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BD Gathering

Bush Daddy Gathering: Summary: It'll be like a company picnic gone awry. Note: If I am posting here with letters "BD; BM IDM; nn; etc." it is because I have been blocked from posting here when writing those words out.
After close scrutiny of Bush Daddy Tribe, my Daddy said that only a fool would call the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots of BDT, "Nazis", for BDT would befuddle and/or murder the fool with poop, chemicals etc.; plus BDT is too stupid to know that they are Nazis. BDT has set a trap for their own lives (Prov. 1:18) by refusing to read or hear my words (Is. 29:11-12) about the end that has been made known from the beginning (Is. 46:10). The chemical-monering practices of BDT are acknowledged as the practices of the Nicolaitans (Rev. 2:6,15), verifying the religious nature of the pursuits of BDT. BDT has a "covenant with death" (Is. 28:15) that will compel them to keep up their chemical-mongering ways at the Love Festivals of Hooterville (Hosea 6:6; Mic. 6:6; 29190). Bush Daddy has led the "revolt of Jacob" (Mic. 1:5; 102423) by usurping the role of Jacob through whom God is ruling to the ends of the earth (Ps. 59:13). Although the three-faced a--hole Bush Daddy is probably a better leader than a two-faced a--hole like Nicky (62371); neither one of them comes close to being a four-faced a--hole like Hitler. Yet the land grows desolate as a "Concealed Holocaust" (Is. 24:1; 35206) takes place. Alas! A King! For Bush Daddy is destined to be a King or some other damn thing, and BDT will find out what a King could do for them (Hosea 10:3) when Bush Daddy is made to stand up on two feet like a man and carry the glory and the salvation of the Heart of Israel to the ends of the earth (Dan. 7:4; Is. 49:6). There is only one chosen people of God, and Bush Daddy aspired to be the King or some other damn thing of God's chosen people. Along with the fallen Israelites (Ez. 35:5), the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots will establish claim on Judah as God's portion in the holy land (Zech. 2:12). As a result of having embraced delusions (2 Thess. 2:11); BDT will find itself in Hooterville practicing "religion"; following the Path That Leads To Life; and/or carrying abroad the glory and the salvation of Israel, the Kingdom of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer (1 Peter 2:9; 93509). All mankind will shake its head in wonder, pondering what God has done (Ps. 64:8).

In order to gain a respite from Bush Daddy's niggardly asinine talk (Hosea 10:15), I made a partial post of "Bush Daddy; The Bane of Houston?" (177981) thereby doing my part to bring back the lost poopheads of Jacob (Is. 49:6); including Bush Daddy himself. This "Bane" comes as a result of Amos 6:8 letting us know that the Bear Lord (Dan. 7:5); i.e. the "Sovereign Lord" merely has to swear to himself that God has sworn to destroy Bush Daddy's strongholds; and it will probably happen. Since God's way is in the storm and the whirlwind (Nahum 1:3), it seems like tornadoes, thunderstorms, and more will chase Bush Daddy back to Tompkins County for the Practice March of the Army of the Lord (Jer. 23:19; 147306). The Bear Lord could have sworn to himself a long time ago that this was going to happen. He could have sworn that Canada gave Cornell to him a few weeks ago too (151866). Of course there will probably be a "great falling away" (2 Thess. 2:3), since BDT can't stand "not being called, "Nazis"". Those who desert BDT will probably find betrayal and destruction (Is. 33:1); i.e. a trap, a pit, and a snare (Is. 8:14). Since BDT has been saying, "Let God hurry and do His work so we can see it" (Is. 5:19); they are forgetting that they jumped at the chance to "dance with prophecy" when they thought that they were doing God a favor by killing people (John 16:2). The poopheads of BDT will continue to follow their king Bush Daddy, for he has been given power to rule, dead or alive, until God's words are fulfilled (Rev. 17:17). BDT's "covenant with death" is their "ticket" to seek death and not find it (Jer. 8:3). Wherever they go on earth, their niggardly asinine Zionist idiocy will betray them (Is. 3:9). In this way all of Jacob will be gathered (Mic. 2:12), including Bush Daddy himself.

Another term for this Bush Daddy Gathering is "pasturing the flock" (Zech. 11:4-7). I started this article, accentuating the Nazis and the multi-faced a--holes on the chance that it might grab the attention of the innocent unsuspecting victims of BDT's coprophagic child-rearing practices (147306, 151866, 70672). These victims are destined to be gathered for supporting the asinine idiocy; but they might be spared if common sense prevails. If, like the Storm Troopers at Nuremberg (174299), BDT tries to excuse their criminality by saying that they are going crazy or are too stupid to understand; just ask them if they prefer death to life yet. Since Bush Daddy claims that he had dreams about words being broadcasted from his lifeless head in Bethel (Jer. 23:25); Bethel will become something uncanny as Bush Daddy bears his humiliation (Amos 5:5; Mic. 7:9) until he is placed at the Temple as the abomination that causes desolation (Dan. 11:31; 12:11; Mark 13:14); i.e. Bush Daddy, the Great Dead King of Israel (Jer. 22:10; 48:13). Then all the Nazis of BDT will say, "Don't he look humble! He's no Hitler! Look! He's snubbing me again!" At that time, Israel will send forth the word to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (Dan. 9:25), for the Zionist idiots will have fulfilled Jeremiah 9:11.

Referenced (numbers) are for articles on www.indymedia.org.: i.e. Global IMC newswire. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PS: I have posted on Ithaca IMC. I started with "Ithaca IMC is a Farce" in reaction to their anonymous posting policy and futile attempts to post my articles there. After dickering with the Messiahs who wanted me to explain "poopheads" to them; I succeeded in posting "Ithaca Coal-Gas Fiasco Continues ?" Id=93609, for Coal-Gas has become an issue again since experts have concluded that groundwater flows northwest here and that phosphorous is the main pollutant needing to be addressed. I have suggested that they go research what kind of a horse race track they had on Ithaca's "coke-tar" landfill. Did the horses drop like flies from petroleum poisoning? Knowing that Ithaca IMC is probably promoting anonymous postings so that sinister poophead hackers can target such posters, saying, "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It" (41739); I doubt if this site will ever become a creative venue. However if you are "fishing" for brain-damaged second or third generation immigrants of the Third Reich; you might try this site. I will be busy teaching them about poopheads, schmucks, etc.

The preview of this article "Bush Daddy (Desolation) Gathering" failed to post on Boston IMC where I typed it; and the first draft of this article was stolen from the Boston IMC publishing form so that I had to type it twice. The first edition of this article was also stolen and/or blocked from posting in Czechoslovakia, Victoria, and Eugene; sites that are usually secure.

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