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The history of America is full of wars, plots, military coups, massacres and torture committed against all the people of the world.

The history of America is full of wars, plots, military coups, massacres and torture committed against all the people of the world.
It is not satisfied with threatening the lives of the people of the world.
America wants the entire world to bow down before it; all countries, organisations
and people are supposed to bow down to them.
Nobody is supposed to raise their voice against America for the deaths it is guilty of,
nobody is supposed to rebel against
the poverty for which it is responsible. Nor is this enough;
all those people who are supposed to bow down to it must also abandon their own culture
and values be like Americans. That is why in the past it has killed the Iraqi people in
the Gulf, and the peoples of Yugoslavia in the Balkans. That is why it is continuing
to drop bombs on Afghanistan today. America was always in the wrong, in Korea, Vietnam,
in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.
It has spilled the blood of millions of people. It was responsible for the!
massacre of millions of people after the Second Imperialist War. America is the greatest
terrorist the world has ever experienced.
The interesting thing is that it has always defended all these things in the name of
"freedom and democracy". That's enough! The world people's do not want the "freedom
and democracy" of America. The history of America is dark. In this darkness there is nothing other
than massacre, torture and exploitation. For decades it has given the world's people nothing other
than terror. It has established "Gladios" in the NATO countries. Against the neo- colonial countries
it founded contra-guerrilla organisations and opened schools in America in which their collaborators
were taught how to torture and kill. The reality of the "School of the America" is not hidden.
Who has America recruited in these schools? It has trained a band of murderers, nothing else.
America says "nobody can criticise me, I will start a war against and destroy those who criticise me!
America is threatening the whole world, saying, "everybody has to think like me, either you are on my
side, or you are my enemy". And then it stands up and asks, "Why does the whole world hate us?" It has
still not understood why the slogan most shouted in the world is "Down with American imperialism"...
The reality of Afghanistan is clear. It is including in the list of organisations to be destroyed the
DHKP-C for its open criticism of the war of America in Afghanistan, FARC because of its anti-American
position and the PFLP for criticising its policies on Palestine... Countries like Iraq, Libya, Venezuela
and Cuba are threatened for the same reason. For this reason the anti-globalisation movement is also being
threatened. It wants to rob the entire peoples of the world of their democratic rights, while talking about
"fighting terrorism".
However, European imperialism is no more humane. In fact, on May 2, 2002, by order of the CIA,
the Council of Europe's Committee of Permanent Representatives (COPERER) decided to expand the list
of organisations termed 'terrorist' and to pursue various revolutionary organisations on European soil."
We, as organisations, individuals and institutions, who have signed below; declare that we do not agree
with and we criticise the policies of America and the European Union who is following it's policy.
We're going to continue to criticise it as long as America continues with these policies.
Name Organisation Country

DHKC - Committee for International Relations, Turkey;
Francesco GARCIA Partido Comunista de los Pueblo de Catalunya (PCPC), Spain;
Mesa Refundacion Comunista (MRC), Spain; PFLP, Palestine ;
Jabel QUIROGA Union Patriotica, Colombia ;
Michele CAPUANO Democratia Popular, Italy ;
Mauri COSADIO Rete dei Comunisti, Italy;
Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de Espana PCPE, Spain ;
Boutros Parti Algérien pour la Démocratie et le Socialisme (PADS), Algeria ;
Peter Urban Irish Republican Socialist Party, Ireland ;
Andrea Fiore, Assamblea Nazionale Anti-Capitalista, Italy ;
International Nepal Solidarity Forum (INSoF), Nepal ;
Nasir Al Ali Munazamat al Marksiye al Savri al Arab, Lebanon ;
Kelik Ismunanto, Chairman of Foreign Affairs of People's Democratic Party-Indonesia, Indonesia ;
CPI (ML), India; Communist Worker's & Peasants Party (CMKP), Pakistan; NDF (Natio!
nal Democratic Front), Philippines;
Demulder Dirk Codigo, Belgium;
Ernest Kumba PTB, Belgium;
Georges Alves LAI Congo, Belgium,
André Comte Communistes en Lutte, France,
Jose Maria Sison International Network for Philippine Studies, Phillippines;
Serge Sprimont Comite la Burkinabés de Belgique, Belgium;
Patrick Wautier LAI, Belgium;
Maarten Van Camp, Alex Geudens Hei Pasoep, Belgium;
L. Bruneloern NCPN, Netherlands;
K. Marijs NCPN, Netherlands;
Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Forum, Nepal;
Russian Communist Worker's Party, Russia;
Antimperialist Revolutionary Forum, Nepal; KPML(r),
Sweden; CMC, France; MR8, Brasilia;
Workers' Russia, Russia,
Movimiento de Lucha Popular, Mexico;
MDDHL, Cameroun; ROADH, Cameroun; LALKAR, UK;
Ray O.Light Group, USA;
Coordination communiste pour la reconstruction du Parti communiste révolutionnaire, France,
SIEMPRE Ramon, Alt'médias, France.

contact address: Dusartstraat 38, 1072 HT Amsterdam,
e-mail:  dhkc@post.com