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Emergency Liberty Hall Fundraiser!

Emergency benifit concert for liberty hall, please come!
Tomorrow night (Friday May 17th) 7pm at 311 N IVY there will be an emergency fundraiser for Liberty Hall. Liberty Hall is a great new meeting space/community center that can be used for a great variety of things. This space was founded by the liberty hall collective after months of hard work. However, sustainability has not yet been reached for Liberty Hall as it has only been in existence for a month now. $800 is needed by Friday night in order to keep this space around.
An emergency benefit has been called in order to raise money. There is no set donation amount to get in, anywhere from $0-$10 million will be accepted. All donors of $20 or more will receive a liberty hall t-shirt. The benefit will run from 7pm until when people leave. There will be many musical acts playing; the two confirmed as of now are Desert Rat, a great local singer/songwriter with his banjo and Riot Cop a local surf punk band.
Please come out tomorrow night and show your support for a great community space with many purposes.

address: address: 311 N IVY

bad timing 16.May.2002 17:09


Liberty Hall is an invaluable resource space that should be supported in every way by every progressive individuals and organizations throughout all of portland. It is extremely unfortunate that an "emergency" fundraiser is needed so soon. there should have been many such events and more community outreach since the inception of the space and even before. I hope upon hope that the space remains open, but think some steps could have been taken along the way to ensure that it wouldn't come down to rent day to raise $800.