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The pResident is angry

We are told this morning (Friday) the president is furious that some Democrats are saying in public that he had enough information to at least try to do something.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cnn.com/2002/ALLPOLITICS/05/17/king.otsc/index.html

Bush is a criminal 17.May.2002 14:03


Bush is a criminal

He has a long history of criminal behavior

the fact that the democrats are only now piping up, when it is relatively safe to do so is somewhat disgusting

but dont let that distract from the basic point. . .Bush knew

and Bush knew alot more than he has yet admitted

Bush knew, not just that attacks were coming, but he knew the nature of them, his denials to the contrary

Bush is a criminal. . .and he may go down

rise up people!!!

U.S. Government is the criminal 17.May.2002 14:48


The whole U.S. Govenment is criminal. It has been ever since it began.

The U.S. Government's Founding Fathers were slave owners.

Slave Owners = Criminals

They also murdered Native Americans and stole their land.


The U.S. Government murdered many innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


The U.S. Government is now about to steal Native American land, Yucca Mountain. Yucca Mountain is Native American land under treaty.


The U.S. Gov't financialy supports and trains Death Squads in Columbia. They operate the School of the America's.


When will it stop? A country created by slave owners has something fundamentally wrong with it. It is time for a culture change, before World War 3 starts!


So what if he is furious 17.May.2002 15:18


So what if he is angry. What about all those who could have chosen not to fly if they had known what he knew??

We're all Criminals 17.May.2002 19:42

Dave dstegemeyer@qwest.net

The problem with living in a republic is that the people are ultimately responsible for the actions of their government. We have allowed this criminal administration to exist, along with its attached infrastructure of evil, for far to long. It is a character flaw of the citizens of the United States to accept the domination of the 'ruling class' to lead us time and time again to disaster and world humiliation. Perhaps this sorry episode, now unfolding, will shake the scales from the eyes of the country and allow what we and the world so desperately need. Justice and responsible leadership in the land of the Free. Goddess help us if we allow this to pass.