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9.11 investigation

9.11 signature campaign already a success

update on signature campaign.
We went out collecting signatures today on a letter to be sent to Oregon representatives demanding an investigation into 9.11. We got 64 in a little under two hours. Saturday Market in Eugene turned out to be a fruitful gathering ground. YES's outnumbered NO's by a 2-1 margin.

More info on the campaign can be found here:
where you can also download your own signature sheets.

Here in Eugene we'll be coordinating with other signature gatherers to send them all in at the same time. We strongly encourage people in other parts of Oregon to print up this letter and get signatures in their own communities. We need to put pressure on our elected representatives to investigate 9.11 and uncover the TRUTH !!

Watergate shows us that a sitting president can be toppled. Let's do it again !!