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9.11 investigation

Ruppert's TV Appearance Canceled Due to Next Terrorist Attack??!!

Mm-hmm - I was thinking we'd have to have another "terrorist event" to put the masses back in their place - can't have them asking those pesky questions now can we... Is the American public brainwashed enough to believe the timing of this alleged attack? I mean, first they don't claim responsibility for 9/11, their ultimate strike against the Evil Empire, and then they strike again just when the Empire is starting to crumble! Duh.
May 18, 2001, 3:30 PM - I have just been advised by FOX News Producer
Jack De Marco that my scheduled live appearance on FOX News with Geraldo
Rivera has been cancelled. The reason given was that the New York Times
is just now breaking news about newly intercepted Al Q'aeda
communications which indicate that another major attack is imminent.

Wag the dog?

This cannot be hidden for long. The fact that Russian President
Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence warned the Bush Administration last
summer that 25 suicide hijackers were going to hijack commercial aircraft
and attack major U.S. targets gives the complete lie to statements by
Ari Fleischer, Condoleezza Rice and the President himself. Please do
everything you can to get this information into the mainstream news and in
a place where the administration is forced to respond to it.

Also, the firewall on our main website (fromthewilderness.com) was
compromised today...coincidence?

This is a time of great danger for all of us. This administration is
backed into corners wherever it turns and - given what it has already
permitted - we can have no doubts that it will willingly and easily let
more Americans be killed to remain in power.

Mike Ruppert
Get the word out 18.May.2002 22:36


Can you doubt the urgency of getting the word out?

How many people have you discussed this with today? Acting will not create garauntees, but if we do nothing, we can count on failure.

Every American should know about Putin's warning, as well as warnings from three other countries. Every American should know the details about the FBI warnings coming to light and where the buck stopped.

Organize. Communicate. Don't fuck around.

i second that 19.May.2002 05:41

peace rebel girl

a comrade and i spent our afternoon yesterday talking to people and asking them to sign the petition to make sure that an investigation of bush and 9.11 happens.



it went really well. like i told those who asked why we were doing it: it's our responsibility as amercian citizens to stand up, question our government and demand answers.


fools 19.May.2002 15:05



rupert's interview was cancelled because he is a lying right-wing slime who is leading many leftists (including the people that run this site) into the waiting arms of the fascists.

wake up.

yes 19.May.2002 16:52


we're already in the arms of the fascists. take the blinders off and look around.

not quite 19.May.2002 17:11


Just because the IMC is in bed with the right-wing fascists does not meen we all are.

be careful who your allies are, they might try to kill you.

Get you head out ... 19.May.2002 19:27


What are you talking about. Rupert is the only one talking the truth. He was correct about 9-11 fore knowledge when everyone was crying foul. Don't pull that right wing name calling crap. So you're a liberal? It wouldn't surprise me since most of them have turned stupid since 9-11.

Ruppert's Right Wing!? 21.May.2002 02:03


Wow, that's news too me! Perhapse you could provide a shred of evidence? I suppose Chavez is a right winger then, since he was a former soldier. Right?

Now carefully extract your head from your rectal canal.

Who da foo?! 21.May.2002 02:09


"rupert's interview was cancelled because he is a lying right-wing..."

Hold it right there! As I pointed out, that's bull shit. But on top of that, it doesn't even make any freaking sense!
Since when do interviews get pulled from Fox for being too right-wing!? It's the left that get's pulled, Einstein!