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ACC/RTS members seeking performer contacts

Do you know of any cool bands or performance artists that might be interested in a large national Seattle event? Some members of the Seattle ACC and Seattle RTS want to know.
Hi. Some of the people who organized Seattles A20 events are looking for help.

The Seattle ACC is preparing to go through a large reorganization in preparation for consideration of a bunch of new projects. A couple of us from the acc and rts are preparing proposals for a large multi-day national event in Seattle to take place next year. For something of the scale we are considering we would need a LARGE number of performers and people who do cool stuff. Bands/ spoken word/ jugglers/ artists/ face painters. Well you get the idea. If order to get a lot of the time consumming grunt work out of the way now {among other things} we are trying to put together a contact list for bands/ artists/ and others who might be interested in a very large event encompassing bookfairs/ shows/ protests/ festival/ carnival/ street party/ etc. As with A20 {but on a much larger scale} it would encompass a large diversity of tactics so there would be a place for everyone to take part.

If you are someone this directly applies to then please contact us. If you have any suggestions or leads please send those too. Even the names of quality bands you've seen play at free or political events would help.

You can email them to the Seattle ACC directly at  yellowblock@riseup.net with the subject BANDS (that will get it to the right people) or email Seattle reclaim the streets at  rtsseattle@hotmail.com

If you don't feel comfortable giving us contact info for people then consider passing the request along to them with our contact info.

thanks and solidarity,

some members of the seattle acc and seattle rts though not endorsed by either group