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BIN Laden in an all *NEW* Video. Reserve your copy today!
step away from your mindless tv and clear your brains of the deceit and trickery being foisted upon you by your government!

they're sure not very smart, but still there are sleeping americans who are buying this shit. look at this picture found on yahoo.com.  http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/020519/161/1kgep.html
it looks like they were trying to be cynical not serious. this blows my mind!

and this comment from another article on the *NEW* Bin Laden Video:

"We know it is authentic film and we know it is bin Laden. He looks very gaunt and not as healthy as he did on previous films," Khan added. (Hey you forgot to mention his freddy kruger hands guys).

He said the film was on a CD-ROM, which the reporter brought to Britain 10 days ago. The CD-ROM contained a password, which the agency managed to unlock last week. (right...)

Khan said the Pakistani official claimed the new section of the video had been shot in southern Afghan border town of Spin Boldak. (keep bombin' 'em in afghanistan boys!)

"Concerning the situation we are in, we must praise Allah that he has allowed us to follow the path of (men who are among) the best of creation," the newspaper quoted bin Laden as saying. (this quote from the government's fabricated video) is a direct slam on muslim people and the islamic faith.)

things are heating up and getting seriously ugly. time to take serious action!
You wake the fuck up! 19.May.2002 11:09

Dumb commenting

Gee, is that why all the news stories on the wire have discounted the video and state that is was made in October? That really sounds like a government conspiracy to me-some plot if it was debunked in a matter of minutes. I would be pissed as hell if I didnt know how to look up recent new stories as well

Wow, Bin Laden is *EVIL* 19.May.2002 12:09

Hello, my name is Mr. Burns

Look at that Marge, he has claws!! Bin Laden really MUST be evil.......D'OH!!