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IMC Hamilton Interviews Barrie Zwicker, Host of VisionTV's "The Great Deception"

Important thoughts from Barrie Zwicker during these times of state-terror.


Hamilton Indymedia Interviews Barrie Zwicker, Host of VisionTV's "The Great Deception"

After eight months of accepting the official version of September 11 and the attacks in Washington, New York and Pennsylvania, the corporate media machine has finally begun asking questions. As it is now fact that the Bush administration and high level intelligence officials had foreknowledge of the "terrorist" attacks, the extent of American government complicity remains to be addressed. So far, the truth is only slowly trickling onto airwaves and television screens, but already the story is being downplayed. Will the most important questions rise to the surface?

During the long period of media silence, VisionTV journalist and commentator Barrie Zwicker has been courageously pursuing the truth behind the events of 9/11 with his Great Deception television series.

Indymedia Hamilton had a chance to speak with Mr. Zwicker after his lecture on media deception entitled "Is the media giving us the straight goods?" on Tuesday, May 14th at Waterdown District High School. Throughout his lecture, Barrie discussed how the corporate media functions in general and, more specifically, its complete submission to the official 9/11 story and the Bush administration's policy of perpetual war.

[ Audio: The entire 5 segment interview, including Barrie's thoughts on the media post September 11th and during the most recent developments, is available for streaming and download here ]

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