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Stop the G & N Land Exchange

Oregon Department of Forestry is proposing to trade out of public ownership three parcels of land with intact ecosystems, a popular recreation trail system and trees as old as 150 years. In exchange we would get 5 parcels of recent clearcuts with young tree farms.Public comments are due by 5pm May 20 to ODF Patty Cate 2600 State Street, Salem, OR 97310
The proposed G & N Land Exchange in Clatsop County is a flawed plan that will benefit no one except the timber company that will get some of the oldest and biggest trees left on Clatsop State Forest! I strongly urge the Clatsop County Commissioners, Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and the Oregon Board of Forestry to do the right thing for the people of Oregon and cancel this private theft of public timber. The following are just a few of the reasons to stop the swap:
1. We give away over $1million in timber value and get back half that amount
2. We give away native, real forests with intact ecosystems and get recent clearcuts with young plantation tree farms with no biodiversity or habitat value
3. We give away a widely used trail system, built and maintained by volunteers at no cost to the public
4. We allow the 150 year old trees on the Claremont tract and 90+ year old trees on the Luukinen tract to be clearcut
5. We allow cumulative downstream damage of intact watersheds with native endangered fish species present
6. We waste public money to create new campgrounds and recreation sites when the existing facilities (Nehalem Falls Campground, Spruce Run Campground, Lost Lake recreation area and Claremont Trails) are adequate
7. We give away Northern Spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelet and other valuable wildlife habitat including older conifer/hardwood stands (preferred by Northern Spotted Owls) which are ideally located for connectivity; we ignore the concerns of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife about destroying elk habitat
8. We violate the purpose for land exchanges by "unconsolidating" the John Day tract
9. We get even further away from achieving the goals of the Northwest Oregon Forest Management Plan which calls for more complex forest types across the landscape
10. We violate the "Greatest Permanent Value" rule by failing to protect and maintain native wildlife habitats, failing to protect soil, air and water, failing to maintain properly functioning aquatic habitats, failing to consider the landscape context and to provide recreation opportunities
Please uphold your duty to the people of the state of Oregon and cancel this PRIVATE THEFT OF PUBLIC RESOURCES!

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