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Disgusting: [Electronic warfare stocks surge!]

If President Bush has his way, the growth in defense spending is expected to continue to the tune of another $123 BILLION by 2007. That means there is still a ton of money to be made in the high tech defense sector—especially in the emerging electronic warfare space.
<<< OH, so this war is about money? >>>


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In today's uncertain times the old saying "If you want peace, you must prepare for war" has never been more profound.

Sadly, in the ongoing battle against terror, there have been reports that some of our military missions have been slowed by the lack of munitions to do the job properly. It's been said that we may not have enough tools and military consumables to stay one step ahead of the enemy in today's new war on terror—yet.

The good news is that in times like these, few people—especially politicians—are willing to object to giving our fighting men and women the tools they need eradicate this menace as soon as possible.

If President Bush has his way, the growth in defense spending is expected to continue to the tune of another $123 BILLION by 2007. That means there is still a ton of money to be made in the high tech defense sector—especially in the emerging electronic warfare space.

Unfortunately many investors continue chasing the obvious choices in the defense industry and are missing a huge opportunity that many of the smaller yet still unknown-stocks of this emerging sector provide today. Don't let this happen to you.

A Locked-in Profit Opportunity for the Next Three to Five Years.

My name is Tobin Smith, author of the best seller ChangeWave Investing 2.0 and editor of ChangeWave Investing Advisory service. You may also have seen me on the weekly Fox News channel program Bulls & Bears.

Since the carrier pigeon, battlefield communications have always been an important part of the battle. Today's secure and reliable wireless networks driving real-time targeting and jamming technology are now as important to the soldier on the front lines than his M-16.

There comes a time when cutting-edge technology that's hack-proof and jam proof is beyond mission critical; it's a matter of life and death.

The future is NOW for our armed forces. In a speech earlier this year to the National Defense University, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld outlined the transformations taking place to make the U.S. military ready for the 21st century warfare. One of the secretary's wishes is to see huge growth in the use of information technology to link the different branches of the U.S. armed forces so they can fight jointly.

And if they are going to out-communicate and out-target the enemy—especially with something other than a human carrying the weapon—using high-tech communication assets will be the way to go.

The endorsement of this transformation by the secretary of defense is just the icing on the cake that confirms the huge opportunity for investors—if they invest in the right stocks. Those who do will make a fortune in the next two to three years. We can help you be one of the fortunate few who do.

Generally we find the smaller players in the emerging electronic warfare space more attractive than the larger, better known companies like Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Grumman. These obvious choices have run up too far too fast since September and besides, the fatter profit margins are still coming from the smaller undiscovered companies that are making it possible for the big guys to stay competitive.

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Our ChangeWave Alliance has uncovered five of the most promising, overlooked leaders. Smaller, profitable companies with sound financials and proven growth, ahead of the curve technologically and in perfect position to benefit from the increases in high-tech military procurement/electronic warfare.

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E-Warfare Stock #1: The purest play in the technology driven aerospace defense industry. It's electronic countermeasure systems play a key role in the sophisticated e-warfare sector. It is a dominant player in radar jamming support systems, aircraft bomb release units, smart bomb technology, and antenna products. Net sales rose 26% last year and they have even stronger prospects for growth in the years ahead.

E-Warfare Stock #2: The global leader in infrared camera technology. Its patented gyrostabilized zoom lens allows aircraft operators to maintain extremely long standoff distances, but still see full-color imagery with a razor sharp focus. First quarter 2002 earnings increased 124%, and the company has just increased its earnings outlook for the year ahead.

E-Warfare Stock #3: A premium play in defense due to its unique combination of strength in military communications and exposure to the sensor network build-out. Its reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft and smart precise weaponry were critical in assisting U.S. military in locating and precisely targeting and defeating the enemy in Afghanistan. Annual sales exceed $2 billion, and just announced a two-for-one stock split.

E-Warfare Stock #4: The number one key supplier of advanced night vision technology to the U.S. Military. It has the most sought after core technologies and products for the challenges of asymmetrical, conventional, and covert military operations. Also the world leader in deployable flight incident recorders and emergency locator beacon systems. It continues to blow away profit estimates, and continues establishing new quarterly records in revenue, income, EBITADA, and earnings.

E-Warfare Stock #5: With more than a half-billion dollars in backlogged sales, this powerhouse supplier of electronics for the U.S. armed forces has solid prospects over the next few years. It's Striker systems provide the "eyes and brains" necessary to locate enemy targets quickly and accurately from the safety of a vehicle. Army plans to purchase over 800 of these systems in the next few years! Earnings for the most recent quarter climbed 44%.

Bull markets for defense stocks historically last four to five years but this one has the potential to be a marathon. There is still a great opportunity for you to make a ton of money. It's not too late. The best news is that we at ChangeWave have done all the work for you. No need to have to do hours of research on these emerging new tech stocks in a very complicated industry.

Let's face it, like most investors you're interested in making money and the locked-in profit opportunities in the electronic warfare sector offer you a great chance to invest in the future leaders of the defense industry.

While most investors are wasting their time on the big boys of the sector, ChangeWave investors are about to make a fortune in the stocks Wall Street hasn't even gotten a whiff of yet. Now you can too!

The new war on terror isn't going away any time soon, and this is one of the best ways you can participate in this fast growing sector. Don't sit this one out!

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