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9.11 investigation

Your Voice is Important!

collecting signatures at Saturday Market
Your Voice is Important!
Your Voice is Important!
while on the first leg of our signature gathering campaign in which we are requesting an investigation of 9.11, i found that there are many people who are all for this investigation. i didn't count, nor did i get discouraged, when someone said that they weren't interested, or to let the past go (i reminded the individual who said this that if we are going to prevent history from repeating itself, we must rise up and speak out) because the positive response was great!

there is definitely a consensus out there who think this is a democrat/republican thing, that archaic black and white thinking. one guy was talking about clinton and his sexual appetite and that he was no better than bush, that bush was no worse than clinton. i told him that clinton's sex issue didn't kill 3000 americans.

a few people came to me when they saw clipboard clutched to chest asking what i had for them to sign. i love that, people who want their voice to be heard. these people are so inspiring to me!

a lot of youth signed, and they are pretty aware of the issues. a girl with pink hair, probably about 15 years old, said, well, "it's the oil." yup.

some people said i ain't registered to vote, or i'm not 18. one man said that he was a "felon". my response to them: if you care and want your voice to be heard, then sign this petition. clearly, that's all that matters here. if we do not rise up, we will be trampled on.

please download the forms and get out there and collect signatures! it's fun and also pretty darn educational. you meet some interesting people.

oh, speaking of meeting people, nearly forgot. we met this guy, "elf michael" who works out of a green velvet elf outfit and a basket filled with an assortment of wildcrafted potpourri items, including mistletoe. he is a veteran who helps get other vets off the streets by providing them with this opportunity, to sell these wildcrafted items. he says he has a 50% success rate with getting guys off the street, and that they are having fun, doing something that they like, not the 9-5 gig. he eagerly signed the petition. he also dusted my comrade and i with gold fairie dust and sent us on our merry way, to collect more signatures. it was right after that that we had people nearly taking the clipboards out of our hands.