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9.11 investigation

How To Make The Most of Bush's 9/11 Confession

Let's get results!
If you believe Bush knew more than he is letting on and want to see a proper investigation, what are you doing?

I've seen that Eugene is having a demonstration.
I've seen people who are going to talk with people.
I've seen that people are going to drop banners.

All that is truly wonderful, but we can also get attention in other ways. There's always the tried and true method of feedback and letters to the editor. There's the letter to congress (but 32cents ad nauseum gets expensive). I've sent out a couple. If you post the email and snail addresses to the big papers, I'd be happy to compile them. Better yet, is there a site where this has already been done?

Here's the Washington Post's feedback address, and it's editor's address:
mailto: webnews@washingtonpost.com
mailto: letters@washpost.com

Let's get the word to the papers that we want to see the truth, and let's help them in their investigation by pointing them to informational resources. For example:

We can help expose the truth!