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9.11 investigation


"From the Wilderness" Editor Mike Ruppert will appear live with Geraldo Rivera on the Fox News Network on Saturday, May 18 between 9-10 PM, EDT (6-7 PM Pacific time). (... and an open call for stock activity research help!!!)
The subject will be the overlooked issues of 9-11 and whether there was more credible evidence that the Bush Administration had about airliners being used as suicide bombers.


FTW is a small publication with a limited budget. FTW is seeking the assistance from any subscriber who has access to help us obtain the following raw data.

Levels of both put and call options on the following stocks for all of the year 2001.

American Airlines

United Airlines


Morgan Stanley

Axa Reinsurance

Munich Reinsurance

Swiss Reinsurance

We are also seeking to obtain put-call levels on these stocks in foreign markets for the same time period, plus a comparison of put-call levels as compared to overall trading volumes throughout the year.

We have researched various subscription services to obtain this data and the least expensive we have found costs $1,000 per month with a contract. This is simply way beyond our means. If anyone can get this information for us we might be better able to research and explore many of the unresolved questions about 9-11 insider trading.

Thank all of you for you continued support.



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