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Two incidents, seven months apart, involving Israelis and explosives in other countries. Explosives are for blowing things up. If they were Arab, there would be huge cries of terrorist attacks and so on.

05/14/02 BREAKING: US GOVERNMENT AGAIN COVERING UP FOR ISRAELIS For those of you who followed the original Israeli Spy Ring story closely, this is an exact repeat, with the FBI denying the initial evidence and rushing to get the suspects out of the country as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that this is the same FBI caught red-handed altering and destroying evidence in the Oklahoma Bombing Case, caught using fraud to manufacture testimony in the Vincent Foster case, published the Black Panther Coloring Book to destroy the early civil rights movement, planted false stories to wreck the career of actress Jean Seberg and drive her to suicide, the same FBI that spies on celebrities to make sure they don't say or do anything the government doesn't like, the same FBI that was all hot and bothered to find the Arab sender of the Anthrax Letters but lost interest when the prime suspect turned out not to be an Arab, etc. etc. etc. so anyone who takes anything the FBI says at face value is an idiot or a government shill, take your pick.

The specific claim is made that residue from a cigarette lighter confused the tests for TNT and RDX. That doesn't explain why the trained bomb sniffing dog, who surely knows the difference between explosives and cigarettes (else he would false-positive every smoker, ashtray, and convenience store he came across) gave the first indications of explosives in the truck that led to the tests in the first place. Likewise, were the chemical tests unable to discriminate between tobacco and TNT/RDX, which are chemically quite different from tobacco combustion products, they would give false positive results for every vehicle ever tested in which smokers had ever ridden. Given the likelihood of finding tobacco residues in any car, such tests would have to be designed to tell the difference.The same is true for other products from non-electric cigarette lighters, the vast majority of which are butane.

05/14/02 US Army Document on tests used for TNT and RDX in terrorists situations does not mention false positive results from tobacco products or butane.

05/14/02 Manufacturer of field text kit for TNT and RDX does not mention false positive results from tobacco products or butane.

05/14/02 Another survey of common TNT/RDX detection systems does not mention false positive results from tobacco products or butane.

The above documents are quite complete in their descriptions of how these detection systems work and what their limits are, yet there is no mention in any of them that tobacco products or residues or butane can generate a false positive result. Given the commonality of such tobacco products, butane, and residues in our society, the possibility of such a false reading based on tobacco products would be prominently mentioned. And, were it possible to confuse tests for TNT and RDX with tobacco products or butane, then terrorists would have no trouble sneaking bombs into the United States inside cartons of smoking products, knowing that the tests used by the US to detect TNT and RDX are confused by such covers. Therefore, no law enforcement agency would even consider using a test for TNT or RDX that could be fooled by such a common material as tobacco residues or butane.

Ergo, this "lighter residue" story is a hoax, and once again the US Government is covering up for Israelis.

"We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."-- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

05/14/02 Ha'aretz picks up story of arrested Israeli and traces of explosives in the truck

Latest: Names of the arrested Israelis are reported to be Elan Ifrah and Ben Yar Moti.

05/14/02 Another version of the story, trying to back peddle from the initial test results, this time claiming diesel fuel was all that was found.

05/14/02 Original version of FOX story eported explosive traces were found on one of the two arrested Israelis. This information has been deleted from the version of the story still online at FOX.

Last October, two men, one an Israeli Mossad agent were caught sneaking into the Mexican Congress. http://www.narconews.com/mexicancapitol1.html

Last October, two men, one an Israeli Mossad agent, were caught sneaking into the Mexican Congress. They were armed with semi-automatic pistols, grenades and explosives. Just like this recent story, an unlikely alibi was quickly put forth and the issue disappeared.

Now imagine if these were Arabs? What a different result it would be. The whole world would hear about it.

Now ask why Israelis are sneaking into the Mexican Congress, and driving trucks with traces of sophisticated explosives?

One incident is hard enough to explain away, but now two? Not likely. And if they were caught twice, how many other times have Israelis been playing with explosives. And remember, the purpose of explosives is to blow things up.

maybe it'll be the NYT's headline tomorrow 14.May.2002 21:06


maybe they wiped down the whole truck with diesel fuel before the second inspection, whatever the case it looks like a coverup.

don't forget about this incident:

FBI Fury As Men With Nuke Plans,
Valid ISRAELI Passports Escape
By Katty Kay
The Times, London

WASHINGTON - With America on top security alert, the FBI was hunting
yesterday for six men of Middle Eastern appearance carrying plans of a
nuclear power plant and the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline who were picked
up by police in the Midwest over the weekend but then released.

The incident is thought to be connected with the latest FBI alert and
senior intelligence officials are furious that the men were set free
before they could be fully questioned.

The men were travelling in two groups of three in white saloon cars
when they were pulled over by police officers in the Midwest,
according to the Knight Ridder News Service. Security officials have
refused to disclose further details.

The men were searched and questioned and the state officers discovered
detailed plans and photographs of a nuclear power plant in Florida,
along with box cutters-the weapons used in the September 11 attacks-
and other equipment.

The men, who appeared to be of Middle Eastern origin and held Israeli
passports, were then interviewed by immigration officials. When their
passports and visas were found to be in order the officers, who were
not aware of the country's imminent security alert, let the men go
without first calling in the FBI to question them more thoroughly.

It is not clear why the men were pulled over in the first place nor
why intelligence officers were not given a chance to interview them.
Agents suspect that the men will by now have switched cars and tried
to flee the country, possibly to Canada.

Intelligence officials were especially concerned about the nuclear
plant details. America's nuclear facilities received special attention
in the latest FBI alert. The men were also carrying plans of the
800-mile Trans-Alaska pipeline, which delivers 17 per cent of
America's oil.

There are three nuclear facilities in Florida, which have now been
advised to step up security. One of the plants has called in local
police as an extra security precaution.

The news came as the US banned private flights near US nuclear
facilities for the next ten days, in connection with the warning of
another terrorist attack, and National Guard troops were deployed at
nuclear power plants in three southern states. The Nuclear Regulatory
Commission ordered the nation's 103 nuclear power plants to increase

At a time when police have unprecedented powers to arrest and detain
people who are merely suspected of having links to terrorist
activities, the release of these six men has infuriated the FBI.

The incident suggests a dangerous lack of co-ordination between
different law enforcement bodies. Under America's new anti-terrorist
laws, police can hold someone almost indefinitely on charges of being
a "material witness" to terrorism. Canada announced that it had given
the US important intelligence about another possible imminent
terrorist attack. Canadian secret services intercepted telephone calls
and e-mails from al-Qaeda operatives in Canada that referred to a
major event taking place "down south" this week.

Law enforcement officials said that the US military intercepted
numerous other calls leading up to the alert, which all used the same
coded phrases. The FBI received intelligence about the new threat on