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NYC indymedia takes on 9.11

Check it out: NYC Indymedia has finally put up a feature about 9.11. Kudos to NYC Indymedia !!
The Corporate Media Wakes Up Corporate Media Begins To Rethink Bush & 9/11
The bombshell that the Bush administration may have had some advanced knowledge of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon didn't explode until the recent release of a CBS News special report. Nevertheless, the alternative media, including the Portland Indymedia Center has been questioning the official version of the September 11th for months.

And whatever the extent of White House foreknowledge about the September attacks, the corporate media seems to be finally asking some hard questions.

[Read an eyewitness indymedia description of White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer's May 17 news conference.]

[Read a corporate media analysis of the changing press climate.]

CBS news anchor Dan Rather recently admitted, in an interview with the London Guardian, that America's news media has been suffering from "patriotism run amok."

Even New York City's tabloid press has begun to lay the heat on the Bush administration. The arch-conservative New York Daily News may have come the closest to the truth when it wrote: "this flap is a largely self-inflicted wound, prompted by what one outside presidential adviser acidly called the Bush team's 'incredible penchant for secrecy.'"

All that said, it remains to be seen how much the newly-assertive Washington press corps is willing to challenge a still-popular wartime president. Has the post-September 11th media honeymoon enjoyed by the current administration has come to a sudden, crashing halt? What do you think?
[ Dan Rather on Self-Censorship During Wartime ]

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The Power of Money 18.May.2002 03:28

Jon Chance jpchance@egroups.com

The roots of 9-11 are very deep. And when fully exposed, the World Bank Group's bribed & blackmailed Republicrats will finally fall.

The fiasco can be traced back to Election Fraud 2000, the S&L Swindle, Iran-Contra, the 1980 October Surprise, the assassination of JFK, the National Security Act of 1947, the First & Second World Wars, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the invention of Zionism, the assassination of Lincoln, Skull & Bones, and even as far back as the era when banksters such as Alexander Hamilton where struggling to hijack the American Revolution.

It will make for a very interest book, won't it? And naturally the corporate media and their so-called "newspapers" will dismiss history as a mere "conspiracy theory".

The bottom line is THE POWER OF MONEY - an artificial psychological concoction designed to fool most of the people most of the time....



72 Peterborough Street, Boston MA 02215 USA

Grass roots media now more than ever 19.May.2002 13:27


It is very important that we each consider ourselves a part of the grass roots media. We are the distribution network. We are the writers. We are the editors. Etc. etc. etc.

It is not difficult to print out a few stories each week and distribute them, discuss issues with friends and acquaintances and create our own publications.

I hate to preach but its not good enough to read articles from the alternative press. We have to take on the responsibility of expanding the reach of the of independent media.

"It does not take a majority to prevail. But rather an irate tireless minority keen on setting brushfires in the minds of men." Samuel Adams