.2002 13:29


Look, I am very convinced that something shady went on conerning 9/11 in the Bush Administration, and I am as far from an apologist or cheerleader for President Shrub as there could be. But I think everyone may be wasting time, effort and blood pressure on this allegedly sinister "smoking gun" remark in which Dubya claimed to have seen the first plane hit the North WTC Tower on TV.

Let's all keep in mind that we have a Chief Executive with the IQ of a turnip. One who has shoe polish on his teeth from the myriad times he has put his foot in his mouth and said something totally stupid. Is it possible -- is it just possible -- that he may have simply misspoken? It would be far from the first time that he had his facts screwed up.

Anything Bush says needs to be taken with not just a grain of salt, but with the entire output of the salt industry. It is a mistake to latch onto a typically discombobulated and syntax-challenged Bush remark simply because it happens to fit into your particular pet theory about what happened on 9/11. Remember that old adage: "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

Silly 26.May.2002 15:39


Who really cares about this? What impact does it have on anyone? Absolutely none.

Bush JR & Sr. Knew 28.May.2002 16:50


All of you are missing the big picture. Reports have been made through the major media sources that PRIOR to leaving his hotel Bush was informed about the World Trade Ctr attacks. Reporters questioned him outside his hotel and he said somthing like "I'll have more about that later" He then went to the school.
Question #1: VP Cheney said he was taken by the secert service to an unground bunker for protection. In fact he said they picked him up by both arms and wisked him away so fast that his feet did not touch the ground All for his "safety"
How come the President continued to go to a highly published sight after he knew what was going on. If there indeed was a "real treat" to America would it not also make sense that the terriorists might go after the President? Crash a plane into the school, bomb the building? do something? but NOOOO Mr. Bush continued to read the goat story to the kids KNOWING he was in no danger? How could he have known this???
Also Cheney said on national television in his spin as to why no planes where launched is that to intercept was the same as to shoot down!!!! Wow what a lie...read the avaition manuel and see what a "intercept" is. It is not even close to shooting down a plane.
Also were planes scrambled or not? where were they...how come the DC air military web site was changed after 9/11 to make it comply with the official spin that planecs where not availiable.
Prior to 9/11 the web site stated that "we maintain a squaderon of COMBAT READY PLANES. Do you know what that means??
If all of you readers have not visited these following sites you are really missing the boat
WWW.TENC.com and WWW.copvcia.com
And one final question: Did anybody ever really see the plane that was suposed to hit the Pentagon????
go to  http://www.asile.org/citoyens/numero14/missile/temoins_en.htm
read and read again. then click on the English version in the red picture and hunt for the BOEING!
ENJOY Michael

bush and rumsfeld arrested or executed 30.May.2002 12:54

Made Up

Full document at Google 'groups'

> What do you know?
> Hi everyone, so, what do we know? Mr. bush made plans
> to attack Afghanistan just prior to 9/11, for not
> signing a contract with Unocal, which would have given
> Enron access to LNG. For without, they as members of
> the bushmob, would face their impending criminal
> bankruptcy, revealing they were stealing from any as all
> Americans, their life savings. Without the illegal war
> against the struggling to be better Taliban, the bushmob
> would have been exposed without fear by America, and
> soon, we would have all faced a bright new day
> understanding further, the importance of Justice for
> humanity as ourselves deserving not to be robbed from.
> None of the evidence indicated Afghanistan, and by bush
> running without judgement with his plan made prior,
> showed a willingness to not apprehend the true culprits,
> while warmongering a fury in bigoted corporate America,
> to attack our humanity without thinking, or
> understanding the reasons why the American Constitution
> holds still respect, for it's wisdom granting
> protections to the people as we are, individuals with
> rights to be represented as equals under the law, in
> defence against the evils of humanity, of which, our Mr.
> bush willingly as a demon, works to destroy US as the
> too weak and cowardly as terrified to know better to
> speak up for themselves rightly.
> We now have learned just recently by NBC, there was a
> thought out, secretly planned arangement two days prior
> to 9/11 regarding the Taliban being asked to hand over
> Bin without any evidence, knowing full well, that under
> such an agreement, the Taliban, believing in God and
> finding a Justice system through communicating, as they
> had during the Clinton Administration, would refuse
> rightly again, outlining the anti-Christ's entry to
> commit crimes against our humanity, with a plan that
> didn't need ajusting to falsely implicate the innocent
> of our world as Bin still is. Then Mr. rumsfeld. Mr.
> rumsfeld, the murdering nazi savage, on the one hand,
> told us the Taliban would execute their own men for
> leaving the fight to protect our world from heroin, and
> on the other hand, says they need with everyone else to
> be murdered without any questions asked. Ever I guess
> rumsfeld the dumbfuck figured. (Forgive my language Mr.
> Brown, but I'm supposed to set a few bad examples.) As
> an evil bush mobster, he's incompetent, like really
> dumb, and a mass murdering savage criminal, unable to
> cover his treason against the American people in New
> York City, now trying to bribe America's commanding
> officers to sell out American interests like tommy
> franks. We are all wondering just what are the
> percentages in the American forces regarding the
> protection of America, the Nation? Or will they be like
> the northern alliance still as ignorant and evil to rob
> and murder further from our humanity, Justice, freedom,
> and liberty? Americans, like our corporate news
> services in Canada also, are expected to not report the
> murder of ourselves in Afghanistan, excusing their
> contempt for themselves as God, to name ourselves,
> demonized willingly trying to take you to sacifice your
> rights as censored for bush to steal from our families
> escaping prosecution. I call news agencies, who as
> individuals, see no responsibility to ourselves as
> community. I recieve only refusals as excuses to deny
> ourselves equal access. Why? They, like deer caught in
> the headlights, or swimming in the, it feels so good to
> be taken banker advertising, leave us to only death to
> others they see not as themselves, be it thousands or
> millions, than allow me to enter as simply a concerned
> man named John to speak factually as documented, calling
> for the immediate arrest of bush and rumsfeld the
> murderers, to escape further bloodshed. Or, I'm
> baselessly insulted without argument, ouch, or dismissed
> as alarmist for screaming for the stopping of the murder
> of US as really dying, while my, how am I going to
> survive job prospects vanishing, because of my excellent
> research abilities on behalf of the humans.
> CBC in Washington just refuses to report as Canadians.
> Figuring what? If they just leave me to go it alone,
> It'll be left looking only stupid? Mankind? Those that
> struggle to stop me from speaking truly, do so almost
> always without stated reason, while advocating, you, my
> reader, to sit back and watch others sitting back like
> would be yourself without thinking, to be robbed your
> freedoms as earnings by the bushmob shysters. Check out
> the advertised to be a public bulletin board at
> reston.com, post something critical of the nazi, our Mr.
> bush jr., if there is something not yet removed by the
> censor, to witness for yourself, what it means as
> american, to sacrifice your soul for evil. The
> corporate cult professionals expect us general masses to
> be sacrificed for bush, the evil anti-Christ. This is
> why again, I call on the rare truly brave and strong
> soldiers in America, for America, The People, in this
> trying time, to take down bush and rumsfeld who are
> escaping the criminal arrests as our top suspects for
> 9/11, otherwise, as they are, they will continue in
> corporate bred fear against ourselves destroying
> American values like legal due process, indeed our
> world's freedoms, while advocating huge thefts and wars
> against us as innocent paying, or disspossesed as
> unrepresented by the corporate establishment of
> ignorance and greed. How do American soldiers feel
> about sacificing their lives to sell heroin, and steal
> oil, to likely pollute the region as Dutch shell would
> as they do murder civilian protestors with Tony in
> Britian harboring them? Killing for the World Bank who
> will pocket the paid expenses while indebting the
> impoverished nation? As death squads against freedom as
> cowards? You'd think if they were going to kill anyone
> in Afghanistan, it would be the terrorist leader, heroin
> pusher, tommy franks and his northern alliance business
> partner mercenaries, like the brave Taliban would have
> to protect us innocent all over the world, no? The
> truth is in while the cowards pretend. You know Dad,
> I'm beginning to suspect american nazis on our planet,
> don't actually know us too well as the humans yet...
> Wide Open
> All American people, police officers and soldiers hear
> this out please. Mr. Mueller has shown no commitment
> to represent the FBI. He has made no responsible public
> mention of the investigations regarding General Ahmed,
> and his connection to Mr. Atta, nor Odigo's two hour
> warning. He has not mentioned the investigations
> regarding the Israeli spy ring done by the FBI, and it
> has been only FOX News, the DEA, and their spokesperson
> Rogenc Waite, who have been able to get around Mr.
> Mueller's contemptuous silence for America, while
> bushmobster Susan Dryden, states we are all an urban
> myth. The FAA, NORAD (Canada's arm), Mike Vreeland, the
> CIA even, and several responsible military and civilian
> air traffic controllers, and a great many others
> disagree with CNN's refusal to mention our public
> statements against bush and rumsfeld's contentions.
> Never mind Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik who was
> handed Atta's passport by someone not named yet, of
> which Kerik stated "Apparently, it must have fallen into
> the air just as the crash occurred, surviving the almost
> 1000 degree heat of the fire, then came across a strong
> wind to blow it several blocks away." With loose papers
> between the pages of the passport even surviving the
> gusts. Now we witness the corporate cultists, desperate
> to contain us with the magic bullet theorists, we're
> expected to believe 2000 degrees actually is the only
> way possible, as impossible to prove scientifically.
> Also remember, the buildings weight were bore by
> interconnecting columns of steel through a central core
> design named "tube within a tube", not like a simple
> toothpick project laid out by fancy computer grapics,
> that neglect the actual blue print designs, as thought
> through since the Roman Empire. If still so though, how
> then can the desperate doubters explain building Seven,
> not struck by a plane, but fell just the same? As also
> reported, Atta actually taking the time to pack, yes
> that's right, pack his suicide letter is too stupid for
> even the average American intellect. Nevermind the
> sneaky suspected terrorists arguing over a parking space
> restricted at the airport yelling. Or, Mr. Mueller's
> ATM picture of a 'highjacker' who was already dead while
> the picture was supposedly taken. Hmmm... dead men as
> the terrorists named Mohammad or something like that..
> Jesus! Then finding out according to James Woods, the
> double agent actor, bush's Mueller had secretly, only
> two officers responsible for following more than 30,000
> selective as important leads over a crime of such
> magnitude. Bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing
> bing bing bing bing bing.. Hey... Did you hear that?
> We see the weakness of the many stuck as bushmobsters,
> like possibly completely innocent Myers, and his
> inability as cowardice to speak out regarding his
> political position as responsible to America, likewise
> as so many others, showing no concern for the nation as
> US people. Typical of a usual ignorant fascist right
> winger sellout like bush has been his entire career to
> his barely living self of evilness never before
> witnessed. And, I could go on for twenty more pages on
> the motives, Enron, and the proven to be criminals at
> the Pentagon, with the official corporate news story
> failing the simplest of scrutinies.
> Reminder: first tower was struck at 8:45, second, 9:03.
> Airports were closed at 9:17, but the soon to be shot
> down flight 93 calls in at 9:50 apparently according to
> rumsfeld, asking for permission to do a u-turn, fly east
> an hour and a half, to land in WASHINGTON? (two planes
> don't seem to have highjackers on them, and I guess the
> plan got messed with the remotes somehow.) While the Bin
> Laden family is preparing to leave America at bush's
> request, to escape any questioning, regarding the soon
> to be blamed Holy man Bin Laden, without evidence by the
> Washington Post in the late edition of Sept. 11th, by
> the surprisingly thoughtful monster henry kissinger,
> while CNN reports a story unbiasedly in the forth party
> apparently, (heard it from a friend who heard it from a
> friend...) of a call just received to their private
> newsroom from somebody somewhere to whomever, about
> friendly, er.. no mean Muslims on board, pre-activating
> pay phone services without doing so, or so we can only
> guess, a falsehood truly painful to relay completely.
> Mr. bush and rumsfeld killed those good Americans in
> New York, and must not under any circumstances be
> allowed to continue as escaped leaving the scene, to
> repeat offend against ourselves, who under these
> circumstances, must not be taken as granted by Chris at
> MSNBC. I have repeatedly offered my position of
> responsible debate with any corporate cultists, that
> refuse to represent our democracies being toppled into
> lawless dictatorship. Why does corporate America refuse
> to report on elected Congressman Kucinich? Again, Mr.
> bush and rumsfeld need to be immediately arrested or
> executed as traitors by the brave and true, strong and
> righteous. We need to seize all available evidence that
> Mr. Mueller has stolen, like airport video tapes, as
> well as recordings done from within the airliners. Or
> provide me, Mr. death, to testify to the recorded
> gruesomeness as unbearable. Anyone in the bushmob who
> stands in our way to do so, must as will be also found
> guilty of treason by all the loyal American people. I
> call on all police agencies, ball clubs, loggers, swank
> hotel clerks and the PTA, to pull together under this
> banner, and make the world something better for
> everyone, before getting back to wrestling amongst
> ourselves over what have you. Mr. bush's evil is very
> real, in this time I, as a strange voice from the
> wilderness, who does not make your decisions to do the
> right things for yourself, plead for you to do so as you
> should. Get off your ass. I mean, who and for what are
> our soldiers still killing people for in Afghanistan?
> The heroin dealing puppet government of foreigners with
> the World Bank are in place losers, and do I understand
> they have already spent near a 100 million dollars of
> ours on things like 3 million school text books for
> practical terrorism from the eighties, while leaving so
> called heroin addict alliance forces happy to oblige
> without 'official' pay checks. CBC in Canada shamed the
> world by running a propaganda piece on school funding,
> but neglected to mention the 'new' books, just like the
> 'old' books came from the bushmobsters again, also with
> CBC 'pretending' to not know that the Taliban had begun
> girl schools in Afghanistan, a story that had already
> been almost correctly covered by the Washington Post,
> amazingly about a month ago, albeit, without the girl
> schools element, but Jeeze, the truth seems to be
> finding it's way, despite the tommy franks grouped with
> the northern alliance targeting youths who can read as
> the enemy Taliban right? Mr. bush displays a hatred
> expressed against our entire human race as himself, to
> kill us all truly as his position, that he in self
> contempt, refuses to acknowledge, while we further fall
> dying unjustly, for who I ask you? Mr. bush has
> actually publicly positioned himself to state he does
> not support effective treatments for cancer. Why?
> Because there is no money or ours as tax payers to steal
> from. Deception is an element of all living truth, and
> evil secretly is just being openly stupid like bush is,
> (you can't pretend insight as wisdom truly), leaving the
> biggest secret being, here is but only one, you too, as
> we all share nothing as no secret in silence as a
> reflection of all living dreams. GOD IS AMAZING. There
> is no spoken answer to the question of a mystery asking
> as forever endlessly, as life could be unbelievably
> fantastic at a level of real world sustainability, but
> you know what my friends? Nobody at corporate mind
> control seems to care, but only to say how wrong we all
> are on everything, by people who do not know any better
> for trying to do nothing. Do not know any better. No
> argument, no science, no reason, just almost as robots
> working for the death machines in cowardice and self
> loathing against ourselves not represented. I, as the
> make believe Creator, attempting to represent freedom of
> will eternal, can't help hate and despise bush, your
> false deity as much as any real man would, I'm sorry.
> News corporations refuse me a voice as the publics, and
> have so for years to also our acclaimed scientists,
> political writers, mathematicians and historians, while
> Mr. bush as the super dumb anti-Christ of evil
> incarnate, demands openly in OUR public arena, I not be
> allowed to live my life in unity, as an individual god
> seeking a potential Heaven for myself singularly, doing
> my own thing naturally. Mr. bush demands by threat of
> murder, I relinquish my equal rights, to become his
> willing slave. Mr. bush demands I not be permitted to
> protect myself in a true democracy as Justice for all.
> (Mr. bush, you either understand us as fairly to be
> equals with justice as anyone, or your threatening our
> freedoms as a criminal terrorist without room for
> argument.) Mr. bush demands I fear his murder rampages
> against the innocent, as would be myself, still living
> to say, NEVER! Never would I lie to myself like a
> cowardly American soldier to bomb innocent villagers to
> waste billions, before killing tommy franks for ordering
> me to do so. Never would I lie to myself like a
> cowardly American soldier to bomb innocent people in
> Bagdad to kill people, before killing tommy franks,
> cheney, bush, rumsfeld, or even Mr. Powell if need be.
> Don't like Saddam? Well, talk to him openly about
> freedom for ourselves then. Talk to the people of Iraq,
> and on what we together, can do to make life better.
> What is it about the functioning government in Cuba,
> that could be made better as measured? Why not?
> Because then it would be understood, bush is a savage
> criminal, and incompetent as wrong and seriously evil to
> all of US. As he clearly knows nothing about Justice
> and freedom, or economics as he currently is destroying
> the economy of America, while cashing in our real lives
> creating hardship, as only ideology. I mean, removing
> the cash from our streets, while stealing billions for
> himself as a degenerate man! (Our wealth is not
> infinite, nor do the hungry, have magically, meals
> mysteriously appear in front of them.) He wasn't
> elected, falling short by more than 600,000 votes before
> demanding the halt to counting, and is a nazi murdering
> traitor who speaks only of his stupidity, while robbing
> America as our world, of Justice to be free and living
> godly.
> I need your help. I ask you to email this paper to
> everyone in our governments that you can, friend or foe.
> I am not, nor will I ever be running officially for
> political office. I don't want to war anyone personally
> if need be, but those who murder us as innocent, taken
> as unrepresented without Justice through private news
> corporations, I will be making a stink over. I wish to
> stand behind our acclaimed scientists, and debate with
> reason, those who in ignorance, make our lives worse
> than they need be. Now, I've done this already in my
> last 60 or so papers, while being occasionally dumb
> myself, so, well... It's time for me to finally
> vacation!!! I am excepting any offers to visit
> somewhere exotic where they'll offer me some good grub,
> and a place to rest my blaming skills. I know a couple
> card tricks, can strum a guitar, and can also speak at
> some length on whatever. I do promise to not overstay
> my welcome.
> Thank you for everything,
> Johnny wizard
> ------------
> It's too later
> Ehud Barak was allowed unchallenged by Chris Mathews
> yesterday, to spout their hatred of humanity by
> spreading their evil nazi philosophy. Barak in January
> 2001 was the individual who called off the Oslo accord,
> that provided next to nothing but an opportunity to
> spread repuglican propaganda to steel further from the
> American tax payer for criminal enterprises at the
> losses to everyone. Chris Mathews forbids Americans
> from knowing this, or about elections in Cuba, and
> instead, allows Barak to lie to all of US, as a traitor
> to himself against the Nature of all things. If Barak
> hadn't called off Oslo, and it had succeeded with
> Arafat's approval, the world would have eventually been
> made aware of Arafat not seeking council, nor open
> communications to those concerned for the Palestinian
> Nation as also potential spokespeople. (Hi Arafat,
> Johnny Wizard here, the Son of Man. Hint hint.) The
> agreement had provisions to give the super evil private
> World Bank free rein athority over any Palestinian
> government to steal public assets like water, (that
> rains from the sky didn't you know)? Did not provide a
> settlement to deal with removing all American funded
> nazi soldiers from CRIMINAL occupation, nor necessarily
> guarantee the halt of stealing further more property
> from Christians, or even allowing Christians to be able
> to drive on jew only roads in Palestine without risking
> being ILLEGALLY arrested by a foreign military occupier
> of a civilian populace denied Justice. Israeli nazi
> jews. Why? Well, netanyawho, like bush, the bigot
> racist figures like hitler did, US people like Jews can
> not be allowed to Democratically choose Justice to
> govern ourselves fairly, without his American nazi
> soldiers stealing our property, or murdering our
> families, while devaluating through corporate control,
> our human potentials to make something better for
> ourselves. We can't be trusted to allow them to
> continue to plunder, because netanyawho the true Jew
> hater, despises all people to be ourselves living wisely
> loving God. Netanyawho figures if he can steal and
> murder our families as innocent and escape criminal
> prosecution by the true Jews of our world, he will
> continue to pirate our labels too, while robbing all of
> humanity of our happiness as good fortunes to be
> generous.
> Now, as I've stated in the paper titled "The Trial and
> Conviction of Our Mr. Bush jr." several months ago, we
> are still debunking any debate world wide in the usenet
> group, alt.security.terrorism, to except rational
> arguments from those who mindlessly as slaves, do not
> advocate the immediate arrest or execution of the
> American traitor mass murderer terrorists, bush and
> rumsfeld for 9/11, and Afghanistan. I encourage all
> MIlitary officers to read my rebuttals early after 9/11,
> to see for ourselves, education and free communications
> through corporate news channels is our utmost struggle.
> The fact is many suffer horribly in weakness by false
> suggestion defeated through reason, suggestion that we
> can never be apart from as human, nor would want to as
> awsome gods. We suffer more so for than not our ability
> as the general populace to organize intelligence, but
> percieved through private for take corporate, no work on
> behalf of ourselves new services, and why this needs to
> be made better by simply trying to engadge popular
> public interest groups as insiders researching our
> causes. Most political American internet traffic
> condemns bush as traitor because he clearly is, while
> CNN through bogus polls tells us we all must fear
> standing for ourselves individually to be equals, as not
> to be robbed of our life savings in broad daylight.
> CNN, CBS, and MSNBC show ourselves little care for the
> crimes, we as humanity suffer through for their
> contempt. The corporate professional, Larry King, three
> days ago told us viewers he couldn't say why he
> intentionally works against humanity by treating
> ourselves as not he would wish upon himself, I swear to
> God the dumb Jew said publicly like hitler did. We are
> witnessing the pangs of a sort of hells to laugh at
> Heavenly, while good people are murdered by American
> soldiers to suffer undeserving leaving us. Explaining
> why American soldiers have no principles, intelligence,
> committment to America the Nation, or can even hold a
> conversation generally for whoring their soul to the
> evil bushmob willingly, robbing every American family of
> Justice as their own for real. If I should fade away,
> as likely I will eventually, I again, remind you, if
> ever again a repuglican bush type starts warring a
> nation of many without adressing evidence to any,
> robbing US all of life and freedoms, kill the nazi
> warmonger true freedom fighters, then wait to see if the
> next say the same, then kill them too as a human being
> would to care for ourselves dying needlessly.
> Eventually, we can hope, we would succeed ourselves to a
> World of Peace with Justice where we respect our own
> lives as worthy of protection as everyone reaching for
> sustainability. Our world is our world, not bush the
> monster criminal dictator. Nothing is absolutely
> certain, but that we are in good company with ourselves
> to stand strong as united for a Democracy of ideas, and
> freedom to beleive in a better future by treating all,
> as equals, through Justice indivisable. The repuglicans
> like nazi sharon supporter Tom Delay, has a bill coming
> where he states Americans will no longer support the
> arrest or aprehension of criminal murderers in America,
> who commit crimes as terrorism against our humanity.
> Only a real nazi would side with such criminal intent
> against ourselves through the International Criminal
> Court that offers all legal due process, as well as
> pleading the fifth even. But, Americans are weak and
> illiterate like American soldiers, so they'll probably
> do nothing to save themselves from self destruction. It
> is very sad that so many, for so long, have counted on
> God doing everything as not ourselves to care for our
> own being. I am pained everytime I watch the news
> refusing to protect ourselves truly dying as humanity.
> I try to keep hope as eternal, with my big pal the
> Universe and everything, but honestly, I feel very much
> alone on Earth in this present day. We all seem
> unrespected by most everyone, denied access to protect
> our own lives. Public education as knowledge of the
> masses is what the criminals hiding in the repuglican
> party despise Americans to learn of. Any American
> soldier who supports bush and rumsfeld's attack in New
> York City, and the Pentagon's ability to commit massive
> frauds against America as one big family, is clearly a
> traitor, and should be recognized as so, by everyone, of
> every Nation. As traitors, they hide while advocating
> oppression, unable to think as slaves while they destroy
> themselves in the once great America, while promoting
> further criminal destruction of the practically helpless
> and starving. No leadership anywhere but for treason
> against the old red, white, and blue. Tell me, where is
> the rebuttal from those tough soldiers, or song writers,
> who murder on behalf of bush, rumsfeld, to rob further
> from all America the freedom to be in respect for life
> everlasting as God? The FBI for all their faults, have
> done a tremendous amount of good, now completely
> discounted by the bushmob as not viable for his crime
> ring as evil that has never been so openly decieved.
> Tell me, where are Ashcroft supporters destroying the
> Constitution? Tell me, who's rights are in "The Bill of
> Rights"? The Declaration of Independence? The public
> Court of our peers, evidence requirement to prosecute
> the otherwise innocent? You know, civilization?
> Sacrificing hundreds of American soldiers for a
> Enron-Dutch shell-Iran contra-oil pipeline cocaine
> heroin deal to punish Americans even further by
> increasing crime statistics? To not go to practically
> free hydrogen? A military dictatorship that plans now,
> according to CNN's dumbfuck wolf blitzer with cheney, to
> murder maybe hundreds of thousands of innocent families
> in Iraq, of which amerika has stolen the lives of more
> than a million already, to place the land in nazi
> Israel's hands to deny US Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and
> Atheist Palestinians freedom to live peacefully there
> either. However, it's mostly just bush, rumsfeld, and
> Ashcroft standing up there as the axis of evil, with
> corporate censorship of our facts as truth waging deadly
> war against US all, that they think we don't see them
> as. Largely, because as real evil is, their dumber than
> door knockers, unchallenged by lifeless corporate
> standards, murdering our families as stolen from without
> public representation. We need some crazy guy to
> pretend he's Jesus, Allah or something freaky like that
> to attempt to save humanity from really dying as too
> stupid to try to make it to the corporate news channel
> as ourselves, eh?
> -----
> Quotes from "Deadly Connections..." at Rense.com
> By Carol Brouillet
> We believe that as people living in the United States it is our
> responsibility to resist the injustices done by our government, in
> our
> names
> Not in our name will you wage endless war there can be no more deaths
> no
> more transfusions of blood for oil
> Not in our name will you invade countries bomb civilians, kill more
> children letting history take its course over the graves of the
> nameless
> Not in our name will you erode the very freedoms you have claimed to
> fight for
> Not by our hands will we supply weapons and funding for the
> annihilation
> of families on foreign soil
> Not by our mouths will we let fear silence us
> Not by our hearts will we allow whole peoples or countries to be
> deemed
> evil
> Not by our will and Not in our name
> We pledge resistance
> We pledge alliance with those who have come under attack for voicing
> opposition to the war or for their religion or ethnicity
> We pledge to make common cause with the people of the world to bring
> about justice freedom and peace
> Another world is possible and we pledge to make it real
> --------
> American Corporate Bleeds
> the humans!
> Mr. tommy franks was asked, "At the end of a month,
> now, what can we show that says, `Hey, we're winning?'",
> tommy franks the nazi heroin pusher replied, "Our job
> has to do with terrorist organizations.." Right. Our
> humanity will not rest until tommy franks the terrorist
> leader stands open public trial as fair in a real
> Democracy for crimes against humanity, or his death
> sentence committed to by every real American Patriot who
> believes in Justice, as freedom for US humans. If Bin
> was the wanted culprit, why didn't bush's Pentagon of
> criminals and fraud artists just arrest him? Mr. tommy
> franks targets almost entirely civilian targets like
> reporters, tribal leaders, teachers and students, while
> calling us all al-Qaida. (Peter Jennings recently
> discussing the UN report of the nazi forces intent to
> continue murdering intelligent young students, (Taliban
> is Arabic for student) committed by the druggie northern
> alliance as their nospeak procedures, while being
> thanked by Mr. franks as the nazi sadistic savage he is
> cloaked in corporate censorship. Like bush's business
> partners have done in other countries around the world,
> seeking out the literate as educated to be murdered, so
> the rest will be compelled like they do mindlessly in
> America, to give as beaten slaves to bush the evil
> anti-Christ, their false deity, who is openly robbing
> ALL Americans to actual gravely death in his evilness as
> opportunity, leveraging the moment with a huge America
> pays, cash grab tax give away, while corporate news
> machines don't say it's unpatriotic to question the
> American interests being lost to the extremely weak
> murdering bushmob dictatorship of liars and cheats, as
> treasonists without argument, again. Al-Qaida is the
> group of which the American repuglicans have stated no
> actual criminal evidence against to convict in a actual
> Court of defence as our own. The al-Qaida, who's public
> political stance is almost entirely focused on
> documented as proven criminal repuglican nazi terrorist
> atrocities against innocent civilians never granted
> corporate interviews, while CNN now reports they, the
> al-Qaida, not only committed a terrorist act in the
> Philippines against civilians, but would actually take
> credit for something they have repeatedly condemned as
> seriously dumb and evil against God, like repuglicans
> advocate straight faced as normal everyday, praising
> Israel's condemnation of US Christians not allowed to
> own property, nor equal representation in their bogus
> law rooms. (Or praising China's human right oppressors,
> while sanctioning Cuba for doing more for human rights
> than any other nation, and having a better educational
> and health care system than corporate America has ever
> dreamed of publicly.) A few years back, a nazi Isaeli
> soldier strangled to death three Lebanon Jews, plead
> guilty, and served two months behind a locked door. As
> well, nazi Israeli soldiers have been ordered to break
> the bones of youths who throw rocks at invading tanks,
> of which in Canada, we've witnessed on actual film. And
> too, the criminal theft of everything you own by simply
> not being classified jewish, is a terrorist horror that
> happens almost daily, that CNN refuses to acknowledge to
> happen as the cause to begin with. (Frontline however,
> did do a documentary that I believe has never been
> re-aired to my knowledge.) What would it be to ban Jews
> from owning anything as earned, and to criminalize them
> for Just being so stupid? To see what CNN censors
> yourself in Canada, would easily compel you to have
> arrested, the nazi Israeli leadership and maybe Ted
> Turner as the criminals they are to themselves clearly
> funded by repuglicans. Explaining hitlers too easy rise
> to power, against those known at the time to have
> committed the biblical sin of charging interest against
> Christ's better judgement, showing no interest in
> themselves as living community! Nazis. I've written
> about easily defending effective approaches to cancer
> treatments, progressive tax systems, and free trade that
> isn't paid in hidden corporate criminal us human
> subsidies, and do the corporate news profesionals think
> we're newsworthy to make of ourselves a better world for
> anyone? Mr. franks knows practically first hand there
> is no evidence for 9/11 to the Taliban or Bin according
> to Mr. Mueller who meets daily with George Tenet, and
> that rumsfeld and bush killed Americans in New York
> City, according to everyone familiar with the facts gone
> unreported as not important to working harder, American
> civilians who pay and pay and pay with their lives
> falling silenced. Mr. franks the anti-American traitor
> does nothing to protect American interests as soldiers
> families, while murdering, what must now total near
> 100,000 men women and children on the brink of
> starvation. Who again, have committed no crimes by just
> being born to survive. But, if they would be like bush,
> rumsfeld, sharon, and tommy franks, their surviving
> relatives would take it out on the easy prey, likewise
> guilty American civilians and police officers who have
> been robbed and deprived of Constitutional Justice,
> Freedom as Liberty in corporate America, and would cheer
> only witnessed on extremely wealthy corporate owned
> private news channels, damn right! Right? Right
> unheard 200,000 marching protestors? VLT petition
> signers demanding 100% payouts? Right book wormers?
> Right freedom fighters? Again, why am I not addressed
> by OUR corporate news media, but only to profess to my
> truthfulness as ourselves as one concerned legitimately
> without contention practically through usenet? This
> paper too, I assure you, I have mailed to  cnn@cnn.com,
> and  crossfire@cnn.com.
> It's Nothing
> Mr. bush and rumsfeld are traitors to every American,
> as they are both guilty of war crimes against humanity.
> Where are the American soldiers to arrest or kill them
> both as murderers trying to escape the wrath of the
> American Constitution's protection of the masses under
> Justice, that they are attempting to destroy as ignored
> against the interests of mankind? Again, bush had no
> evidence against Bin, for a crime he demands we not know
> the perpetrator of, by attempting to stop, or not
> address the criminal investigations completed already.
> With the corporated cultists cashing out hard working
> American tax payers by labeling us all, as not caring to
> be biased. Telling our soldiers to attack without
> thinking, the third world Taliban government for asking
> about evidence as a true American, Allah, Christ, or
> Buddha would, ending the heroin trade, and attempting
> with communications, something better for the people of
> Afghanistan. Mr. Mueller has informed us, as one more
> informed than any other who meets with George Tenet
> every day, the only evidence we have implicates bush and
> rumsfeld for 9/11, and soldiers have yet to stand for
> America to destroy bush and rumsfeld, the murdering
> bastards desecrating our judicial process. Why? Nazi
> cowards, not willing to protect the American flag, while
> watching their own families be robbed of their life
> savings and pensions through Enron, and open Pentagon
> frauds, while bush, the anti-Christ, hopes soldiers will
> learn from the bankruptcy, for next time, while we, as
> humanity, watch the repuglican Congress today, allow the
> thieves to escape, with, MAYBE, a fine, while walking
> away with billions stashed away secretly in the Cayman
> Islands, or left responsible for secret Army financing,
> like Thomas White, as their two timing Secretary. It's
> too bad we can't separate American soldiers, by who wish
> to uphold the American Constitution as Justice for all,
> and those sadistic savages like rumsfeld who enjoy
> murdering innocent people while stealing from everyone
> our humanity, then we would have a real war of good as
> powerful, against the extremely weak and pathetic
> illiterate nazi cult scum, eh? I mean, if you actually
> knew who the soldiers were as responsible for bombing
> villages in Afghanistan, and red cross units, literate
> tribal leaders, or having 40,000 surrendered given to be
> murdered, wouldn't you as a real American Patriot
> Soldier, just kill tommy franks, bush and rumsfeld the
> nazis without thinking twice? I mean, to be humane or
> godly? See my friends? We will see again, no traitor
> to America offer an actual public argument to their
> position of ourselves to not communicate freely with our
> facts, but will without reason, demand we not be able to
> truly, like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Art Bell, Reston.com and
> the like, while attacking ourselves personally for
> demanding we no longer be murdered for the evil bushmob,
> who ignore our concerns as legitimate under universal
> law actually existing, as not heard from really dying,
> deprived equal say as the Bill of Rights still demands.
> See? American illiterate evil nazi scum, think the all
> mighty as this Creation will be made only to suffer and
> die as murdered by the weak, dispossessed and cowardly,
> so sharon the bigot racist parasite can rob and murder
> innocent persons as Catholics, Muslims, Atheists and
> Jews forever and ever, financed by corporated nazi cult
> Americans left in the dark until their bitter
> enlightenment, about who lives the airwave as true to be
> ourselves. Justice infinite as indivisible shall
> prevail as a Heaven or Hell, you decide. I am calling
> for the immediate imprisonment or death sentence, to the
> proven to be world terrorists without given argument
> against, who admittingly have committed the deliberate
> mass murders of US as innocent, sharon, bush, rumsfeld,
> and tommy franks. Forty dollars for bush and rumsfeld,
> ten for tommy franks, and the Jews of God's creation
> will wake I'm sure, to deal with the nazi bigot ariel
> sharon, without further going payment. They advocate as
> demons, enemies of US all, the murder of innocent
> people, of which we must no longer allow. I'm available
> for debate or interview, of which news corporations
> refuse to grant. Just as they do on every other serious
> life affirming issues. Our nations greatest, most
> popular scientific and political writers are barely, if
> never even acknowledged. Many have read my words, yet
> next to none argue in disagreement, but for insult
> lacking reason. Why? Because some people are just
> stupid, and as in open polite discourse are exposed to
> be carbon copy right wingers suffering under suggestion
> to do nothing to help themselves. Like, how does
> someone argue burned jet fuel smoldering, could reach a
> temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius, in an area of
> standard building construction not melting before steel
> would? Or, because someone commits a crime in New York,
> or did years ago because they were beaten down as
> deprived human rights and had all their property stolen,
> sharon can then excuse himself to murder anybody else he
> wishes, maybe hundreds or thousands more to steal their
> lives and prosperity? How does Mr. bush jr., the
> anti-Christ, get away saying we're all against him
> discarding the rule of law to find ourselves not to be
> equals under God with his tyranny of injustice and
> slavery, that he expects every nation to suffer under in
> fear while he attempts to plunder and murder everyone as
> evil incarnate? Digesting fluoride for no other known
> or unknown reason to science kills us, and nobody else
> says different, so why must CNN insist we keep doing it
> by not covering the facts documented for decades? I
> say, who cares why right wingers want to destroy our
> eternal Universe as themselves unworthy, let's just stop
> doing it today okay? because it makes us look really
> really stupid to the other civilizations of our Universe
> that don't practice censorship of our advancements in
> science as know how. What an embarrassment. Why as so
> does CNN refuse all the other crimes committed by
> repuglicans to go unheeded as recognized? Like the
> denial of equal rights to non-jews in Palestine? I
> don't know, let us just work to make our world a better
> place for all. I want my own show. Why does the
> American Coast to Coast radio network forbid all
> intelligent discussions to protect American values, as
> repeatedly offering no comment allowed to understand
> this dying bit? Scared of the Lord really getting
> angry?
> --------
> In It for US
> Your either with US as equals under a rule of law as
> Universal Justice, or your a mindless slave whore
> sacrificing your soul for bush, the anti-Christ, who
> will as he continues, stealing and murdering from our
> families without any good reason, or provocations as
> evil incarnate he is to US all. A murdering nazi demon
> of evilness never before known. As he as shown, he
> would steal from every American, Justice, Freedom, and
> Liberty, while only saying, no he's not, as who knows
> how many are illegally arrested as disappeared, and he
> funnels billions of real American worker tax dollars
> into criminal thefts through the Pentagon. The False
> Claims Act. Like he has polluted ourselves in Texas, as
> he directly supported the murder of tens of thousands in
> Afghanistan without evidence, stolen tens of billions
> from Americans for himself, and fought against smart and
> healthy universal heath care as educated, and continues
> to support the legal inaction against Enron, who fleeced
> any American pensions they could get a hold on, of which
> the biggest criminal in the Enron debacle, outside of
> Ken Lay is Thomas White, who he has made no indications
> of arresting, or even firing, as the Secretary of the
> Army. Mr. bush gave his buddy Krongard the right to
> murder any law abiding American citizen as soldier, and
> escape criminal conviction, a traitor to America is our
> Mr. bush jr., Constitutionally, plain and simple. A
> nazi warmonger, who wishes to murder millions with
> nuclear weapons, a savage, a monster. A demon who has
> placed in his secret administration, those responsible
> for the death squads of Nicaragua, and the shipments of
> cocaine into America, to increase crime against every
> community, while his supporters support the school of
> the Americas, by removing free speech from those who
> wish to point to those repuglicans ultimately
> responsible for harbouring real terrorism, (Mr. bush
> Sr.) according to Sergant Chuck Couglin of the Milwaukee
> Sheriff's Department. He has also said he wishes no
> interest in stopping his increase in the heroin trade.
> He, as pure evil, who holds practically no deception to
> ourselves if you'd only listen, has destabilized the
> world in his commitment to the destruction of our legal
> due process, by suggesting his entourage, can not be
> found guilty of any crimes against our humanity, of
> which they spout like rumsfeld in silence to torture,
> and murder those known by all to have committed no
> offense, through now military dictatorship, of which,
> true Americans will not allow him to take US further, I
> will not stand for it, nor should you as a Patriot
> soldier protecting the flag. I demand again, the
> immediate arrest of bush and rumsfeld for crimes against
> humanity, in New York City and Afghanistan, or their
> rightful execution by all free thinkers in America who
> own firearms, and can read of our stories not present by
> the corporate establishment. Mr. bush and rumsfeld
> expect every single human on our planet to relinquish
> our rights as living human beings. Mr. bush had no
> qualms about doing business with the Taliban in August,
> if they would only, by bribe, collectively sacrifice
> their interests in serving for their country, as bush
> has done to America for his entire career degenerating.
> Mr. rumsfeld asked our living World for the murder of
> "Omar the Just", for the only reason of requesting
> evidence. Bin Laden, as we all remember, offered his
> arrest to authorities upon the showing of any evidence,
> for a crime he stated was no part of, including all the
> other baseless claims made by the Clinton
> administration, who too, could not arrest Bin Laden then
> either, when he sat in jail for 47 days uncharged
> waiting. Which is how we know again, Mr. bush is
> directly involved in NYC, as would too, as have to be,
> rumsfeld to let the towers fall, but too stupid evil
> they both are, to not know the wise intentions of
> America's founding fathers, or myself as the Messiah,
> Johnny Wizard. For as we knew, all the planted evidence
> and otherwise, that was publicly available, pointed only
> to bush and rumsfeld for not seeking who was
> responsible, only to leave blame quickly as not
> possible, on a Nation accused without evidence, that had
> a month prior been planned to rob and murder from for
> Enron was desperate to hide their crimes against every
> American dollar. All documented. Kill bush and
> rumsfeld on site American soldier, and be loved by all
> as Saviour.
> ----
> A Better Way
> Again, we see, corporate America holding no
> responsibility to the atrocities committed in their own
> names, while infering they represent ourselves as
> civilized. Do they address our concerns with rational
> arguments for funding murders of ourselves as clearly
> innocent, trying to survive in peace by Justice? No.
> Mr. sharon, the nazi parasite, told the UN, if any
> investigations are done with Israeli soldiers, he has
> demanded none be able to testify in confidence, as he
> insits by threat to demand his SS officers to be present
> for every interview, while government officials in
> Israel have stated in government they have evidence of
> the nazi troops filling trucks with dead civilians to be
> buried in Israeli territory. While Peter Bouckaert,
> from Human Rights Watch in New York, states he sees no
> more that 22 civilian deaths, caused by 200 missles, and
> the blowing up of hundreds of buildings occupied and
> otherwise, unending helicopter machine gun straffing,
> houses destroyed while families were inside, something
> like over a hundred ambulances, bodies in the sewers,
> with a totalitarian nazi government of terrorists, that
> forbid anyone from entering or exiting the crimes
> scenes. What are you Peter, maybe you know something
> the rest of our world doesn't?
> <snpd>
> Now sharon and bush as the terrorists they are with
> ample evidence, state a nation as people terrorized
> should go to war against the nations which perpetrate
> terrorist crimes willfully. But, I ask as the most
> powerful individual in this Universe as Christ, should I
> therefor kill police officers in America, and slaughter
> thousands of innocent civilians for funding the criminal
> acts of sharon, and the wanton destruction of human
> rights as Justice for all around our world? No, god
> damn it, I just demand the immediate arrest or execution
> of the terrorists, bush, rumsfeld, tommy, and sharon,
> for attempting still to escape our judical process,
> while taking the nation of America, indeed our world,
> for granted as themselves. The evidence speaks for
> ourselves, and stands irrespective of my personal
> opinion. Steel just doesn't melt at 815 degrees, but
> glass and brick does near 2000, though doesn't weight
> any more than it would luke warm. Atta couldn't have
> been on board flight 11 with checked luggage as the
> 'official' CNN unbiased story tells US of a world crime
> hidden of errors. There was, as is no evidence linking
> Bin to 9/11, but for a hokey tape found later after the
> evil slaughter started, a tape that is proven false
> already, as it seems he would still be left handed,
> wearing his wedding ring, and the argument he had
> cosmetic surgery and gained a hundred pounds for the
> filming, then went back to how he was quickly before
> then after again, seems just... well.. seems highly
> unlikely. (But surprisingly to the dim-witted bigot
> right winger contingent, actually wouldn't reason to
> matter.) The FAA has contradicted rumsfeld at the
> crucial contacts, including North America's NORAD, the
> FBI, the CIA, and to make things even more unbelievable,
> the DEA has even made pronouncements as Patriot
> American. While CNN acts as traitors to the American
> value of Justice for all, by refusing to report on
> anything relevant. Biological weapon systems are really
> evil man. There is no effective use in ANY WAR but for
> to slaughter ourselves as innocent bystanders. (Just
> spectulating mind you, but, maybe this explains why so
> many, like almost every mad scientist involved in the
> field of bio-war around the world, have recently been
> murdered since I made the scene.) Only bush, the
> anti-Christ, still stands as evil incarnate advocating
> using such horrors against ourselves, instead of weeding
> his evil intent out as a demon to every human of our
> humanity. I offer myself to any debate through
> corporate news channels, of which they decide we are
> unworthy to defend from any angle. (Like Fluoride,
> Dutch shell, Monsanto, lottery revenues, private banking
> of public currency, cancer treatments, and repuglican
> scammers of America's birth right.) Protending that we
> are not actually being robbed and murdered by the
> bushmob. Americans who watch CNN we can be sure are
> deeply ignorant, as the station routinely propagandizes
> Americans, with massive sharon is normal coverage, so
> they can be robbed by the bushmob of their life savings
> and now freedoms, as the American Consitution is being
> trashed as unprotected as a valueless hemp product.
> American soldiers are too cowardly to protect American
> interests as their own families. Like the bushmob
> partner's theft of billions through Enron, of which in
> Congressional hearings, nobody wanted to know the
> pension money is still sitting in the Cayman Islands,
> ready to be returned to the helpless victims, like an
> American soldier's family being deemed by Congress, as
> unimportant to their standard of living. No care right
> nazi soldier? Just murder innocent third worlders to
> tell your mother how much you care so for her? While
> the war criminals, working for Dutch shell, heroin
> dealers, and the monsters from Iran-contra, rumsfeld and
> tommy, the nazi fucks, search the third world for people
> who speak outrage against corporate America funding our
> deaths by murder through censorship. While I sit here
> writing as Johnny, waiting for a corporate proffesional
> to deem me worth topicing on as unstoppable sweet
> goodness. Look, read of our no counter opinion critics
> in google 'groups', who publicly call themselves morons
> or traitors willingly. Spooky dumb I'll tell ya. What
> a terrible waste of time is going. I'll remind you,
> this Israeli nazi government of injustice as inequality,
> is the same that called Nelson Mandella a terrorist, and
> as their disease spreads further across our lands, they
> continue to demand Christians and Atheists be not
> allowed to own property as unbelievers, and also be
> murdered if sharon should fancy to kill more Jews
> anywhere, like recently again he did more than likely,
> smiling his usual madman way, while knowing people are
> murdered for his repuglican tax give away. Mr. sharon
> tells us almost on a daily basis, with CNN always
> prepard to film it, he has no respect for God, nor human
> life as YOUR own. Jewboy. He bombs villages to kill
> who he knows to be people! Like bush demands of America
> today, to have Americans robbed or prosecuted with death
> sentences requiring no evidence. (It's a secret he tell
> us!) Americans are dumb to not stand strong for
> themselves as a once great nation, eh? Instead, as
> cowards, they steal from us all, our humanity, for
> repuglican bribe through payments made by the blood of
> our own families. Explaining why America has the worst
> health care system of the developed world, and indeed
> too, an educational system that promotes it's own
> devaluation. Not teaching the values of compassion for
> themselves as caring community, that comes at free of
> charges to be a living human. A democracy suiting the
> interests in doing for others to seek helping for
> ourselves as independent, is to become rich in happiness
> with little work and much play time snoozing. A dream
> of which on this planet, seems unrealistic as almost
> unatainable. No, instead, the American value system is
> based like the anti-Christ bush or sharon's career, how
> much can you lie, cheat, murder and steal from others
> for, to measure yourself worthless without stolen
> dollars? I suggest after we convict bush for the
> terrorist acts in New York City, we give the billions
> he's stolen from Americans, to a legitimate government
> of Justice through equality in Afghanistan and
> Palestine. We are all the Palestinians being counted
> without value by corporate dictates ignoring the human
> subsidies.
> The Truth is Marching On
> We continue to witness the American corporate news
> degenerates refusing to report on the 200 missiles fired
> into Jenin, the attack on hospitals, police, education
> and health organizations, along with ambulances. While
> now getting us ready to except nazi sharon's evilness
> like he's something close to human. Arafat in Arabic
> and English has explained with intelligent reason, using
> terror tactics against innocent Jews, suits not the
> means of US being murdered as civilians with nazi
> gestapo excuses, perpetrated everyday against our
> interest by America's corporate elites, who are only so,
> by robbing and killing ourselves through censorship.
> While sharon's anti-Semite parasitic disease forbids all
> Christians from owning property, of whom as Americans,
> fund to murder and steal from us as believers. The
> recent corporate approved news story is that sharon nazi
> soldiers, who after slaughtering hundreds of innocent
> civilians state, there only sorry for killing a woman
> and her two children mistaken for terrorists. But what
> of the hundreds of other murder victims, and the
> destruction of government facilities and media outlets?
> While all the while stealing and pillaging from a people
> deprived of Justice? No comment, no coverage, no
> excuses, sharon must diet! Mr. bush, the anti-Christ,
> has murdered thousands of New Yorkers, and has stolen
> billions from every American with criminal frauds going
> undetested by corporate standards. Mr. Dick Armey, as
> the official leader of the repuglican party, is a bigot
> as is a functional illiterate, and also supports
> genocide apparently of us Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and
> Atheists he wishes to see deprived human rights he
> vocalized. True, America has the lowest literacy rate
> of all developed countries, but Christ can't repuglicans
> at least find a traitor to our humanity capable of
> pretending to be otherwise? Nope, impossible. CNN
> demands WE, as humanity, have no rights to know who was
> responsible for the terrorist acts in New York City, to
> further sacrifice our lives for their pay bonuses from
> the traitors in the bushmob and Ted Turner, to steal
> further from YOUR life and family, while propagandizing
> our world with their terrorist propaganda, like Bin was
> threatening to nuke America, while they sit smiling,
> advocating the murder of those who the entire world
> understands with the facts as innocent of the crime they
> accuse ourselves of unbiasedly, as never heard from to
> speak in defense for ourselves. Email this document to
> your favorite corporate news office to confirm for
> yourself why they refuse to ever interview, or hire our
> world's most popular prolific political writers. Mr.
> rumsfeld the evil traitor nazi bigot fuck, advocates the
> murder of those known by all to be innocent, the
> Taliban, who only several months previous to 9/11 were
> given 47 million for farmers, and praised for opening
> girl schools, doing our world so well in only five years
> regarding heroin, and moving their nation towards a
> better future for women, albeit slowly in their state of
> starvation, while also being open to communications,
> communications that is obvious to everyone, what the
> bushmob with CNN destest as a method of our self
> awareness, and potentials for a better future for us
> all. Like those who demand I be forbidden to defend
> myself with written word, because I'm so brilliantly
> alive, by exposing the evil of which is Mr. bush alone,
> depraved. Just as Art Bell will censor any true
> American who talks on protecting American values like to
> protect Americans from being robbed and murdered from.
> Bigotry reins in corporate news America, while they
> watch the Constitution and the Bill of Rights go
> undefended by themselves without care to represent the
> interests of America being discounted as valued
> investment. No one has disagreed with our wanting for
> Justice, though the corporate cultists suggest we have
> no rights to defend ourselves, call them up and ask them
> to be ourselves, CJOB for example as the advertised
> corporate voice of Winnipeg. Not one god has disagreed
> with my stance on the immediate arrest or execution of
> bush, rumsfeld, or sharon, but for in mindless ignorance
> holding opinions based in bigoted propaganda, as not
> documented or recorded substantiated facts. Only the
> nazi ariel sharon believes in murdering innocent people
> as a terrorist he admits to us all publicly, while
> Arafat sees the flaw in reason as not suiting to fit for
> any peace for our communities. How can killing,
> torturing, and destroying the homes of innocent
> civilians be considered anything but, terrorism? More
> than 300 buildings and 2000 homes? The death count
> could be thousands. Mr. bush, the anti-Christ himself,
> stated he personally as evil personified didn't need
> evidence to know Bin was guilty, and therefor bush could
> murder tens of thousands in Afghanistan for a crime he
> and rumsfeld are responsible for, to steal from us all,
> the right to freedom, justice, and liberty. But I am
> not a coward as a True Patriot to my Humanity Mr. bush,
> and we'll destroy you myself for being a demon of hatred
> against our God of love, peace, and understanding. Mr.
> Mueller, the head of the FBI, who meets everyday with
> George Tenet, the head of the CIA, stated recently after
> reviewing his quoted statements stated, actually they as
> officers of our laws have no evidence whatsoever
> connecting anyone but the bushmob to the terrorist acts
> in New York City, testifiable through the public
> information given by ourselves, the DEA, the CIA, and
> the FBI in our fields, of which Mr. Mueller seems
> completely absent minded of publicly speaking anyway.
> Look see for yourself.
> ''In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single
> piece of paper -- either here in the United States or in
> the treasure trove of information that has turned up in
> Afghanistan and elsewhere -- that mentioned any aspect
> of the Sept. 11 plot,''
> Gee Mr. Mueller haven't you heard of Mike Vreeland with
> court documents dated and everything? The 61 page DEA
> report talking about film taken of the Sears tower? Or
> how about Odigo? Maybe writing done by myself, Johnny
> Wizard, the Son of Man, two weeks prior? How about the
> film footage the Japanese have regarding an American
> missile? Have you seen it? Our RCMP have. How about
> the ten or so FBI officers now testifing against your
> athourity to act on behalf of America, due to their
> attempts to warn Americans before hand, to only do
> silenced by the bushmob with threats of incarcerations?
> Is not the stealing of evidence by bush and two bogus
> FBI badge carriers worthy of your attention? What about
> the 'put options'? Who shot down flight 93? There can
> not be five terrorists aboard flight eleven, indicating
> the tampering of evidence by the two bushmob
> investigators day one into the investigations. How did
> Atta miracle sprint back and forth from one side of the
> Airport to the other, (to check his packed bag of party
> crackers), without being captured on the cameras, even
> for a flight he wouldn't have boarded without his
> passport? Are these not aspects of imformation
> regarding the Sept. 11 plot? What about eight or more
> of your suspects being alive and well? As pilots? Who
> came up with your bullshit story Mr. Mueller? How is
> it possible to believe bush the war monger's position
> against Bin without evidence then, doesn't implicate
> himself and rumsfeld directly as nazi vermin, the most
> horrendous evil the world has ever witnessed my friends?
> Hmmm... Kill the terrorist traitors, bush and rumsfeld
> American Patriot Soldiers. Every country but
> corporatized America, including every human rights group
> condemns Mr. sharon as a nazi demon, while bush and his
> degenerates talk as if there is an argument to be made
> politely, but so only when we, as civilized are silenced
> from communicating as if never heard from. Look, all
> the evidence is in, bush and rumsfeld killed Americans
> in New York City to impede the impending criminal
> bankruptcy of Enron, who in August, had Ken Lay frantic
> and the bushmob threatening to bomb Afghanistan if the
> Taliban rufused to except repuglican bribes, desperate
> to give access to run the generators at the bushmob's
> Enron power plant in India through Unocal, worthless
> otherwise, and without war would have rightly condemned
> the bushmob as thieves to every American pension holder
> and otherwise. American news agencies do everything
> they can as traitors to American values by silencing any
> concern that brings reason to our interests, fearing
> their exposure to be what they is, cowards as nazi
> sympathizers like Art Bell while leaving us all to die
> as murdered by the extremely weak and pathetic bush,
> rumsfeld and sharons with nuclear weapons, the demon
> monsters, that we must squash as gnats as the living
> people of this world who hold justice to be of
> ourselves. I will not sacrifice my soul, this planet,
> our universe, so bush can steal my life and destroy our
> worlds in his own contempt for living as himself, pure
> evil scum. A sell out of evilness against our humanity
> never before seen in our history is the anti-Christ, our
> Mr. bush jr.. Mr. bush the terrorist, tells us he
> wants to kill innocent people while he steals our money,
> while advocating the support to those who deal cocaine
> and heroin, and who finance death squads. Kill the
> traitors bush, rumsfeld, and sharon for mass murders in
> New York City, Afghanistan, and Palestine American
> Patriot Soldier, baker, Police officer, truck driver,
> biker, janitor, and Insurance salesman, as US, the tax
> payers.
> -----------
> CNN now tells us, without any room for question, nor
> discussion, the sooty fires at the WTC towers reached
> 2000 degrees? Place an iron nail above a unsmoldering
> soot free, oxygen a plenty, Roman candle for some time,
> (tricky), and see, wow, like magic, the steel doesn't
> melt even placed directly in the white zone for hours on
> end. CNN is refusing to stand with our widely
> understood science, and the FBI in our made public
> investigations regarding the anthrax from Fort Detrick,
> and Dr. Philip Zack, (not Muslim), who was caught on
> video tape entering the only secured storage facility of
> our world for the Anthrax strain. Anthrax, that Barbera
> Hatch Rosenberg, of the Federation of American
> Scientists, who through genetic analysis confirmed, was
> the Ames strain, identical to the stocks of where Dr.
> Zack was caught lurking red handed. But no, CBS is able
> to report that nothing of this is going on presently.
> We all know bush and rumsfeld hold no responibility to
> ourselves as humanity to find the true culprits for
> 9/11, because their both evil murdering nazi facists as
> traitors to us all, unAmerican, ungodly and scumballs.
> Mr. bush the anti-American dictator, has criminally
> stolen over 60 billion American worker tax dollars so
> far, (and like Enron), from every soldier's grandmother,
> and sees no other purpose in his hellish dark shallow
> existence, but to see more suffer for his contempt for
> ourselves living to be free of his tyranny. Explaining
> why they neither, bush nor rumsfeld, address my made
> public, world wide military alegations of their
> murdering criminal actions, of which to the common man
> they are both to be found guilty of, and as they both
> continue to do not so in their own defence of which they
> have none, goes for to show further, they rob and kill
> US humans by ignoring our strengths and convictions,
> like WE don't truly exist, to hide their lies as being
> cowards, and pathetically weak as individuals, traitors,
> who will be brought down by the full extent of the rage
> in which we possess against themselves as guilty of
> continuing crimes against our freedom to remain
> democracies.
> The Messiah vs. sharon, bush, and rumsfeld
> Look, anti-God sharon says his troops need reasurences
> that the world community through the UN, US, will not
> criminally charge them for mass murders by hating Jews
> to be peaceful. Mr. sharon's evilness works to
> undermine the Israeli people, and props up the terrorist
> threat, by not arresting criminal sadistic nazi savages
> like sharon is to us all, an advocate of world crimes
> against ourselves, trying to be Just like God would, but
> the news corporations refuse me to be adressed as one
> with something to defend.
> Jesus Christ! Terrorist nazi sharon must be arrested or
> executed today by the Jews, so does Johnny demand also
> immediately against the American traitors, bush and
> rumsfeld for 9/11. Look, if a terrorist crime occurs in
> New York City, and I say it was secretly committed by a
> Christian, can I then murder Christian bankers and their
> families anywhere openly, or steal money from everyone
> but who I label Jewish, and then escape unarrested, on
> hopes to increase repuglican corporate bleeding of the
> masses unheard from? America's corporate cultists, who
> would report themselves to be unbiased and inhuman, do
> so by practicing censorship of us screaming for Justice.
> CNN refuses to report on 9/11 like rational living
> humans. CNN refuses to report the criminal murders and
> thefts perpetrated by sharon's nazi regime like rational
> living humans. CNN refuses to report on the world wide
> outrage against Israel's anti-semitism like rational
> living humans. Palestinians are Catholics Muslims Jews,
> and Atheists. Mr. sharon's government has advocated
> the murder of those to be known innocent, of which as
> nazis, pursecute a people who are being openly robbed of
> their livelyhoods. Because sharon is a nazi terrorist
> who murders and steals from innocent people willingly,
> can I then kill or criminally steal from any Jews
> indiscriminately? When sharon's nazi soldiers would
> approach YOUR house, or perhaps Chris Mathews' house,
> and then steal all his families possessions with
> American tax payed for ammunitions, and then send him to
> live in a bombed refugee camp with only his shirt on his
> back, or a bullet in his ass, deprived all legal
> recourse by a regime that states no belief in Justice
> for any community as a true democracy would be, would
> Chris still blame his criminal assault on Arafat's lack
> of complete control over the solar winds near Jupiter?
> The Israel Balfour agreement of 1947, demands no
> criminal displacement of Palestinians. Abraham wasn't
> just Jewish, and he wasn't just a Muslim, he is a holy
> man named Abraham, fond of growing hemp. The Book of
> Daniel states to publicly advocate, as a political body,
> a transgression against Johnny's Dad, G-D, a
> transgression against the will of Allah and Buddah, ie:
> "thou shall not murder, plunder, and steal from US
> individually as innocent", will cause the forfeiture of
> the then politically represented as evil parasitic nazi
> scum, like bigot sharon bush and rumsfeld are
> illegitimate, as bush was unelected, revealed in this
> light as today to be against all of US as humanity
> capable of using communicated reason as intelligent
> enough to not commit ourselves to funding suicide as a
> species. Leaving the mass murders, sharon, bush, tommy
> franks, and rumsfeld, no longer as never baring a
> rightful claim of equality within OUR living universe of
> democracies, that without argued contention, exposes the
> nature of their criminal evilness against yourself as
> any reader truly. Mr. bush, rumsfeld and sharon would
> steal from any of our families, as they do to every
> American today, and murder us as unworthy to themselves,
> like in New York City, unruling our Laws against such
> The MEN of this world will no longer except our families
> to lie down to die as murdered cowards. The bushmob and
> sharon have forbidden the UN to count US as dead
> innocent bodies recently murdered in Palestine, while
> spouting there are no such casualties to be seen
> presently. (Why then would they make the effort I ask
> you to think?) As a Jew, the Messiah orders you to kill
> sharon, bush and rumsfeld on site for committing mass
> murders attempting to escape our wrath, that they still
> wish to continue against ourselves as innocent being
> silenced by corporate censorship. Any Jew, who after
> reading this, refuses to protect our great God from
> murder rampages, by not killing the nazi terrorist
> sharon who has escaped his rightful prison sentence,
> will suffer in contempt for God as themselves in hell
> damned forever, probably. I'll see to it myself, maybe.
> After the American funded nazi sharon troops executed
> well over 500 civilians, lined up police officers then
> shot them dead too as our law providers, including
> demolishing homes with US people still inside, shooting
> indiscriminately at everyone, bush the anti-Christ
> called his role model sharon a man of peace, while
> getting ready to murder potentially millions more in
> Iraq and elsewhere, to thwart our demands for his,
> rumsfeld, and tommy franks immediate war crime arrests
> or military executions, God help us please. Mr. sharon
> is a terrorist, who advoates as a repuglican funded
> terrorist leader, the murder of an oppressed people
> being robbed of Justice. Hitler murdered people under
> the same unchallenged argument, measuring all persons
> worth not as individuals with equal living rights, while
> preying upon those too weak to know better. That is US
> out there being murdered in Afghanistan by nazi troops
> while stolen openly from in America, while corporatized
> CNN people refuse to inform the public on the American
> drug lord robber barons bush and rumsfeld, the weak and
> pathetic evil nazi fucks. There were only two so called
> 'bushmob assigned' FBI officers investigating the crime
> leads of 9/11, so now reported by James Woods, the
> insider actor, gone reborn Christian vampire. Mr. bush
> and rumsfeld committed themselves to the terrorist acts
> of 9/11, by both playing their demon parts in covering
> up the criminal investigations as traitors to every true
> American soldier, police officer, and fire fighter
> committed to OUR humanity, AMERICA, Justice, the Nation,
> The People, the Constitution, Freedom!
> <snpd>
> God Bless America
> Mr. bush and rumsfeld need to be immediately arrested
> as traitors for the terrorist acts of 9/11, or to be
> executed by true American patriots, who believe in
> Justice for all. We all are painfully aware of
> corporate America's refusal to report on the relevant
> FBI, CIA, and DEA investigations, and too, the
> irrationality of the bushmob's contentions, while
> forbidding all democratically elected officials from
> viewing the evidence that they have confiscated, only to
> thwart our struggles for freedom as legitimate
> democracies being toppled into dictatorship. In the
> essay "Muslims suspend the laws of physics" by J.
> McMichael, we are reminded that not only were the WTC
> towers built with what architects call a "tube within a
> tube" design, where the central spindle interconnects
> iron columns that bare the weight of the buildings,
> relatively untouched by the explosions, but that steel
> doesn't start melting until it reaches a temperature of
> 1538 degrees Celsius, and that burning jet full maxes
> out at 900. Then there is the fact it took the first
> tower 104 minutes to fall, and the second, which was
> struck nearly at the corner, only a mear 47 minutes.
> Both collapsing with the disintergration of concrete,
> indicating explosive demolition charges. Also, why
> would a would be terrorist group of flunky pilots, work
> diligently to steal ID's of only actual accomplished
> professional pilots, who we now know to actually be
> alive as not involved as the bushmob still insists in
> evil stupidity? Read essay, "Alleged hijackers - Alive
> and Well." What purpose would the bushmob have to seize
> as much of the evidence possible and the attempt to stop
> all the criminal investigations regarding 9/11, but to
> implicate his and rumsfeld's guilt of treason?
> Mr. bush you nazi vermin, you attack my America, you
> attack US all. American soldiers will not sit back as
> cowards entirely, and watch you sacrifice our lives as
> worthless without meaning. I have spoken to the Secret
> Service in person, and all who read this can be assured,
> so has mr bush scumball jr. by the date this is posted,
> and as he continues to pretend to not have, only further
> shows his contempt for your life and Justice for our
> communities. For bush's contempt for the American
> constitution as Justice and freedom is ungodly to every
> proud American police officer and citizen the world
> over. Mr. bush must be arrested for his terrorist
> crimes in New York City immediately, for the evidence of
> his and rumsfeld's criminal behavior is overwhelmingly
> censored by CNN and the other corporate cult cogs, who
> refuse to protect Americans as ourselves, the dying
> community falling unheard from. The patriot act will be
> rescinded, unless anyone can actually provide a counter
> argument as to it's purpose other than to destroy our
> freedoms, while the bushmob continues to rifle our
> pocket books.
> <snpd>
> Who is Who?
> Hello all. I am a challenger to the corporate
> establishment of terror, perpetrated by censorship
> against what is understood by many. Reason is based in
> relationship to truth, as the absolute is in relation to
> the infinite. Some ideas are more powerful than others.
> It is this power of wisdom that corporate automatons
> like Art bell and Chris Mathews, (suffering from
> suggestive states of unawareness), who work tirelessly
> to deny ourselves open communications to save ourselves.
> Here is an example. Mr. sharon the corporate American
> funded terrorist, steals people's property, actively
> with intent murders innocent police officers trying to
> protect our communities with a rule of law, as well as
> civilians he argues to murder as a bigot nazi racist.
> Arafat doesn't support vocally as a public leader,
> stealing pillaging or murdering anyone of us.
> Palestinians, as the Children of Israel, are Catholics,
> Muslims, Jews, and Atheists. Nowhere in any Jewish
> teaching does it condone blatant crimes against
> ourselves as God through humanity. Mr. sharon condones
> the crimes he says he condemns, but as extreme evil is,
> doesn't understand why killing innocent people as a
> terrorist is wrong as against God, the Torra of Moses,
> or that he should be immediately incarcerated for first
> degree murders, or executed by the real Jews for our own
> salvation. Mr. bush's nazi America has attempted to
> refuse the UN to count the dead innocent bodies. All
> the arguments I've heard through CNN for those who
> support his criminal actions replayed every day are
> seriously absent reason as right wing fascist nazis
> always have been as are so revealed to be in the light
> of understandings. If someone commits a crime in
> Nevada, and unfortunately gets away unapprehended, does
> that mean, as bush or Art Bell from Parump, and sharon
> would suggest through corporate censorship, we should
> fund the execution of our police officers? Should bush
> be allowed to steal all of Art Bell's property,
> especially if Art Bell wasn't involved in anyway to the
> criminal matter in question linked only secretly to bush
> jr? Mr. sharon supporters would say yes, and would
> kill anyone, because by and large, their mostly weak and
> pathetic as criminals, as many proud self labeled
> repuglicans are, and so is why, they in silencing us,
> steal our freedoms by oppressing ourselves, believing
> they have gained by making the rest of everyone else
> lose to their ungodly like character. Art Bell recently
> advocated world wide on radio, the procedures of the
> nazi concetration camps as something American soldiers
> as all militaries should do to their own spouses and
> families as us victims silenced with Art's cooperation,
> and as a coward nazi sympathizer, always censors callers
> who talk truly about Israel, Afghanistan, or the
> bushmob. Hiding from nobody, he is witnessed
> deplorable, and a disgrace to all of humanity when
> advocating the murder of those he knows to be innocent.
> Why? Because he knows his political position of silence
> falls as fearfull and ignorant by voiced reason, so he
> sides to oppress all instead of looking not to, refusing
> to face his responsibility as a real human being who
> wouldn't act the way he does inattentively. Art Bell is
> a favorite to bigots and racists like himself
> represented, because he'll let them talk about killing
> and warring endlessly. He's received almost every paper
> I've written, and still espouses to kill the innocent
> people in America, Afghanistan and in Palestine through
> his deliberate denunciation of every plead for Justice
> and reason as another opportunity for him to oh so
> disgustingly, shut down US callers as all listen to his
> contempt for ourselves as humanity struggling to survive
> his silence but for to plead, "what is truth?", then to
> hang up on the one answering. Christians are forbidden
> to own property in Israel. What kind of unequal tyranny
> based on bigotry is that? CNN tells us without any room
> for question, that the murderous nazi dogs sharon orders
> to murder us as people, must be thought of as our law of
> the land who are unbiased in American tanks attacking
> civilians, while Art Bell denies the voices of those
> falling dead as murdered by his own inaction destroying
> our souls. Sadly, Art Bell is the best thing on the
> corporatized radio media, and too, will receive this
> letter, and likely choose to do nothing on behalf of
> ourselves suffering for his power trip. The Hamas is an
> American tax funded terrorist group, who received much
> of their start up funding from the nazis collaborators
> in the Israeli government, a right wing political group
> established in the eighties, on hopes to divide the
> Palestinian peoples complete support for the PLO, so to
> further bleed American tax payers dead. This is why
> Israeli nazi soldiers break Hamas leaders out of jails,
> or release them as netanyaoo did, but target
> specifically police officers, as too, women and
> children. Mr. sharon, like bush, doesn't care who he
> murders, as long as they believe they benefit from
> killing your family, and can get away with it by
> censorship with Art Bell and CNN's help, they as demons
> will continue to do so against you, as our humanity
> continues to suffer for not allowing me as John to speak
> in challenge freely under the banner of Justice as
> public representative to make most Americans look really
> inept and stupid politically, because for the most part,
> you are. Why is it that CNN won't allow me, or Arafat,
> or any historian to vocalize these well documented facts
> to Americans, allowing them an opportunity to think on
> behalf of themselves, but provide the proud war criminal
> nazi sharon all the space to spout unchallenged as a
> unarrested mass murderer, who has been convicted by his
> own government for crimes against humanity? Why? To
> continue stealing and murdering ourselves, so Larry, Art
> Bell, and Arron can get big fat pastries soaked in our
> blood. Mr. bush the terrorist is a thief and murderer,
> who's con game as the anti-Christ, is a crime against
> all of life as our nature. What has bush ever done in
> his entire career for the public's interest? Outside of
> poisoning, robbing, and murdering Americans. Tick tick
> tick... I told you, Mr. bush is evil incarnate.
> <snpd>
> But, mr.
> bush has claimed that if I as an individual in Canada
> disagree with himself disgarding our universal Justice
> system, he will choose as he has, to be all our enemy
> while murdering ourselves. Mr. bush has pitted himself
> against humanity as all our Nature, by demanding by
> threat we relinquish our rights as equal human beings
> absent Justice for all eternally. Mr. bush the savage
> and criminal is no diety, nor of a Christ mentality, and
> certainly has no more rights to life than any one of us
> others do who he works to steal from.
> <snpd>
> With a little luck
> Mr. rumsfeld the rotten, the American Dream murdering
> nazi savage, was reported recently to state yet again,
> that mindless American soldiers don't want to take
> prisoners, only murder them, or by leaving savage
> lawless heroin dealers to do so. Prisoners as innocent
> police officers who were protecting their communities to
> the best of their growing better as the third world
> abilities. Did you hear? The nazi american troops will
> not, as they haven't, be providing any security to the
> area, but to guard workers who are putting in bush jr.'s
> 'export only' oil pipelines already, robbing all of
> Afghanistan openly, how deceived does bush think you are
> to be? Gee eh? Mr. bush threatens to kill the
> innocent people of Afghanistan in August because they
> refused to take bribes like a repuglican, and insisted
> on making the better choice on behalf of their nation.
> Then 9/11. Mr bush doesn't want anyone to see the
> evidence that implicates himself and rotten rumsfeld,
> (the Enron share holder), almost entirely all evidence
> available, then tells us as the anti-Christ, we don't
> need any evidence, for we know without thinking who is
> responsible under his criminal dictatorship absent
> Justice Infinite. The Taliban, er.. no, the al-Qaida,
> er.. no, just any civilians. Who is an al-Qaida? Do
> they walk around with a neon sign above their head? No,
> all I know for sure is their primary political position:
> american corporations shouldn't be allowed to fund
> military dictatorships, while murdering enslaved
> innocent civilians stealing our livelihoods. Who
> believes they should be murdered for holding such a
> thought? Tommy franks does. Tommy franks who targets
> almost entirely unarmed civilians, poor people, women
> children he don't care, would tell you, as he has on
> CNN, he doesn't know why, only but that he actually
> enjoys murdering practically defenceless people by the
> tens of thousands as a serial murderer while not
> following any rules of Law, making him believe he's
> actually human, when I personally would slay him today
> as a monster happilly, as would any other real man of
> hounor and dignity. He tells us he wants to go into
> Pakistan to bomb civilians that he suspects, without any
> evidence, to be worth murdering, because he thinks it
> makes him oh so fucking powerful. Tens dollars Canadian
> I'm offering for his immediate death sentence to face
> the criminal convictions he thinks WE'LL let him
> continue getting away with while we all fall down dead,
> deprived, unheard from. But shoot, American soldiers
> refuse to put their lives on the line to protect freedom
> for Americans, and instead, side to murder and steal
> from the desperately poor and near starving, killing on
> behalf of Dutch shell(unocal-contra), which explains why
> they're so fucking stupid, as dim-witted repuglicans, as
> the American nation's tax paying public is being robbed
> left, right, and center as to what they really kill
> ourselves for. Cowards. Can they defend themselves
> with reason for being so evil? No. Can they tell us
> how they live with themselves knowing that Mr. Atta
> received 100k as terrorist funding from bush friends at
> the State Department? No. Can they tell us why they
> refuse to protect the never till now heard from GOOD CIA
> officers who uncovered bush buddy Krongard's direct
> connection to having prior knowledge of the towers
> falling? No. How about fellow American Navy Lieutenant
> Mike Vreeland? Are they willing to protect a fellow
> officer, a true living American patriot, brave and
> strong, who reports in Canada that the bushmob knew of
> the terrorist acts of NYC, in August? (Mike reported in
> AUGUST to authorities and reporters in CANADA as an
> employee (documented as proven) under rumsfeld. No they
> can't. How about protecting employees at the FAA, as
> too, at several American Air Force Bases? No, they'd
> turn against their own brothers, to leave them die as
> murdered. Why? Because they are cowards I tell you,
> and pathetic to all who know the facts they hide from
> regarding bush's criminal escapades, and my simple
> wanting as a human being to be addressed by the public
> news corporations. Like why wouldn't CNN dissprove my
> world wide statements I've made to all military
> officers, on the demanding conviction of bush and
> rumsefeld? Huh? So, instead of standing proud under
> God as true men, protecting the American flag as Justice
> and Freedom it once did represent symbolically, they
> advocate the censorship of our truth to be spoken,
> (wanna be, bank cult CNN members giving their life
> savings to Enron) the destruction of the American
> Constitution, the murdering of individuals fighting for
> Justice, and stealing poor boy Johnny's Amiga computers
> even, working to deny freedom from themselves as all
> others they leave US undefended until now, because real
> American and Canadian soldiers, brave RCMP and too, all
> local police detachments, as sparse and rare as we are,
> who can almost read and otherwise, are starting to get
> really hurt feelings over bush, rumsfeld, and tommy not
> thinking we're prepared to defend our OWN families
> against nazis who wish to deprive our humanity of our
> humanity, still bound by Law to protect our freedoms to
> do or die. Those three bastards need to be immediately
> arrested, tried and convicted, or shot smiling as
> traitors to America who in whole as ourselves, are
> stilling with an anger growing focused as unfearful and
> ready to demand, at the very least, an oportunity to
> allow me to face any polite debate on OUR CNN television
> airwaves, (bush you traitor nazi murdering savage, face
> me), regarding these important, why are we murdering
> innocent people, issues. Mr. sharon the parasite,
> advocates stealing peoples property, kills police
> officers and civilians willingly as a demon leader hell
> bound, funded by the American tax payer. Would you
> support something that would take your house and all
> your property, and then send you to live in a camp
> deprived equals rights as a human being? A Catholic?
> Chris Mathews and all CNN staff would willingly, and
> then would blame Arafat for it because he was unable to
> stop a crime in New York City. Hey Chris, CNN? Why
> don't we just blame bush for all the crimes that take
> place in the world, because we all know as it is, bush
> doesn't do anything for the American people, but deprive
> ourselves liberty, freedom and Justice directly on
> purpose. It would seem Chris would likely support the
> execution of bush, now that he publicly thinks about it
> in these real word terms, eh? Well, we can be almost
> certain the MSNBC censors will surely censor this paper
> as not read by us masses, so please, help yourselves by
> breaking this through to the other side, to demand our
> voices heard across the great divide. You either
> support Justice for ourselves as freedom to be, or your
> going straight to hell without your own liberty. You
> think I, as Johnny, am joking about this?
> Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.
> This paper outlines the direct connection of the bushmob
> to Enron's desperate need of a contract for LNG, as an
> attempt to escape a criminal bankruptcy.
> <snpd>
> Freedom is only garnered through Justice for all equally
> Nobody deserves to be murdered, but a murderer escaping
> to recommit
> "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" wrote
> Samuel Johnson, and he wasn't just mixing words.
> Patriotism is not about mindlessly as cult slaves
> obeying bush the unellected nazi fascist criminal
> dictator, it is about protecting freedom for all as
> democracy demands by law. Ours. Mr. bush has said
> that if we, as Nations, don't agree with himself as
> world dictator, removing the guiding principles of
> constitutional Justice as freedom for all instills,
> while actively destroying America and murdering innocent
> people for no crimes who struggle now only to survive
> from his criminal tirades, advocating torture while
> declaring wars against anyone poor and unrepresented,
> with a complete disrespect for all human life, and our
> courts of Law, has clearly stuck himself to be our enemy
> everywhere, as being evil personified, which
> inextricably demands his immediate incarceration for the
> crimes he is committing against ourselves as a true
> terrorist without question, no? The bushmob desecrate
> the ideals of freedom, Justice and democracy garnered by
> truth as our own being to be individuals, and is exalted
> by CNN claiming to be representing ourselves while
> watching us be robbed and murdered as stolen from
> openly. Mr. Turner, you have terribly disappointed our
> world in this great time of need for ourselves as
> humanity.
> Again, all relevant evidence, circumstantial and
> otherwise, regarding the WTC terrorist act, points to
> the bushmob, and rumsfeld especially.
> <snpd>
> Flight 11, all ticket sales are accounted. How did
> terrorists board without purchasing tickets? No, the
> airline industry did not take the names off the lists on
> Sept. 11, as too on the 12th they confirmed so with a
> small correction, but if they had, how then would, or
> could, the desperate doubter explain strange flight 77
> from the same company, which does leave room for
> terrorists to be on board with the given total. Oh...
> I think I know. Two flights had duped terrorists hired
> by the bush wrecked state department, explaining the
> State Department connected money transfer discovered by
> the good FBI to the head terrorist, Germany's Mr. Atta,
> unreported by the Commi Nazi Network of course, showing
> a belief on Atta's part, that he would not die with the
> top secret arrangement he had made with the bushmob
> privately, explaining why the bushmob had his passport
> in their possession secretly, and why Atta couldn't have
> checked in with baggage. (Ya right, he's gonna pack a
> jet fuel consumption calculator and a video titled, "How
> to fly a jumbo jet airliner in twenty minutes for
> dummies" left behind of all places in baggage,
> explaining the secret bushmob audio tape still to be
> never released where Atta is heard mumbling, "Jeeze,
> where's my lucky shirt?" and, "Does anybody here know
> who's flying this thing?") The $100,000 didn't go far,
> and Atta clearly wasn't a devote Muslim, as in the bar
> he drank vodkas and flashed a huge wad of hundreds and
> fifties to the manager, and everyone else in yelling
> distance, bragging how much the bushmob had paid him
> stupidly to do so, for a flight he couldn't possibly
> have boarded as a viable pilot or passenger. Also, why
> need carry his passport loosely as needing to remain
> unnoticed, if he didn't buy a ticket, nor planned to
> travel anywheres, if he somehow magically just appeared
> on the plane in mid-flight after an all night bender
> with hookers? Also, none of the four flights easily
> indicated that they had been highjacked, while the
> transponders were all turned off by code from inside the
> locked cockpits, at roughly the same time as if by
> automation, with flights not changing their flight
> course for as long as fifteen minutes, like no passenger
> ticketed terrorists aboard flight 11, ("Hey Atta! check
> out the view!", or "You left the manual where?", or
> "Gee, thank God you have the final draft, suicide letter
> still with you for when we burst into a fireball."), as
> too, the 200 mile precisely aligned trajectories,
> without HUD, do attest something not quite normal,
> according to experts in the Air Force with thousands of
> hours flight experience and some chaos theorized war
> gameroom background, and elsewhere, who know of bowling
> a perfect game while blindfolded, using a checker.
> Flight 77. The planted terrorists failed to highjack
> due to the fact, the plane was returned to control of
> the real pilot who managed to use communications after a
> fifteen minute fight for something. Conversations that
> the bushmob confiscated. For after 77 changed course in
> the dramatic after some struggle for the controls, it
> then returned to it's original flight path, and okayed,
> but, not for long, for now they knew inside information.
> "No, I wanna fly this plane according to procedure while
> you guys fight a fair three round fight." or "You say
> planes have actually flown into the WTC towers?" or
> "Let's just pretend we're the real pilots, and maybe no
> one will notice?" But shut off transponder only then?
> was it on again, or had it never been off before? If
> the terrorists were subdued, or gave up by showing their
> red bomb boxes only contained confetti, how do they so
> quickly take the pilots place, (who had just been last
> near for calls after returning to normal), to push the
> codes? This is why the bushmob took the tape. CNN
> tells us rumsfeld says the FAA didn't contact NORAD
> until 9:25, while at the same time, CNN also tells us
> controllers who handled 77, knew it had been highjacked
> at 8:46. Also, explaining the now no longer strangeness
> of why bush desperately ran to confiscate those airline
> videotapes of the passengers boarding flight, not
> thinking to know we now know who they all were. (Maybe
> things didn't go exactly according to his evil nazi
> plan?) Truly brave American soldiers would arrest bush
> and rumsfeld by the end of a loaded ready to fire rifle,
> and any other who stand to stop us from viewing our
> evidence available. Why, that's called obstructing
> Johnny Wizard. Also, consider this, the thought to
> necessitate the order of the terrorists to force
> passengers to use cell phones as secretly planned, two
> flights, (Time magazine Sept. 24 - Flight 93 "We've
> been highjacked. They're being nice.") but make no
> declarations on behalf of themselves leaving no point
> for departure? With a communication plan not controlled
> from the air perchance? Ah, but not on flight 11 or 175
> where terrorists weren't present, as again, every
> passenger accounted, but no calls? Only one not talked
> about, because it doesn't fit with the bushmob lies.
> Flight attendant Sweeny was reported as the only one I
> am aware of to make a cell phone call over the entire
> hour on flight 11, or 175, to the ATC at Boston, giving
> seat numbers to highjackers that were not on board as
> registered ticket holders, (so how did she?) nor even
> sitting where Meuller lies, who in so doing, disputes
> she made the call to know factually. Makes no sense to
> me also, and CNN, we can be sure, will do nothing for
> the Americans who lost their lives over the senseless
> ignorance of their corporate cult status, that
> perpetrates this form of dim-wittedness without helping
> you by interviewing anybody involved in the
> investigations, to rather let the bushmob continue
> dictating unchallenged to murder more of us, for staying
> unawares of our silent screaming. hmm... Any unboarded
> tickets? Apparently so, for it was reported all
> purchased tickets were used but one. Another koinkydink
> regarding the hooting and hollaring, drinking and
> carousing in the strip bar the night before of the
> bushmob barkers, is that nobody would PURPOSEFULLY give
> their lives in a collective criminal operation for CASH
> payments through the State Department as to go gone dead
> broke next day, against living life's costly riches
> freely would they? Did Atta from Germany even attempt
> to give the 100k to his wife and children for safe
> keeping? Bingo. Also it has recently been revealed by
> India's officials, and Pakistan's Foreign Secretary,
> Niaz Naik, that the bushmob had contacted their
> governments in AUGUST as himself typically idiotic, as
> privately to public representatives in a unreported
> meeting in Berlin to state, he, as the anti-Christ,
> would slaughter the innocent people of Afghanistan's
> government, who had ended the heroin trade and were
> protecting the country while progressing towards equal
> rights for women,( We will sue CNN for every dollar
> Turner has.) making illegal, slaves and murder, by
> forming national laws that five years previous didn't
> exist, also making it safe to travel, and started
> opening schools for girls while being starved for doing
> so good for everyone. Why would bush the demon attempt
> to do so? To shore up corporate banker support for
> Enron, who had placed a 3 billion dollar investment in
> Dhabol Power Company, and needed liquefied natural gas
> in a big hurry, what with Qatar drying up, and the
> tripling in price of naphtha. Stuck no longer able to
> garner partnership with the present pipe deal contract
> offer for Afghanistan agreed to as well by tribal
> leaders who Tommy murdered, as too, India's insistence
> in not being ripped off any longer, by a company the
> entire nation learned easily to hate over the past
> decade, and the laundered employee pension money
> unretractable in the Cayman Islands proved to be of
> little use apparently, and of course most importantly,
> also the secretly known to fellow shyster cheney,
> impending criminal bankruptcy, and we must also not
> forget bush had excepted 2 million dollars in bribes
> from Ken Lay, who had his own late night office suite at
> the White House for their private encounters, so it has
> been kinda reported, but difficult to believe bush
> manages to whore so much, but understandable, what with
> the way he walks so funny. See, the Taliban had
> excepted a deal from Bridas, a pipeline offer to help
> rebuild the nation, while the bushmob just threatened to
> murder all their families for Enron's conspiracy tied to
> the repuglican nazi regime. Enron could never obtain
> investors desperately needed, to attempt with capital,
> to hide their crimes against all the American people,
> without a binding contract, investors such as from the
> multi-billionaires in the post WWII charity
> organization, World Bank, of which as unocal, being
> typical repuglican, only offered bribes to officials
> from Afghanistan to hurt their nation they, as the
> Taliban, truly believed in working for. As a another
> example where these nazi vermin relate their uselessness
> against us all from, Mr. phil gramm lobbied for slave
> labour at 10 cents an hour for America, while sneaking
> in a bill for California to have their electricity price
> quadrupled, for his relatively paultry personal check of
> one hundred thousand, while California citizens payed
> billions and billions as stolen from without police
> protection, as companies fell going bankrupt due to
> gramm's assault, leaving many out of work to get
> swindled even further by repuglican corruptions that run
> rampant through the entire state in other places,
> without me there to bask on the beaches to give an
> occasional cameo appearance, while flexing my muscles to
> the tune of some free beer, a place to crash, and maybe
> pretzels, hint hint. Achem. On the morning of the fast
> paced Sept 11th, bush was aware of something special in
> NYC that he would comment on as asked SPECIFICALLY he
> stated while leaving his hotel room, on his way
> unswavered directly to hear about goats from school
> children by nine, as it was reported his comment to be
> so nationally, on ABC News with Peter Jennings reporting
> on the terrorist highjackings. While we now know
> according to the FAA's official report, that at 8:20,
> officials were made aware of the unprecedented emergency
> while channelling through authorities, (the bushmob as
> rotten rumsfeld through CNN speaks nothing about it
> saying, all the FAA employees are lying, and don't keep
> watch professionally) and according to the criminal
> indictment against the bushmob filed by Ilarion Bykov
> and Jared Israel available at www.emperors-clothes.com,
> the Secret Service are kept more informed than anyone
> concerned with bush's safety, so, you'd figure, would
> have made bush aware of all four flights, since he was
> already familiar with one important thing going on in
> NYC, that he would talk to the media about directly
> later as massed for it, right? (Perhaps someone should
> ask Andy?) Bush was also reported to receive a call in
> his motorcade about the horrific event, with him also
> confirming to witness the tragedy of flailing bodies
> from the epicenter of disaster, you know, the WTC
> towers, commercial airlines thing?, school television
> sets we presume existed that he left only a moment to
> thought, as he then quickly entered smiling
> nonchalantly, a different world stage, the class room
> unshaken, without thought to think he may have been
> confused earlier to then attempt seeking clarity, no, he
> sat for 25 minutes unalarmed, chit chatting like nothing
> was happening, just as we rehearse, and as disturbingly
> deceived evil as ever to be believed, as anti-Christ he
> is it would seem to be. He later after tinking tried as
> dumb as he is, to deflect his gruesome macabre conduct,
> by suggesting he had learned only of the doom just prior
> to entering the classroom, where he immediately without
> thought, quickly attributed the disasters to pilot error
> while making a funny, while completely dismissing his
> concern as not even present for the loss of innocent
> American lives, bankers even, (then, before, and now
> he'd even tell you unblinking, "What?"), just like the
> tens of thousands as children in Afghanistan, and the
> terrorist crimes he advocates in Palestine, as he then
> pressed on to more urgent matters regarding his press op
> cover up. Did you see his media reaction in front of
> the classroom, when he heard the news for the forth time
> officially that morning, as again, he even admitted to
> actually visually witnessing some of the devastation
> before that moment, and that only then, had it become a
> serious matter to change, or not change his demeanor?
> Stuck he was then, with no mind to ruse, er.. time to
> snooze, Arg! What was the cue? Errrch... If he moves
> with priority interest as concerned openly honest public
> figure, as he knows a legitimate President would have
> been to first learn of such carnage, THE MONTH BEFORE IN
> AUGUST, why not previous before he left his Hotel room
> with a television? Outside the Hotel? In the
> motorcade? With school staff as you'd figure would have
> been present too laughing, no? Instead he stayed as he
> had been to give no orders publicly, nor attempt to make
> public inqiries, but to listen with such unbelievable
> absolute devotion, equating a beautiful child's story,
> as if it were Jesus from the heavens himself, speaking
> directly on the living Nature of our Universe... Okay,
> maybe we won't be able to convict him on that, but, if
> that isn't worth enough salt to be considered
> newsworthy, how about when bush said he didn't hear of
> the towers until he was at the school building, nixing
> the recorded comment reported on by John Cochrane of ABC
> News with Peter Jennings, that bush made a noise saying
> that he was importantly aware of something in NYC to
> speak directly on later? Or how about at the memorial,
> when he publicly stated it would take two whole hours to
> read the names of those he would without thinking,
> murder as innocent for Enron he told India and Pakistan
> in August similarly, so he would just read the titles of
> companies to say Grace, then would press on to more
> urgent matters.
> "Crime is terribly revealing. Try and vary your methods
> as you will, your tastes, your habits, your attitude of
> mind, and your soul is revealed by your actions."
> - Agatha Christie
> -----
> March 11, 2002
> Too many loose ends...
> By Barrie Zwicker
> ... Yet at 6:30 the evening of September 11th NBC
> Nightly News, along with many outlets, reported: "It
> was after the attack on the Pentagon that the Air Force
> then decided to scramble F-16s out of the DC National
> Guard Andrews Air Force Base to fly ... a protective
> cover over Washington, D.C." ...
> -----
> Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers testified
> to the Senate Armed Service Committee of Sept. 13th,
> that no fighter planes had been launched until after the
> Pentagon was hit. CBS reported the next day, three days
> after the event took place, that everyone in the media
> and government as Myers, who of all would surely know as
> much as anyone with the paper work he had to prove it,
> including also highly respected employees at Andrews Air
> Force Base, and at New Jersey, were all lying without
> explanation nor reason to, and that at 8:44 two F-15s
> scrambled from Otis Air National Guard Base on Cape Cod,
> and were racing to New York at less than 300mph, below
> 20% throttle, to arrive way too late from over a hundred
> miles away, making the 'official' CNN story implausible.
> Although, the FAA has stated that it, as required by
> statute, and rehearsed for decades as practiced,
> drilled, and executed flawlessly, alerted military
> authorities in Colorado, throwing the command to
> rumsfeld's chain at the first sign of a possible high
> jacking, and did not sit staring at radar for 29
> minutes, then yet again for another 20 twiddling through
> the manuals as bush would have us believe without
> suggesting. The attackers clearly did not act alone, as
> rumsfeld fights to threaten us with murder to think
> anything but his assuredness of who are the evildoers
> without evidence available to us all as facts to speak
> for ourselves, which to the trained observer,
> incriminates himself as suspect on the purpose. (None
> of even the how would anyone know who 'suspects' without
> having purchased tickets, are al-Qaida, nor from
> Afghanistan, according also to the FBI's Mr. Mueller,
> who in his knowledge of evidence as it pertains to
> criminal conviction required for our civilization
> stated, only "one --->--- OR ---<--- more" might.)
> Showing a cowardly fear nullifying judicial procedure,
> by swaying the numbed corporate automatons to think
> likely as machines, while not searching nor speaking to
> give reprimands for correction, which would be done as
> normal, if rumsfeld wasn't directly responsible for the
> crimes himself as nazi traitor. Why else? Because real
> soldiers as American employed at Air Force Bases have
> whispered behind our locked corporate news doors, with
> no place to speak openly as national, being corporate
> news is taking none of our phone calls, as Americans are
> generally broadcasted to be illiterate and cowardly
> because generally they seem to be that way actually, as
> I too, still haven't been addressed as someone with
> something to say by our professional, they know us
> better than ourselves, news standards. However, I am
> presently working desperately with many at CBC for an up
> coming let's slam Johnny documentary, or possibly even a
> legitimate news story, and others in the alternative
> media are slowly opening up channels of communication by
> returning my phone calls, of which, you as well, could
> do the same in our name. The universe is turning, take
> hold somewhere. As I was saying, real soldiers as
> American employed at Air Force Bases have stated without
> an ability to be wide open, leaving this point very
> difficult to confirm as of yet on our part, without
> jeopardizing ourselves as dazed and confused hopelessly
> lost nowhere. Example, our media giants we all suffer
> without answering any of our important questions,
> airwave savvy broadcasters such as Myers, rumsfeld,
> Mueller, Ashcroft, Chris,
> Arron's -Exclusive Private DumbDumb Club - Arron's
> [cnn]
> shrub, and the overwhelming cowardice of others to
> spread this document to feed newspapers, soldiers, and
> law enforcement officers everywhere, enemy or otherwise,
> that has so far, found no rebuttals regarding the
> evidence before us, and rational for Justice to be
> served as a protection for our freedoms we must struggle
> to maintain always forever. That stand down orders
> forbidding any military aircraft taking flight for
> defensive measures were given out verbally right after
> the first airliner hit the tower. Mr. rumsfeld and
> bush's immediate public explanation to us meetin like
> this', given to surviving American families of murdered
> police officers, fire fighters, and soldiers everywhere,
> leaves us by their continuing silence of no statement to
> counter this extremely serious accusation that demands
> resolution either way immediately, (or both their right
> deserts by watering frauds), found recently at a very
> popular respected web site or two, would make one heck
> of a NRA town hall gatherin, eh gentlemen? Now, back to
> Myers in a later different congressional flub. (That I
> would sight if I could, but a small miraculously
> unawares group, holding our title of RCMP, has seized
> property of my own such as computer equipment without
> officially charging me for writing truthfully, that I've
> always freely publicly admitted to doing privately
> through all local news media outlets here in Winnipeg,
> (that give me next to nothing as political coverage for
> being critical, scientific, and possessing elementary
> math skills such as addition and division regarding our
> public ad revenues) several legitimate newspapers across
> Canada, and as a secret to themselves even group, only
> two officers seemed vaguely familiar with deductive
> reasoning, along with our actual history as humanity,
> that they had spent two months with overtime pay
> researching only on how to use Google apparently, are
> presently pouring through Amiga Basics as we speak,
> looking not for my well documented claims they balked in
> secret terror to tell me it wasn't about them as
> individuals to answer, but to threaten my freedom with
> their excitement about the prospect to find personal
> works to use against myself to this world I call home.
> In darkness they claimed they would not be individually
> involved professing from somewhere if asked by another
> playing evil against the wall, and therefor as anyone
> could be entrapped as victim, would get Johnny on a
> indefinite termed mental health care rap for being
> intelligence, they would try, to publicly accuse myself
> lacking hounor and character, on behalf of the secret
> service good cop bad cop Don jokingly told me for life,
> as trapped helpless supporters of cop killers and
> lottery scammers stealing from our grandparents, just
> ignoring their jobs, our lives, my written words, that
> do largely include, my publicly made requests to protect
> our communities as legal bound claims based in our
> criminal codes as Constitutional, who as themselves will
> attempt to stand publicly not to bring attention if
> afforded the effort of public accusation against myself,
> pretending to be us they'd suppose eventually, captured
> in our public arena against me as unworthy. Standing
> otherwise to Lord over us against themselves. Truth,
> Justice, freedom and liberty destroy ignorance as
> injustice, slavery and oppression, like it or not, here
> come's Johnny with no lawyer. If a murderer is on the
> loose recommitting, do we not use the required force to
> stop the transgressor from re-offending? The media is
> our messenger. Anyway, (Jeepers, I sure can go on eh?)
> as I was saying, Myers later in another committee
> addressing the timeline specifically, stated something
> like:
> Oh, I don't know any longer, now that the professional
> news corporations are dictating our existence without my
> records, and our democratic governmental testimonies,
> left me thinking to not bring anything with me as
> required this time, sorry, no, actually, I forgot why I
> came here today. Is it over now?
> Also, in retrospect, we, as you, can also witness
> through archived military newsgroups an almost complete
> support by our gun saluting soldiers and several real
> OFFICERS, American and Canadian, for my calls as a
> single citizen in our fledgling democracies for the
> immediate arrest of rumsfeld and bush escaping our
> authorities for murdering American civilians. Gore won
> the election, so let's make him President until a new
> election can be called as soon as possible. CNN must
> become humans and demand public representation. Look,
> we've screamed around the world regarding the facts
> irrespective of myself as an individual, and the
> corporate cult members refuse to report our stories,
> while actively working to oppress us all with deceit,
> they feign as brave to steal from us as poorly
> represented. See? Mr. bush as anti-Christ states that
> if a dictator pirates the authority of a nation and
> commits CRIMES against ourselves as humanity, the
> nations police officers should be slaughtered without
> mercy, or allowed legal council as defences, as regard
> for our standing universal laws of decree by our big
> time Creator grants us free will as unthinkable anyway
> (it's a long story, read the somewhat boring, "Johnny's
> Last Stand" if your interested in how I do this without
> flinching), and in bush's extreme evilness, now
> suggests, America as in deed our world needs to be nuked
> for not defending our flag. As we witnessed horrified
> in Florida, as bush the demon tyrant self destructing in
> his personal hatred for everything truly, argued with
> only himself publicly, that he as pure evil, isn't
> required to have evidence to murder anyone, and if The
> People should speak out as Justice for all as reason
> does sustain, he'll annihilate the entire planet, as he
> is against every life as US not understood, perceived,
> or believed, because he is generally so stupid as evil
> is always, leaving him targeting specifically, any
> police officers who are protecting ourselves as
> community he would blindly spout proudly, if we could
> nail him on the question directly. Justice to protect a
> person not guilty of a crime, he believes is ONLY
> relative to whom holds the speakers platform for
> accusation, so as dictator, he sides to steal and
> destroy our lives unworthy as himself, and doing so, has
> him deceived it brings bounty by monetary value stolen,
> not earned, seeing no value in personal relationships
> but to distrust others as reflected to being a part of
> himself also, leaves him in relationship to us, secretly
> planning to deceive the entire infinite forever
> Universe, being harmful to all as the anti-Christ he is
> without exception. Ah, but alas Mr. bush, infinity
> plus infinity equals infinity super dummy. Nothing else
> wiser as this Universe is intelligence known to
> ourselves as wonder eternal. See, if there is one thing
> every single conscious entity in this Universe of
> Universes can all agree on despite whatever bush spews,
> is that we don't wish to be deprived our right to life
> and liberty for just living to not deny that right from
> any other. Lucky for bush, God is forgiveness, being of
> a causeless force before an actual beginning kinda
> nature, me on the other hand as Johnny, representing
> life and death the way I do honestly, am not so stupid
> nor tolerant watching him destroy ourselves in error.
> It's a crazy world. Mr. bush tinks the world is only
> of his perception, nothing more of ideas, no strength in
> wisdom, fearing equality for us would leave him in all
> honesty, a life wasted trying to cheat himself. While I
> as Christ say every single individual has the equal born
> right inherent as existence eternal dictates, not only
> because I'm naturally a caring, compassionate person
> familiar with physics, but also because it does me well
> for my freedom to be all I can. For in this struggle of
> living, I foresee great potentials, not only for myself
> having fancy dinners and super big parties, but also for
> the realms of knowledge I'm familiar with ourselves
> neglecting, and how many important issues go unresolved
> due to doubters who dismiss actual experts in areas such
> as understood sciences that need our utmost immediate
> attention, motivating me to do anything possible to make
> this place a better world on behalf of everyone, that of
> which, to resolve, only lacks a lounge act King, who as
> should be, me, because here I am to crown myself
> standing this way forever dreaming. Plus, believing I'm
> actually trying to help this big old clunker of a
> Universe as I understand fairly well as friendly, really
> makes it an extra special bonus for the planet and
> everything, as long as our world isn't completely
> decimated by the bushmob, due to the general masses
> having absolutely no interest in understanding
> themselves. I don't have any interest in what others do
> with their freedom, other than deny ourselves to do
> likewise. If a nation commits a crime against my
> freedom as a individual, of which I know as a god to be
> equally represented through everything, an innocent
> person murdered effects me personally, especially when
> it's advocated in a public forum where freedom is
> advertised, but obviously not present, there is where my
> voice demands by RIGHT to be in defence of all
> innocence, (big G 6 power) such as is my eternal
> struggle for freedom in my own name of John. (I'm in
> the book.) I wouldn't kill everyone in the country, or
> police officers as bush would advise, but demand the
> perpetrator to be corrected, chastised, insulted,
> arrested, or shot smiling as my two year John is crazy
> mad about bush the nazi tyrant murderer, has manifest
> ourselves this way. Freedom is only garnered through
> Justice for all equally. Mr. bush and cheney don't
> understand that, nor wish to learn about us, because it
> runs to expose their weakness publicly, as cowardly and
> truly pathetic individuals they both truly are, as they
> fail to pretend otherwise to more than half who know
> better, and as bush, to hide from us all as a very
> anti-American war criminal. Which is why we as
> humanity, must demand bush and rumsfeld's immediate
> arrests for mass murders and also for decimating the
> American Constitution and Bill of Rights in our corner.
> Mr. bush and rumsfeld must be stopped at all costs as
> our own willing, shot smiling now if need be, twenty
> dollars a head I'm offering, as too, helping our
> disabled officers enforce our laws to protect ourselves
> on behalf of every person. Did you notice how our
> corporate professionals ignore my world wide factual
> claims, only to silently advocate yourself to be
> oppressed and stolen from again? Maybe blown up real
> bad, while bush blames whomever now that evidence isn't
> necessary to convince the numbed and drugged of America
> for paying to destroy themselves by rewarding bush as
> saviour? Do you notice how our professional corporate
> cogs, refuse to report on bush's fifty billion American
> worker tax dollar rip off, and by omission, advocate
> criminal acts against ourselves as society's helpless
> tax paying victim? Or CNN refusing to report the
> closing of certain voting polls in Florida as all
> eligible people from the area, were lined outside the
> station, left to be told to go across town in fifteen
> minutes, but first the repuglican party is going to
> charge you for loitering, er.. I mean busing, no, wait,
> and so it went till many never made it as reported.
> Never mind all the disqualifications. Mr. bush was not
> elected, and is a tyrannical dictator of evilness never
> known before or ever to be again, for his gamble is for
> all our real lives he leverages as we truly fall dying.
> Either we survive, or bush destroys all of humanity due
> to the lack of real courage as heroism in America to
> challenge his hatred of our world living to continue,
> and irrational fear of our ultimate freedom to remain
> forever wondering aimlessly. Mr. bush shall not
> continue to advocate murdering our police officers while
> stealing our monies, or we will get him ourselves for
> continuing to do so, as he daily advocates on all
> corporate news channels, smiling his demon grin as
> dumfbuck shihtead. Mr. bush is presently trying to
> dump tons of radioactive waste on a extremely volatile
> fault line under Yucca mountain, shipped right across
> the country from all over. Purposefully ignoring all
> scientific, as the public's concern intentionally. It
> is clearly an act of hatred for all life as our Nature,
> for it is so beyond irrational, and into maliciously
> evil, and in of itself, should warrant prison sentences,
> if not immediately halted for public review demanded to
> be broadcasted on CNN internationally, in a manner where
> the staff actually tries to do something on behalf of
> the weakened nation as still barely living. I have
> wondered of a Canadian prosecutor against myself
> standing, if unfortunately the RCMP, in conclusion, do
> privately decide against ourselves being by playing
> stupid against democracy and freedom would be my defence
> I'd suppose they would appear to all, while begging for
> forgiveness from those who know not what I write.
> <snpd>
> I would suspect if so, an effort argued bogusly, in a
> possible corrupt court room only to foul our sacredness
> as humanity under tyranny against our nature to be
> insulted, with the news bank bosses ignoring our
> downfalls, to not allow to plead my case openly as John,
> so here I make it now. I beg of you as a stranger to
> help our Justice ring through, if not for me, for
> yourself as deserve to do so. Or, go straight to hell,
> who needs who. Mr. bush's private Secret Service agent
> was drinking diet coke when I first spoke with him
> person to person. (I've written at least five papers
> discussing the science of monsanto.) Didn't really seem
> that all a bad bloke, and I do believe we left on
> fairly, no need to kill each other terms mutually. But,
> thought all the people in this world should be blown to
> bits without thinking nor discussing why it seemed he
> thought those he didn't know were deserving of murder,
> along with our families as collateral damage, and the
> country side toxically polluted for generations like in
> Iraq, to waste billions to give the bushmob to sell
> heroin and distribute cocaine for his fear of the CIA,
> of which fairly, he seemed ashamed when I mentioned it,
> bush's pathetically weak and cowardly cocaine dealers
> who are acting illegally, desecrating the American flag,
> the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and so on because,
> the northern alliance treated women so badly before the
> Taliban he witnessed to tell me all about it briefly,
> and how all deserved to be slaughtered blindly to make
> him feel like American, and no other ideas had been
> implanted by command headquarters when they sent him on
> his own for testing my friend or foe hyperspace
> capabilities. Why all the murders we stand for?
> Because apparently, the al-Qaida that Americans never
> heard from, state nazi corporate america has no right
> murdering and stealing from ourselves as humanity, while
> propping up military dictatorships with American people
> dollars, killing innocent families attacking Allah by
> representing the evil in Jihad, as all would agree who
> could think likely from any religion including atheism.
> The nazi bankers with daily full page newspaper ads
> don't like that philosophy understood by ourselves as
> the silented as taken to be granted, while our in debt
> soldiers are told to murder people accused of crimes
> without any evidence. Nazi Germany all over again,
> while racists utter threats against entire nations going
> unchallenged as actually published. Mr. rick lowry of
> the national review goes unarrested and corporately
> celebrated, suggesting to nuke Mecca, and sites
> 'moderates' who suggest 10 other capital cities,
> nevermind Philadelphia, while I yell, "get bush and
> rumsfeld now as the nazi war criminals they are,
> escaping true American JUSTICE INFINITE as
> INDIVISIBLE!", (just pretend I'm not here). Central
> Affairs representative Christina Rocca, the evil witch
> she was to humanity as God, uttered the CRIMINAL threat
> to the Taliban's embassador for choosing the better
> LEGAL business deal in August "Except our offer of a
> carpet of gold, or we'll bury you in a carpet of bombs."
> ---------
> Unocal and the Afghanistan pipeline by
> Larry Chin
> Online Journal,
> 6 March 2002
> ... Osama bin Laden advised the Taliban to sign with
> Bridas. In addition to offering the Taliban a higher
> bid, Bridas proposed an open pipeline accessible to
> warlords and local users. Unocal's pipeline was closed
> for export purposes only. Bridas' plan also did not
> require outside financing, while Unocal's required a
> loan from the western financial institutions (the World
> Bank), which in turn would leave Afghanistan vulnerable
> to demands from western governments. Bridas' approach
> to business was more to the Taliban's liking. Where
> Bulgheroni and Bridas' engineers would take the time to
> "sip tea with Afghan tribesmen," Unocal's American
> executives issued top-down edicts from corporate
> headquarters and the US Embassy (including a demand to
> open talks with the CIA-backed Northern Alliance)....
> J.W. reminder: The northern alliance are bush's heroin
> pushers with women slaves
> --------
> <snpd>
> Barely alive Iraq is no threat to anyone, but torture
> advocate cheney as soon to be war criminal like bush and
> rumsfeld. stopthewaragainstiraq.org Spend five minutes
> at that site which sends info around the globe, and then
> notice how CNN doesn't want to play the public on the
> issue understood by all our experts. I'm not sure
> myself of CNN, for I can't stand wasting my time any
> longer watching themselves ignoring everyone. If the
> corporational news degenerates, continue espousing the
> benefits of siding to be nazis in our names, escaping
> our justice system as mass murderers, Mr. rick lowry,
> bush and rumsfeld, will be challenged by every proud NRA
> card carrying, God fearing, life protector imaginable,
> this includes of course our REAL POLICE agents of
> freedom in the Secret Service, that are smart enough to
> believe in the name of the law, and not idly shaking in
> terror, while attacking our citizenry for speaking out
> rationally on behalf of our falling dead comrades. Ed
> McMann and bush are planning to tour American elementary
> schools to teach children to help secretly identify
> those 'others' who are "injurious to the domestic
> tranquility of the people", and teaching the "importance
> of patriotism and obedience to the state", pope nazi
> bush is so terrifying on his own representing the dark
> ages as evil incarnate, I couldn't possibly make this
> horror up, and Ed has always been a stupid drunken sell
> out, so, no big surprise there for anyone. Can you
> please e-mail this letter to the staff of your favorite
> radio program for me please, then we'll all listen to
> themselves turn against our communities as us CIA (see
> below), FBI, and legitimate officers of our LAWS, by
> remaining silent while hanging up on everyone trying to
> protect ourselves from war mongering nazi crime lords,
> as truth to set us free from the chains of tyranny will
> take a course, it's just how many will willingly in fear
> of living, take bush's place for nazi sacrifice, instead
> of standing to prove our worths by demanding justice for
> all right God damn now? What can they be scared of but
> us? Do some fear we'll make'em look stupid for being
> so? What can we blame but the time we run so quickly
> short on, for we must not dawdle, and get back to work
> to pay the bankerman for doing nothing, so to give our
> luxuries of freedom to do other things we know not of,
> because we're bust as it is, and this days almost
> completely done for now like the others, oh, but our
> hundred or so American multi-millionaire TV entertainers
> have it so good by never ever getting political
> generally, while hundreds of millions are robbed and
> murdered in their names as evil taking much by giving so
> little back in return, screaming nothing as individuals,
> pretending to be actual struggling artists, as this life
> is truly a pain for them to pay attention. ("Oh, but
> what about my poor dying fans who worship me like Jesus"
> they would probably say.) In other news, the good CIA
> elements were reported by The London Times, to have
> asked the London Financial Services, to investigate the
> traced, extremely unusual 'put option' stock
> transactions regarding the two airline companies, (a
> 4000% off the norm bet they would both lose cash value)
> just prior to the terrorist acts taking place, they did,
> and came back with A.B Buzzy Krongard, bush's dumbass
> cocaine dealing, anthrax mailing, executive director of
> the CIA ourselves, who bush the nazi dictator now says
> the CIA can not arrest in a military dictatorship absent
> Universal law, and has recently told Americans, wimpass
> buzzy, will now be free to murder ANYONE American
> including subordinates, who dare try to reclaim their
> rights as an equal under God not heard from. We say
> true brave American soldiers and our grandmothers
> everywhere say otherwise. Where is the Mafia when we
> need them for Christ sake? Oh ya, mostly dead, maybe
> I'm moving to fast on these issues eh? These facts mean
> bush, rumsfeld, and now buzzy, are directly involved in
> the terrorist acts in NYC, of which bush, as American
> traitor, has publicly encouraged the WTC investigations
> to stop looking more evil to all as us than ever. CNN
> decided to drop the story they were almost holding right
> there, because it involved protecting our never talked
> about, good investigative working CIA officers (I was a
> little shocked also), justice and democracy for US
> people sold down the river, drats, actual work, where
> CNN rather just slaughter US innocent people and police
> officers instead of reporting on the bush crime waves,
> while selling cocaine to school kids, then call
> themselves heroes in my name after the carnage for
> blindly dropping bombs from the sky on everyone.
> <snpd>
> DEFENSIVE purposes to be shut down. Mr. bush
> threatened to veto the Defence Appropriations Bill only
> after the Democrats tried to move 600 million out of
> 'Star Wars' and into anti-terror defence. The Star Wars
> program also includes in it's ranks, an extremely
> corrupt bunch of criminals, who bribed repuglicans to
> remove the American law against making false claims for
> governmental contracts, a seditious act as TREASON that
> was never reported by the Commi Nazi Network, who now
> defraud every American openly, escaping military
> tribunals because, American soldiers are clearly to
> everyone on the planet, left inept, and as pathetic
> cowards lacking leadership everywhere, stuck with evil
> American murdering rumsfeld as nazi kcuf, real
> leadership long gone years ago, when forced to shoot
> with dirty syringes as only the clinically deranged
> would order our soldiers need not to be thought human.
> So, as a consequence, most intelligence left disgraced
> without medals, that would have only accentuated their
> inhumanity as deranged lunatics. While now America's
> left with nazi soldiers who dance over the slaughtering
> of suffering third world civilians and police officers,
> who were in the process of making something better for
> their nation by following the guide of universal
> Justice, while evil rumsfeld the nazi fuck, offers a
> reward for murdering 'Omar the Just', because he asked
> for evidence that didn't exist. Why? Omar was standing
> up to protect the American flag by supporting the
> apprehension of those truly responsible for the WTC
> terrorist attacks against Justice as freedom America is
> quickly losing. As I say, there isn't a real man in the
> American Marines, or the Army willing to protect America
> with their lives, for if there were, rumsfeld and bush
> would be rightly dead for the murders continuing against
> those they know as innocent. As even with their
> continuing threats against more innocent people as
> American lives they brag to throw away as just soldiers,
> as all these other nations they try to make ready to
> sacrifice millions for, while propagandizing that our
> Justice we need not believe in to grant us freedom from
> oppression, nor evidence no longer a requirement to
> convince us who is evil, and who is not lying. Nobody
> deserves to be murdered, but a murderer escaping to
> recommit. Mr. bush and rumsfeld must be immediately
> arrested to face a fair trial for their crimes in NYC,
> or suffer a death sentence carried out by every man
> smart enough to comprehend, that freedom for ourselves
> and family, mean Justice for all of humanity. Justice
> protects our democracies from those who wish to deprive
> ourselves the pursuit of happiness, and like nazi bush
> and rumsfeld, wish to steal our earnings and sacrifice
> our lives for their personal misgivings, and fear of
> this awesome universe. Creating only hardships and
> suffering as murders against everyone they abuse our God
> granted freedom, is truly evil and insane, as they are
> both without question, mankind's worst delinquents.
> Whew... On another note, as you can believe this to be
> also not reported, bush apposed all democratic,
> anti-Enron money laundering efforts by the Democrats as
> a traitor to every single American value.
> (democrats.com) We true soldiers figure he burns the
> American flag when he thinks no one is looking.
> <snpd>
> Here I am,
> Johnny Wizard

Bush 20 miles from flight school morning of 9 12.Aug.2002 12:03

the antibush antibush

I used to live in Sarasota Florida. I lived about a mile from the school he was visiting the morning of 9/11 2001. It is not a coincidence that he had a 9 year old on one side of him and an 11 year old on the other side when he read a story about a pet goat. I would be willing to bet that the person who drove him from the airport was none other than the 'missing' Eric Rudolf who's father owns Diplomat Taxi. It is not strange to me that he was less than 20 miles from Rudy Decker's flight school that morning; in fact he made have delivered cash to the hijackers the night before. I have heard some very scary stories about George W. Bush and his desire for 11 year old prostitutes when he makes the whorehouse rounds in Texas. These are from credible sources such as a janitor at the school where he was 'hiding' that morning. Did Bush help plan the attacks? I don't think so. I don't think that he is clever enough. I do think that some of his close friends may have helped plan the attacks; people such as James E. Baker 111 who was instrumental in circumventing the election process that got Bush into the White House. Maybe I'm crazy but I have been told that I am a very good psychic. Some day we will find out the truth because not everyone likes our President and maybe someone will rat him out like his wife or one of his kids.

Bush is the Anti-christ 16.Jul.2003 00:46


Bush is the Anti -christ as talked about in the bible revelations.

Think about this one for a minute. I heard bush say many times. "for who is not with us is against us"

for one, who is into war and hate... but him. for two. that was what was said by Jesus, again in the bible. it is said, the anti-christ will protray himself as Jesus.

Also, when Bush heard about the twin towers being hit, the first thing he said was "this is war " we are being attacked" now how would he know that? right away he says it's Bin Laden. well also... how would he know that? he knew all along before 911 what was going to happen, this i am sure of.

Also, as talked about again in Revelations. the mark of the beast is 666 adding up Bushes full name, comes to 6. his birthdate July? (not sure of month) July 6, 1946 two more 6' s. he is the anti-christ no doubt about it. so wh at do we do? wait it out till the end of the world ... it's going to happen no matter what we do anyways. but at least we know that he is the anti-christ, and we can prepare for our future. Just never believe him, nor follow his ways or his so called teaching. I am against any thing about him.

Correction 09.Apr.2005 18:50


I would like to correct the author of the comment about Eric Rudolph and Diplomat Taxi of Sarasota.

First, I work for Diplomat Taxi and the owners' name is Jorge Resendiz. He has owned the company since 1977.

Second, Bill Rudolph, whom I'm assuming you were referring to, was an owner-operator with West Coast Executive Sedans, a subsidiary of Diplomat Taxi. He passed away in 1999. His son was named Scott, not Eric. I knew both Scott and Bill and neither one was or is related to anyone named Eric.

Just the facts...I check 'em before I write 'em.

Its all bought and sold folks 09.Nov.2005 18:25


Guess what guys, none of this internet babble means a thing. while you sit comfortably at your brand new computer feeling in touch with the world, take a look around - your alone! Revolution happens on the street, not from isolated cubicles that never physically connect to make anything actually happen. You think you got him this time, or the next? Wake up, they own it all: the media, the justice system. One more 911, and the borders will close, and the conscripted army begins to control the resources of the world and support the rich. The unemployed poor will fight the wars to keep the rich happy, and the rich will never fight. George Bush could walk up to someone on the street in broad daylight, make sure everyone is watching, and shoot the person in the head, and nothing would ever happen to him. Who's going to arrest him? they own the courts, they can buy anyone. Welcome to corporate america-good luck! Check out P2OG or operation northwoods. see ya