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Consumer Rights In A Time Of Corporate Power

How will consumers fair in a corporate environment, plus the recession?
The question is answered by Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Oregon Attorney-General Hardy Myers and Gubernatorial candidate Ted Kulongoski at the public meeting of the Oregon Consumer League. Special guests: Lloyd Marbet and Dan Meek, speaking on public ownership of PGE>

Consumer Rights in a time of Corporate Power

SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2002, 9:30 AM-3 PM

The 107th Congress: Do Consumers Stand a Chance?
U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer has the highest rating of any Congressperson from the Consumer Federation of America. In this era of so-called ³free market capitalism,² do consumers have any real voice?

2003 Session and the Consumer Protection Agenda
Attorney-General Hardy Myers discusses his priorities for consumer protection and legislation to be proposed by the Department of Justice in the upcoming session.

Where Should We Go as a State?
Candidate for Governor, Ted Kulongoski was Attorney-General and Insurance Commissioner before he became an Oregon Supreme Court judge. What does he see as the future of Oregon's consumer movement?

A Special Insurance Program

·Why your homeowners and car insurance may be going up-it's not what you think and the answer may shock you.
Representative Charlie Ringo, who is also a trial lawyer, talks about the games the insurance industry is playing in Salem with your money and how many of us are trying to stop them from shifting the costs of insurance entirely to the poor.

·Car Totaled in an Accident? You may be in for a surprise!
Oregon Consumer League's president Paul Gustafson talks about several ways the insurance industry may be stealing your car, and making it much more difficult to recover damages if you are in an accident. You will be amazed and outraged at these revelations.

PGE/Enron: Public Ownership or Potential Debacle
Attorney Dan Meek and activist Lloyd Marbet are in the forefront of the movement to convert the investor-owned utility into a publicly owned utility. Find out the latest in corporate maneuvers and activist counter-attacks.

Good Samaritan Hospital's Neurosciences Center - Auditorium,

1040 NW 22 nd Ave. in NW Portland.

Admission and parking free

For more information call the League at 503-493-3588 or
see our website www.orconsumer.org or contact us by e-mail:  ocl@internetcds.com

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