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9.11 investigation

9.11: It's time to hold hands with Republicans

As people who profess to desire positive change in the world, and who are working actively for that change, we have a rare and beautiful opportunity in front of us right now to bridge some of the old gaps that have divided us from others in the political arena. "United We Stand" can become *our* philosophy.
9.11: It's time to hold hands with Republicans
9.11: It's time to hold hands with Republicans

In Eugene today, nine people gathered in front of the Federal Building downtown to highlight the recent flood of news in the mainstream media about the pre-9.11 warnings of a possible attack that U.S. intelligence agencies and pResident Bush received from various sources, but which were not heeded for whatever reason. At last, Congresspeople on the Hill besides Cynthia McKinney are calling for an investigation. (I don't say, "have joined Cynthia McKinney in her call for an investigation, which she has been making for months" because that's not how they've been presenting themselves, or how the story has been covered in the media. Whitey stealing from a Black again.)

Though I believe that these recent revelations are merely the tip of the iceberg, and that the Bu$h administration's foreknowledge of 9.11 is not at all in doubt, I made a sign that fit within the constraints of the story as it currently stands in the mainstream media. It said: "9/11: Why did Bush ignore the warnings?" My comrade who made the call for today's rally held a sign that said, "Bush told of hijackers before Sept. 11". We stood out on the corner, up front, with these messages, which were not far out things to be saying today. Folks up in Congress are talking like this, and it was coming through in a lot of the news coverage this way.

I would like to point out that these messages are decidedly nonsectarian. That is, these concerns could as easily be expressed by "the Right" as by "the Left". It's not a "peacenik" message per se, and makes no commentary on the morality of the "war on terror" as a response. And honestly, considering the shivering temerity of the Left regarding questions of 9.11, these if-Bush-knew-then-why-did-it-happen? questions might find more of a home on the Right. That's our loss if we let that happen. These concerns are Truth and they belong to all of us, everywhere, no matter who we vote for or complain about or sleep with. We have an excellent opportunity here to take down and imprison a fascist president. But if we're going to do that, it can't be along partisan lines. We need to hold hands with the Republicans on this one. I mean, who wouldn't be upset to find out that the U.S. government allowed almost 3000 of its own citizens to die so brutally? This is an issue of nearly universal concern, folks.

The rally in Eugene today was made up entirely of folks from the peace movement, which was not surprising -- the notices were sent out through lefty listserves and posted to Indymedia and nowhere else. People made the peace sign at passing cars, and the Adbusters corporate flag was unfurled, which has definitely been a standard of the Left. Most of the people driving past seemed to think it was just another peace rally too, though that wasn't the intended message. I think that people in Eugene are used to seeing peace protests at that intersection and just assumed that that's what was going on. I suspect that most people didn't read the signs; they drove by too fast. Some of the negative comments called out from vehicles also suggested that their occupants were seeing just another peace rally. So, other tactics will have to be implemented, too, to reach more people.

At the end of this rally we planned a letter-signing campaign to execute over the weekend; we'll get a letter to our Congresspeople together and go out to Saturday Market and the Folk Festival to get signatures on it, and then send it early in the week. The letter will urge these elected officials to support an investigation into 9.11. When I go out looking for folks to sign this, I'm not going to ask them their political affiliation, and I won't care how they feel about any other issue. We need everybody on this one. This is much bigger than "left" or "right" or even "none of the above".

The fact that most of our other issues -- the environment, labor, corporate power, media access -- inhabit this same universal, nonpartisan territory is something else we've got to work on, when we educate others and when we educate ourselves. As long as we call ourselves "left" and "right" someone else will always be on top, squashing us all. Fuck that noise. We need TRUTH and we need it NOW.

And how... 18.May.2002 00:22


good job eugenians. it's about time the labels were peeled back and we find out who we are.

The Citizens' Investigation of 9-11.... 18.May.2002 13:57

Jon Chance jpchance@egroups.com

Don't wait for the liars for an answer. Do your own research before the evidence disappears....

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Holding Hands with Republicans is Suicidal 19.May.2002 02:32


Your suggestion to "hold hands with the Republicans" on this issue is laughable if it weren't so dangerous.

The Republicans and the Right Wing in general are the primary beneficiaries of the War on Terrorism and of the Bush Regime's popularity. Exposing the complicity or active role of the US Government in creating the 9-11 'terror' attacks would bring an end to all of this--and maybe bring an end to the Republican Party itself. As a result, they will do everything in their power to cover for, lie, and manipulate the truth in order to protect their Fuhrer...

Beneath your patriotic rhetortic and "United We Stand" bullshit, you are either very naieve or a political con artist with an agenda. If you join hands with the Republicans on this issue, I guarantee they will do everything to hide the truth and twist the truth to cover their asses.

The reason why leading Republicans such as John McCain and Richard Shelby are calling for an investigation into 9-11 is to pre-empt and coopt any true *independent* inquiry into the issue.

response to "whoever" 19.May.2002 23:28

peace rebel boy

I don't mean the Republican party leadership when I say "Republicans" in this context -- I mean the everyday U.S. citizens who self-identify and might vote as Republicans. An issue like this -- why did the U.S. ignore warnings before 9.11? -- has the potential to cut across those boundaries, and unite us as citizens against our fascist government. All everyday people in the U.S. (that is, the 99% or so who aren't part of the ruling elite) are getting f'd over by the Powers That Be, and I believe we'll all have to get together to defeat that 1% so I'm always looking for issues where we might share ground.

9.11 was a gravely criminal act, and made many people angry. I think we should be trying to turn that anger against the corporate powers-that-be who allowed to happen (or arranged it). That means holding hands with everyone in the 99%, including the Republicans, until we can throw the beast off.

If we could actually pull off such a feat, we'd be well on our way to creating a society (or lack of one) where we'd all be able to communicate better and settle our difference peacefully, and hopefully have no need for partisan labels anymore.

So, I'm not "very naieve or a political con artist with an agenda" -- I'm a spiritual optimist.