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Nazis Got The Boot - "Hitler Only Had One Ball!"

Nazis tried to pull one over on the owner of the Salmon Creek Microbrewery in Vancouver, Washington. But she figured it out and kicked them out, being German herself, yet not sympathetic to their ideology when she found out what this "German Club" meeting was really about.
In response to the speaking event by David Irving, held at Salmon Creek brewpub, in Vancouver Washington, around 25 anti-racists met in Esther Park in Vancouver, and made awesome signs responding to the revisionist racist history espoused by David Irving in his 32 books, the most recent being the one he was signing and selling, called "Churchill's War" or something like that... Then, after finding out that the owner of the bar was unaware of who this group really was, and how many were there, (around 30 or so) we proceeded to the brewpub, and showed the signs to the participants, through the plate glass windows, chanting and singing "No Nazis, No KKK, No Nazis in the USA!" and "The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi!" and "David lies, it's proven in court", among other chants... After awhile, the cops showed up, seemed to be okay with the demo, and after telling us to keep the sidewalk clear and to avoid threatening people or swearing, kept their distance, around 7 of them... A prom limo came by and videotaped the scene.

After awhile the people inside decided to stand with their backs up against the windows of their fishbowl, in an effort to try and block the protesters out... but the signs went over their heads no problem... As did the finger pointing, and the cameras flashing in their faces... It seemed as if they thought we would somehow cease to exist, as the revisionist history of David Irving claims that 3 million holocaust victims didn't ever exist.... So the chants changed to things like "We're Not Here" and "We don't Exist!" as well as " The nazis are playing musical chairs!". A great song, "Hitler only had one ball" rocked and was sang quite a few times... Other songs also kept the mood going... Passersby joined the protest, as did people who had been inside listening before we showed up.

Some asshole sexist patronizing motherfucker came out and started talking about the historical "facts" as he saw them, and there was a very angry Palestinian man who came out to yell at us for awhile, although it was hard for me to understand exactly what point he was making since his people are being persecuted in much the same way as the victims of Auschwitz... The asshole sexist patronizing motherfucker kept telling this one sister that she probably had a very pretty face if she would just uncover it... What an asshole. He shoved a brother behind me and my sign ended up hitting me in the head. He had a lot to say but wouldn't give his name. Surprise surprise...

In the end the owner, who someone said is a survivor ot the Holocaust, and who had been lied to about the purpose of this event, told the entire party that they had to leave, around 9 o'clock or so, and they took their sweet time leaving, but leave they did, past yells of "GO AWAY" and the favorite "No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA!" and one tried to grab a protester's camera. Also there was a diverse mix of intellectuals that had attended the event, who stayed with the protest after leaving. It sucks that the interest generated by this revisionist history is being used to create a following for this obviously racist group. One guy had a t-shirt on that said "White Power". There were white supremist stickers on his car... and strangely enough, a hippie-type with a didgeridoo got into the car with him... The license plate of the car was duly recorded, and is on video as well.

We considered this a success, thanked the owner for doing the right thing, and it felt to me like this venue would not be available for this group to meet at again. We headed back to the park with a cop trailing behind, presumably to make sure there weren't any surprises waiting there... Yeah right.
Good job, and thanks 19.May.2002 22:57


Good job to everyone who participated in this demonstration and on such short notice. Thanks for being there.

Not Sympathetic to the Nazi Cause but 20.May.2002 11:31


Don't these clowns have a right to peacefully assemble, as we all do? And, do you really think the owner of this establishment was really unaware? If you make these folks feel they are persecuted, they feel like they're point is being proven. Is censorship the answer, or the truth exposed?

The freedoms we are demanding for ourselves should be available to others as well. Unpopular opinions notwithstanding.

If these woods come to my door, I'll hand them their asses, but they should be able to have their little white love fests if it makes them feel better.

PS Not a white suburban kid with no clue, as so many of you like to call folks who don't agree with you.

too bad 20.May.2002 13:56

i was there too....

this event was ended before we got to ask irving questions. perhaps asking him researched questions about his area would have made him look like the fool we think he is as opposed to yelling and disallowing him to speak freely. the protest did nothing to change the minds of the people inside and probably made them more blindly faithful. the man says he is an historian-- why not attck his scholarship if you really disagree with him?

Miles and Mies to go 20.May.2002 14:25


They had their right to peacefully assemble, and to peacefully disassemble but NO one has a right to not be challenged.

Free Speech & Assembly? Whose? 20.May.2002 17:18

Portland Anti-Racists

All you folks who keep harping on how we "denied" Irving and his nazi-loving supporters their right to free speech, please open your minds and think about this:

On Saturday night, when we supposedly committed the thug-like tactics you lament and condemn, what were we doing? We were assembling peaceably on a public sidewalk and chanting things like "No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA!" and "Irving Is A Liar, And It's Proven In Court!"

A couple of us exercised our right to free speech and talked to the brewpub's owner about the hidden agenda of Irving's meeting and informed her of what he's really about. She then used her free speech (and property) rights to freely eject the gathering from her premises.

Even the officer commanding the squad of Vancouver police who were on the scene, Sgt. Doug Luse, was quoted by The Columbian as saying: "It's been a peaceable protest on both sides."

May I remind you: We were exercising OUR First Amendent rights to call attention to the fact that:

Irving's "scholarship" has definitively been disproven in a judgement of the British High Court after a lengthy and thorough trial in a libel case brought by Irving against Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt, American professor and author of "Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory". The court found that Irving has no credentials as a historian; that he manipulated the documents he drew from and suppressed others that did not support his conclusions; that he did all this in order to exonerate Hitler and the Nazis of well-established war crimes and genocide of inhuman brutality; and that he was motivated to do so because he shares the racist views of the Nazis and wishes they had won the war. He seeks through his "scholarship" to whitewash the Nazis' crimes, so that their political ideology can be paletable to a new generation. Dangerous stuff.

It seems to me that you care more about Irving & Company's supposed "free speech rights" than those of us who spent a beautiful Saturday not enjoying the sunshine, but organizing to exercise ours to protect our society from a resurgence of violent neo-Nazi organizing. Your whimpering over our "denial" of Irving's free speech is in effect a condemnation of our exercising that same Constitutional right. The logical conclusion is that you think Irving's right to free speech is more important than everyone else's...

...right to free speech!

I wonder if you realize this? If you do, then are you yourself a nazi in disguise, attempting to muddy the waters of this debate? If not, then think about the fact that free speech is a sacred right precisely because it allows us to protect our "free, democratic society" (to the extent that it actually is) from demagogues and despots.

And, furthermore, before you go off half-cocked, ranting about how we were wrong, maybe you should do some reading on your own and find out if there is any factual basis to what we were saying about Irving. You can do that here:


I am also going to post to Portland Indymedia an article that I hope will become a feature on a new Anti-Nazi feature page. It is by Michael Shermer of "The Skeptic" magazine, and it's entitled "Giving the Devil His Due: Holocaust Revisionism as a Test Case for Free Speech and the Skeptical Ethic".

Please take the time to read these and then respond as to whether or not you think we were bringing up a valid concern on Saturday, when we decided to EXERCISE OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH against Irving.
Free Speech & Assembly? Whose?
Free Speech & Assembly? Whose?

retort 21.May.2002 09:13

i was there too....

while you were also entitled to free speech, at least they didn't stop you from protesting. you did stop him from speaking....i think he deserves an equal chance.

and while i agree he is not a good historian, and so does the court, the people at that meeting obviously disagree. if those people are the people you are trying to convince then i think signs and incoherent yelling is less effective than making him look like an idiot intellectually.

i mean obviously we disagree and you think this is a more effective method. and while i think he is completely wrong i would have been interested to hear what he had to say when actually posed with direct questions by real historians....

Another Retort 21.May.2002 15:37


Referring to honest inquiries regarding your action as "ranting " etc clearly shows your true feelings on the issue.

So who did you save? Did you change any minds? Am I supposed to thank you for stopping the spread of the violent nazi resurgence? Do you really think you did?

These are folks who are questioning history. Do you have the true facts? Then issue a true debate on the issues. If these racists want to challenge the historical record, it sounds like a war of ideas. You shut down the debate, prevented it, and probably entrenched the ideas of the participants in this event by trying to censor them. See?

As a minority and the direct descendant of a lynching victim, I won't be accused of having a closed mind. I didn't try to stop anyone from expressing their opinions.

Thinking as an activist, think of the reaction to your action. It was so great that you took the time to try to better your community. I support your zeal. My fear is that all of this will turn into a gang war, or a shouting match.