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9.11 investigation

The Word is OUT Rally in Eugene

rally on!
The Word is OUT Rally in Eugene
The Word is OUT Rally in Eugene
A call for a rally had a handful of us out there on the streets echoing what the congress and others are asking of pres. bush.

you've probably noticed that bush is squirming and *scrambling* now, which is the answer to the question posed to us by a passing motorist, "what could've bush done even if he did see it coming?" he should have *scrambled* the jets immediately, asap, on the spot. he didn't.

if you are the president and you have even a faint aroma of the possibility of a terrorist attack via a jet hijacking, you have the scrambler jets with their engines running and nearly in levitation mode! that, mr. president, is how you protect your country and your people, which is what bush says he did then. right.

i recall hearing two or so days after 9.11 that the fbi or the cia or one of those culpable agencies, had recieved a video or something that mr. bin laden was threatening a terrorist attack on america. i recall hearing that they did not check into the claim because they cannot investigate every crackpot threat that comes across their desk! crackpot threat? this is bin laden we're talking about, the man that is *apparently* already wanted for numerous other acts of terrorism.

of course, i don't belive that story. afterall, the bin laden family funds the bush family.

we've got our work cut out for us folks so that this does not get obliterated away. the administration is surely got a plan up their dirty sleeve, so we must swell in numbers and take to the streets with signs, leaflets, and some answers.

whilst we were rallying in the sun we came up with an idea; a signature gathering campaign requesting that our elected officials demand a full investigation of bush and co. watch for more about it on the newswire, and please roll up your sleeves and get involved!

oh, the response out there on the street was encouraging, very encouraging. there was the usual round of negativity, but the positive response was the best i've yet seen it, and i'm nearly a veteran at this point.

the truth is burstin' at the seams...
The Citizens' Investigation of 9-11.... 18.May.2002 13:54

Jon Chance jpchance@egroups.com

Don't wait for the liars for an answer. Do your own research before the evidence disappears....

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