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Stop Hitler Apologist and Neo-Nazi Sypathizer David Irving’s Portland Rally

Emergency Mobilization Called
For Updated Info, Call the Mobilization Hotline: 1-877-896-8696 (article 1)
Stop Hitler Apologist and Neo-Nazi Sypathizer David Irving’s Portland Rally
Stop Hitler Apologist and Neo-Nazi Sypathizer David Irving’s Portland Rally
Stop Hitler Apologist and Neo-Nazi Sypathizer David Irving’s Portland Rally
Stop Hitler Apologist and Neo-Nazi Sypathizer David Irving’s Portland Rally
Portland, May 18 --Tonight, the internationally notorious British Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving will attempt to speak at an engagement somewhere in the Portland area. He is an icon of the international neo-Nazi moveent, and a dangerous racist extremist who has incited nazi skinheads in Germany to carry out violents acts against immigrant workers.

The time and place of the Irving hate rally has been kept secret by its cowardly racist organizers, but an Emergency Anti-Nazi Mobilization Committee is working to uncover its whereabouts and start time, and will coordinate a response to Irving's appearance. A toll-free Mobilization Hotline has been set up and it will be updated, as information becomes available. Portland antiracists are asked to be on alert and prepare to mobilize to confront Irving and his fans. Please monitor the Hotline and this site, and hurry to the gathering site when it is announced.

Irving, a so-called "revisionist historian" has written books that glorify German dictator and Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler and other war criminals like Josef Goebbels. His pseudo-scholarly works contend -- among other things -- that the Nazis didn't really murder 6 million European Jews, and that no gas chambers existed in the extermination camp at Auschwitz. His writings seek to vindicate Hitler personally of the mass slaughter of Jews and others during the Holocaust, asserting that the Fuerer had no knowledge of the death camps until at least 1943, if at all.

Irving is banned from entering Germany, Canada and Australia. He has lectured to violent racist and rightwing groups around the world, including William Pierce's National Alliance in the U.S., the neo-Nazi Heritage Front in Canada, and groups like the German People's Union (DVU) and the NPD in Germany and Austria.

Irving has long assisted and associated with antisemites, racists and neo-Nazis around the world. In 1988 he testified in Toronto on behalf of Ernst Zundel, a Canadian publisher who illegally smuggles neo-Nazi propaganda into Germany through Denmark, on trial for denying the Holocaust occurred. In 1992, German authorities fined him for claiming British intelligence had spread the ''propaganda'' that the Germans were using gas chambers to kill millions of Jews and other so-called undesirables.

Although Irving rhapsodizes about "historical truth", "free speech" and "freedom of inquiry and scholarship", his real goal is not to tell the truth. The objective of the Holocaust denial movement is to promote a hateful political agenda. Most deniers are the Nazis' philosophical and political heirs. Their concern is not with the past as much as with shaping the future. As Harold Covington of the National Socialist White People's Party admitted, "The real purpose of Holocaust revisionism is to make National Socialism an acceptable political alternative again."

In 2000, Irving sued the publishing house Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt, an American professor and author of denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, for libel in a British Court. The court found that he had intentionally falsified history to exonerate Hitler, driven by antiseitism and his own pro-Nazi views, and ordered him to pay legal fees amounting to 150,000 British pounds to cover part of the defendants' legal fees. He has since declared bankruptcy.

Irving's website, announcing the Portland appearance:

Websites that expose Irving as a racist liar:

phone: phone: 1-877-896-8696