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9.11 investigation

Eugene rally to support 9/11 congressional investigation!

5:00 PM today (Friday) The time is now...where are you Portland?
Support the 9/11 Congressional Investigation Eugene Rally Today at 5:00 PM

The Word is OUT!

Lets echo the questions that Congress is asking the Bush administration
right now!

Come to the Federal Building tomorrow (Friday) at 5:00. The floodgates are
opening, so it is ultra-important to make sure that the administration does
not dam the truth! Impeachment time! Please come, even if briefly.

Here are some ideas for our placards.

"Bush Told of Hijack Threat Before Sept. 11-Aides" - Reuters
"Lawmakers Push for Hearings on Warning Given to Bush" - NY Times
"Congress Demands Answers of Bush About Pre-Sept 11" - Reuters

"Aug. Warning on Hijackings - Bush was told of 'traditional' threat" -

"Lawmakers Seek Hijack Report Probe" - AP

"CIA WARNED BUSH of Possible Hijackings" - LA Times

"Bush under fire over terror alert" - BBC

When is Portland's Support Rally...?
i'll be there !! 17.May.2002 13:08

peace rebel boy

I already made a sign. It says: "9/11: Why did Bush ignore the warnings?" See you there at 5:00 p.m. !!