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VolksFront Alert

The Emergency anti-racist mobilization Committee has determined the location of the David Irving Event. The notorious racist extremist and holocaust denyer will be addressing a crowd of neonazi scumbags at 7 PM in Vancouver Washington.
We are calling local antiracists to assemble at 6:15 PM at Esther Short Park at 8th St and W. Columbia in Vancouver Washington. To get there, take the I-5 to the Mill Plain Exit. Go W. on mill Plain to W. Columbia. Take a left on W. Columbia and continue onto 8th where you'll see the park.

For security reasons we are asking everyone to be on time amd the next steps will be determined in the Park

No Pasaran!
Dummies 19.May.2002 02:52


Not our event and as far as we knew he wasn't even town, so don't blame us for every thing that gets you upset. Thanks.

Long live the Volksfront! 19.May.2002 07:57

David Murray

Hey! It's great to see the Volksfront on Indymedia! You guys are great! Keep up the good work! You should start posting here!

Nazi scum 19.May.2002 10:30

scum remover

The folks who run this site believe in open publishing, and the consequence of this is the occasional, if annoying, garbage posted by nazi filth like volksfront, national alliance, etc

The way I look at it, refusing to censor their filth on this site is the right decision - it helps us to organize against them.

No pasaran.

Scum Remover 19.May.2002 13:16


If you are a scum remover perhaps you should consider suicide. Talking crazy on the internet is in very poor taste. Your organizing is ineffectual and weak and has not hampered us in the slighest, it doesn't even rate as an annoyance. We had agreed to stop posting here because we think indymedia serves a valuable and progressive purpose, so lets please leave VF out of your name calling and false accusations. It seems as if there is always some hysterical jackass looking for something to whine about. You are very reactionary and very poorly informed. You tactics and talk are quite McCarthyian and poorly represent the true activists on this page. Keep crying wolf it is at least good for the humor.