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June 1-9 Direct Action/ Forest Defense Skillshare in Humboldt county ca.

come to our skillshare in the woods of humboldt county.
We invite everyone to come and learn about non-violent forest defense, other forms of direct action, and just plain living in the forest, June 1st-9th in the woods of Southern Humboldt County. The trainings, workshops and other events that we've confirmed so far are; Non-violence, Tree-Climbing/Defense, Wilderness First Aid, Backwoods Living, Guerilla theatre workshop, Blockading (roads etc.), Mattole THP (Timber Harvest Plan) Day Hike, Tree-sit supply run(s).
The organizers of this event have chosen not to define themselves with a group name but wish to express our commitment to non-violent civil disobedience and direct action and our desire to work with the logging community and public agencies to find peaceful and effective long term solutions as has been the tradition here in Humboldt County for many years.
Please bring appropriate clothing and gear such as, Warm Clothes (preferably not cotton), Rain Gear, Tent or Tarp, Eating Utensils and Dishes, Comfortable Shoes.
Currently there are two tree-villages in Humboldt county and more Timber Harvest Plans in magnificent un-entered old-growth Douglas Fir forest in the headwaters of the North Fork Mattole River.
There are at least a couple of spring-fed creeks nearby the campsite so please bring water containers and ,if you wish, water filters.
Please try to contact us ahead of time if you would like to do a workshop, training etc, or if you have any questions.
We are currently working on the schedule of events and will hopefully be able to post it soon!
The location of the Skillshare has been confirmed and will be announced a week before June 1st at this website and at (707) 825-6598.

phone: phone: (707) 825-6598
address: address: po box 28 arcata ca 95518