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WTC Widow 'Seething' about 9.11 Warnings

from Yahoo.com
WTC Widow 'Seething' about 9.11 Warnings
WTC Widow 'Seething' about 9.11 Warnings
Kristen Breitweiser, whose husband Ronald was killed at the World Trade Center on September 11, poses at a friend's New Jersey home, Thursday, May 16, 2002. Some relatives of September 11 victims, like Breitweiser, are seething over revelations that President Bush received advance warnings, not shared with the public, that Osama bin Laden's terror network might hijack U.S. planes. Breitweiser said she became convinced shortly after the attacks that U.S. authorities mishandled clues that could have helped avert the carnage. (AP Photos/Daniel Hulshizer)
Let's give her some info 17.May.2002 16:38


I hope she has looked at the following websites:

and www.whatreallyhappened.com

Just to get her started on finding out about what the Bush administration REALLY knew......

here's what she's lookin' for 17.May.2002 18:28


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