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9.11 investigation

Demand Answers - Demand Truth!

The floodgates have opened on Bush's LIE - it is imperative that we are out there on the streets in FULL force.
The questions being asked of Bush and Co. by representatives from all over the country is great news! This is an ideal opportunity, the one that we have been waiting and planning for!

We need to put our heads together and come up with tactics to make sure that the truth does not get swept back under the rug.

A postcard campaign is one way to involve citizens in our communities so that they can request that our elected officials demand a full investigation re Bush's forehand knowledge of 9.11.

It is imperative that we do not let the Truth lurk back into the shadows like Cheney and Bush are going to ask Americans to do:

"Vice President Dick Cheney (news - web sites) said in a speech in New York on Thursday that suggestions by some Democrats that the attacks could have been prevented were "thoroughly irresponsible and totally unworthy" of national leaders in a time of war."

read more:
Plan Proposed Before Sept. 11 to Hit Al Qaeda
Fri May 17,11:04 AM ET


Our moment has arrived! Carpe Diem!!

Post your brainstorms here so that we can collaborate and make this happen!
make your voice count 17.May.2002 10:22

Mike Ruppert's suggestion

Dear Subscribers:

Today will be remembered as one of the biggest news days in U.S. history. With its partial admission of foreknowledge of the attacks of September 11th, the Bush Administration has hung itself. FTW has a new story about these recent developments now on the web site at  http://www.copvcia.com.

As the story starts to break around the world I would like to ask every FTW subscriber who wants to see this break fully and not be swept away to do us all a favor. I would like each one of you to go to the web sites for every major news organization in the U.S. and around the world. I would like for you to make postings there stating that it is NOT true that the Bush Administration has no knowledge that hijacked aircraft would be used as suicide attack planes. Make your points both in messages to their editors but also on public posting boards. We can turn this tide right now!

The proof is in our newest story at:  http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/051602_liewontstand.html

Then also post on every forum for these sites the links to two other FTW stories which give the lie to the administration's stated position. They are our Briefing Paper on Bush Administration Foreknowledge and our Oh Lucy! Timeline.

They are located at:  http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/042202_bushknows.html<BR><BR> and at


Keep throwing this information at them until one of them starts asking the right questions.

NOTE: We've received complaints that FTW has not been sending out subscriber bulletins. The fact is that after the recent hackings and with the changeover to a new and highly sophisticated web hosting service, we have not been able to do so. The process involved the reworking of an entire data bases with almost 3,000 names and addresses. We just completed the work today.

Just in time!

Now let's change the world!

Mike Ruppert

Demanding Answers 17.May.2002 12:45

peace rebel girl

Demanding Answers
Demanding Answers

Brainstorming 17.May.2002 13:02

Can't Remember

In the spirit of seizing the day, I think now that the public is paying attention we should make the most of this chink in the Bush administration's armour. More people now detect a whiff of something that stinks, and it's our job to fill them in on the details before, as has been said, it gets swept under the rug again. Simple and to-the-point is the way to go at this stage, so as to maximise the impact we can make riding this wave against Bush - I'm thinking painted bedsheets hanging from freeway overpasses, with slogans along the lines of '9/11: BUSH ALLOWS 3000 TO DIE FOR OIL'. As soon as the citizens get incontrivertible answers to questions like 'why would our government do this to us? I won't believe it!', i.e. as soon as we make ourselves heard about the link between this bogus war and the Bush cabinet's oil and arms interests, the rest will take care of itself.

along those same lines... 17.May.2002 13:51

peace rebel girl

I've been wanting to find a mask of dubya and stand on the corner with a sign that reads:

will kill 3000 innocent americans for oil

Stamping Money... 17.May.2002 17:02


That's a good one, Peace Rebel Girl! Hope you don't mind if I steal your idea. Here's another one I thought of. I don't know why no one has tried something like this yet. I'm sure you've all come accross those pointless "where's George?" stamped bills, where you go to a website and track the bill by it's cereal number blah, blah, blah. Well I got this idea for a website that uses the same stamp technique for publicity.

1) Create a website with only the most solid evidence of
government foreknowledge.

2) Sell stampers for people to stamp their money with the
web page address (ex: WWW.GEORGEKNEW.ORG)

3) Pool the money into an ever growing "reward" for anyone
who can disprove that the government, defined as anyone
in, and/or, appointed by, the Bush Administration, did
not have foreknowledge.

4) If he's kicked out of office (my finger's are crossed),
or at least loses the next election, the money goes to
some usefull purpose (that's another brainstorm :^) If,
goddess forbid, he's re-elected, the battle continues.

I'd like to see some people comment on this idea. The cash "prize" idea is cool, but who would decide what's proof?
Just incase the money problem isn't worked out, I've thought of an alternative where people just make their own stampers from directions on the website. Does anyone know how to make a stamper from scratch?

here's what ya need 17.May.2002 18:27


Burning Questions - need Answers

In Curious Battle: An Expert Recants on why WTC collapsed

Condoleeza Rice and Chevron

Cheney Led Halliburton To Feast At Federal Trough

UNOCAL v.p. John Maresca, February 12, 1998

The Emperor's New Clothes--Articles on 9.11

Flight of the Bumble Planes

New Chief of Secret Political Police (Robert Swan Mueller III took over as FBI chief two weeks before 9.11)

Michael Ruppert--From The Wilderness Publications

Khalilzad (new US-Afghan envoy)

Sherman Skolnick's Report

What Really Happened

Patrick Martin on WSWS--Part 1 on foreknowledge

Pipeline Dreams and Schemes


Route To Riches

and these good overviews:

Thierry Meyssan on 9.11

Steve Grey's IMC article on September 11 collusion

Patrick Martin on WSWS--invasion plans pre-9.11

Narco News Publishes Sgt. Stan Goff

Jim Marrs overview of the war on terrorism

questions, questions . . .

United Flight 93 Crash page

Venice, Florida

what did the US know and when

What Did They Know

What Hit The Pentagon

World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism



Oops... 17.May.2002 19:05


I meant to direct the great idea comment toward "Can't Remember".

My belief of the war 26.May.2002 15:38


Alright, some of you may not agree with me, but this is something that i really believe... The reason that this war of terrorism is starting about way more than just attacks on the wtc and the pentagon, its about being able to aquire Fossil fuels in countries half a world away because there is only 50 years left of fossil fuels left on the planet. The Bush family, both George Bush, and George W. Bush have been known to have ties to both Energy and Oil corporations inside the united states. Aquiring oil from different parts of the world would not only benefit the government, but the organizations that have helped and backed the bush family in their rise to power. If you notice, there has already been talks about putting an oil pipeling across afghanistan. Think about the Possible war on Iraq, you know that it would be very easy to aquire huge ammounts of war from Iraq if Saddam was taken out of power.. Question the WTO, the World Bank, The United States Government, and everything that youve ever believed about your country, because they all have secret agendas that you will not know about until its too late... All you can do is fight these injustices and try and stop it before more happen, everyday so many people die because of the ignorance of our fine country