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The Cancer Scandal

There are times in our lives when we must stand up for certain issues, rights or just pass on information that we believe is crucial. For me, this is one of those times.

There are times in our lives when we must stand up for certain issues, rights or just pass on information that we believe is crucial. For me, this is one of those times. After about 2 years and 1,500 some hours of research, I know that at least a dozen very effective cancer treatments have and are being suppressed by the pharmaceutical/medical complex. My answer as to Why? is fairly long and is answered at my re-designed non-profit website. My article, "The Cancer Racket" was published in "Clamor" magazines Feb/Mar (re-titled, "Can You Trust Your Doctor"?) issue last year. Feel free to email and circulate it on the Internet, unchanged, non-commercially and with attribute please.

Please see my recent interview with Sue Best.Her son Billy is in 7 year remission from cancer using 714X, Essiac Tea and a strict nutritional diet

Over ten thousand Americans die every week from cancer, a medical vietnam every 6 weeks. Yet here we are in the 21st century still being prescribed the same three treatments that have failed for over 50 years; surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Surgery is the most effective of the three but has limitations and other disadvantages. Chemotherapy and radiation are toxic, cause cancer, and wreck the immune system. They cause very serious side-effects and do far more harm than good for the vast majority of cancer patients. But those are our main options, so the oncologists say.

Please read this next story and try to put yourself in the shoes of Ric and Paula Schiff. In 1993 their 4 year old daughter, Crystin, became ill with the most deadly form of brain cancer. Crystin underwent surgery at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF). Crystin's prognosis was bleak, she would be dead in a few months. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment may extend her life further, but the side-effects were appalling. Ric and Paula were told there were no other treatment options.

Crystin went through six months of hell. During this time Ric and Paula found out about Dr. Burzynski's non-toxic antineoplastons that have very few short term side effects and are very effective against brain cancer. The doctors at UCSF told them it was worthless. Ric and Paula decided to go ahead anyway.

Incredibly, antineoplastons put Crystin into remission. Although Crystin died in 1995, it was not from cancer, but from brain damage as a result of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Later Ric and Paula found out that a doctor at UCSF had taken a close interest in a previous patients success using antineoplastons . From 1989/1993 Dr. Prados had sent Burzynski 14 lettters documenting the case of Jeff Keller's brain cancer remission using Burzynski's treatment. Yet this doctor told Ric and Paula Schiff that antineoplastons were useless. See my section "Three Children Denied The Best Treatment" for more information.

Virtually all children in America with brain cancer must first be treated with chemotherapy/radiation treatment. After the pharmaceutical companies have extracted their blood dollars the child may be allowed access to antineoplastons. But it is usually too late because the chemotherapy/radiation has destroyed the childs immune system. Parents who try refusing orthodox cancer treatments for their children will probably be facing a court order and their child made a ward of the State. We must have medical freedom of choice.

Please help spread the word about the most egregious scandal in the history of medicine. The pharmaceutical/medical complex ban natural/cheap cancer treatments so they can keep peddling their highly lucrative chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Meanwhile, our children, grandparents, wives, husbands, family and friends keep dying.
Thank you for your time.
Gavin Phillips
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Exposing the Cancer Indu$try

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For further reading 17.May.2002 16:16

Mulberry Sellers

An updated set of links to information about these dubious, unproven (although they've proven to be very profitable for their promoters) treatments:

About Burzynski and "antineoplastons":

Some background to the above article:

The Antineoplaston Anomaly:
How a Drug Was Used for Decades in Thousands of
Patients, With No Safety, Efficacy Data
The Cancer Letter, Vol. 24, No. 36, Sept. 25, 1998.


Still more about Burzynski and his "clinical trials":
(This one's a must-read. All about how clinical trials, which are normally done at the expense of the researcher and not the patient, were perverted into a money-making scheme for Burzynski, while not producing any valid or verifiable results.)  http://www.ratbags.com/rsoles/comment/burzynski.htm

More about what's known about results:

About the grand conspiracy to suppress cancer cures:

Is There a Conspiracy to Suppress Cancer Cures?
Steven Novella, M.D.
Stephen Barrett, M.D.

"Some Notes on the Nature of Science"
Some general information about how real scientific investigation works.

The Millenium Project's Cancer 100 Challenge:

A simple explanation of a standard of proof, less rigorous than formal clinical testing, that quack cures just never seem to meet, unlike evidence-based medicine. Worth reading just for the clarity and vigor of expression.

If you go to the Web site mentioned in the article, you'll see that our quackery fan is also on about a dubious cancer treatment called 714X.

About the history of 714X and its promoter:


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