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DirecTV Subscribers, UNITE! (I want my FSTV)

If you are a DirecTV subscriber, read on: (Chance to support Free Speech TV)
Free Speech TV covers our movement. FSTV is available on Dish Network and a few

cable systems. FSTV is currently NOT available on DirecTV.

The Free Speech TV website says (in part):

"Free Speech TV provides a nationwide platform for voices traditionally absent

from mainstream media. Working with activists and artists, FSTV uses television to

expose social and environmental injustices - to help build community, to teach

tolerance, to encourage personal creativity and stand for non-violent social


I have contacted DirecTV about carrying Free Speech TV, and received this


"Thank you for your inquiry concerning Free Speech TV. We are always looking for

ways to enhance our services. Your suggestions are valuable and we use them to

judge interest in various programming sources. In fact, we have added channels as

a result of viewer feedback.

"We have forwarded your comments to our programming department. Please continue to

visit our web site at DIRECTV.com for the latest news and information about our


"DIRECTV Customer Service"

If you are a DirecTV subscriber, get a copy of your account number. Then go here

to request that they carry Free Speech TV:


Put in your account number, and select "programming".

Or, call DirecTV at 1-800-DIRECTV to request Free Speech TV in person.

The main DirecTV website is at:


The Free Speech TV website is:


Build the movement!