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May 10th Forest Rally - Photos and Text

Though held on a weekday, about 500 people attended the forest rally to celebrate the Eagle Creek victory and raise awareness of the 100 pending timber sales. Cascadia Forest Alliance, BARK, Oregon Sierra Club, NW Rage, Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing, Rainforest Action Network, Cascadia Forest Defenders and others came together to send a message of solidarity to end commercial logging on public lands.

As people gathered for the rally, a banner was on the ground, along with markers for people to write their own messages. The banner had written on it, the essential demands of the various forest activist organizations.
  • End Commercial Logging On Our Public Land
  • Create Sustainable Restoration Jobs
  • Re-examine Expensive Fire-Suppression Program
  • Protect Wildlands, Wildlife, and Water Forever

The Earth does not belong to man. Keep it wild and free!

The band provided music for everyone

The basicc message of the day, was not ambiguous. End commercial logging on public roads is a simple and easy to understand position.

There were numerous speakers giving updates on the 100 timber sales now pending, the efforts being made by their organizations to prevent them, and the work to build support for the comprehensive bill to end all logging on public lands.

A map showing all the pending timber sales

Many people made signs right on the spot

Blunt and to the point

Darth Vader is a good icon to represent the U.S. Empire. Here he is with his good buddy, Big Timber.

Lots of banners there.

Another banner on behalf of Fall Creek

Forest Spirits drumming

A number of people were moving through the crowd, painting faces with green. What is the green? dye? ink? No! SPIRULINA!! Great idea

Many activists confronted Big Timber, and defeated him to save the forests. It was a spirited and free flowing rally with lots of creative energy, theatre, dancing and determination to protect the wild lands and creatures.

The banner full with signatures, is ready to march.

The march forms up and heads off.

There were a number of beautiful puppets, representing the spirits of Nature to combat the dry consumptive attitude of corporate structure.

Another banner for the many passersby to see and appreciate

The salmon spirit was present.

A good view of the march as it moved through downtown.

There were about 250-300 people in the march, more were at the rally.

Arriving at the forest service building which was locked up with guards inside. One wonders what they are afraid of?

The gathered people spoke strongly to the people inside, and at times reverberated in the air.

Many workers in the building were watching out the windows, and people on the streets, were looking back at them, and asking the essential questions.

With lots of sidewalk chalk, banners, signs, and chants, people made their wishes known. It was a beautiful display of spirit and heart on behalf of Life.

The salmon spirit confronting the dominating powers.

It was a telling moment, when the guards tried to unlock the doors so the forest service representative could accept a letter of demands, and the door lock was stuck. After trying for 30 seconds or so with one door, they switched to another door, and finally got it open. They have losked themselves behind doors that they have trouble opening. These people need saving too.

Forest Service rep accepting letter of demands. Though he promised that the demands would be forwarded, his assertions rang hollow.

With a strong chant of "We'll Be Back!", everyone departed. It was an excellent day.