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WOW Portland is interesting!!!

Y'all got it goin on! Wooo Hooo
With seven stories on the new Glocal newswire front page you leave Frisco in the dust with only five. Way to report on yourselves people!
Hell Yes 12.May.2002 07:15


I'm working on an unauthorised biography of my cat.

cat news 12.May.2002 09:23

portland indy guy

Dear tree-frog --

let's have it !! it's about time that portland indy stops being so anthro-centric !!

make way for the cat stories !!


Gutter Cats 12.May.2002 16:34


How about a comic strip about homeless Cats...called Gutter Cats...could become a political commentary on our times...

alley cat 12.May.2002 17:44

alley cat

ev'rybody wants to be a cat

cause a cats the only cat

who knows where its at

oh yeah

catgoddess 12.May.2002 20:28

eva lake

the great cat goddesses.

Mnemesis 12.May.2002 20:48

she that remembers

and revisits.

Cat goes on rampage in Nova Scotia, evicts... 13.May.2002 17:30


Cat goes on rampage in Nova Scotia, evicts owners

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia, May 13 (Reuters) - A Canadian family had to flee for safety after their pet Siamese cat went on a rampage, tearing at clothes and skin and driving them out of the house, police said on Monday.

The shaken group called police in the eastern port city of Dartmouth after taking refuge on their lawn on Sunday evening.

"Earlier in the afternoon, the cat had attacked the babysitter," police Sgt. Don Spicer told Reuters. "The residents went to check on the cat and, essentially, the cat went crazy on them as well.

"It attacked the father and ripped his pants as well as the flesh underneath," Spicer said.

It took police officers, armed with a blanket and a clothes hamper, 20 minutes to corner the cat. Spicer said Cocoa the cat was eventually secured in a pet carrier and handed over to the family who took it to the veterinarian.

It was not yet known what caused the cat's frenzy.

"We've been called to deal with a snake or various animals for one reason for another. But this is the first time that I can recall an actual cat going berserk," Spicer said.

Another police officer said Cocoa was "a Siamese cat with an attitude problem."