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Fuck Bush Poem at PPRC Friday Rally

here's a poem I wrote the other night and read at the PPRC rally yesterday - the working title is Fuck You George Bush.
(ps - anti-war rally every Friday at 5:00 in Pioneer Sq.)
Welcome to 1984 - George Orwell missed the mark by 20 years
but it's all here - permanent war - we know what that's for
keep the population in fear the rest is clear
enslave the masses who better ass-kiss the almighty state
submit to our fate of VeriChips and vaccinations
while you bomb the shit out of oil-rich nations
annihilate anyone who objects to your machinations

Welcome to 1984 - I recognize this infinite war
was this your blueprint your text-based dream of
mass confinement race refinement
the destruction of every culture except the one of vultures
the corporation the mall the gun-makers and land-takers

Fuck you and your permanent war
that's not what I came here for
I don't buy your fake terror story and I will not salute Old Glory
I will not pledge allegiance to your fascist state
or turn my fear into hate
I will not keep shopping while your bombs are dropping
on my brothers and sisters around the world on our mother earth
on those yet to be birthed

you can assault my body
destroy the earth air and water and I will rise up taller
true freedom can't be killed
can't be bombed into submission
can't be anthraxed into oblivion
can't be found in happy pills
in any Prozac Nation sheep-like population

we stand together in community resisting conformity
letting our spirits soar despite your permanent war your 1984
your pretense of evening the score against an invisible enemy
my heart will stay open and I will continue hoping
for peace and imagine the day that we rise up against your tyranny
and create a world of love and prosperity
a world beyond your warped Orwellian reality
A poem inspired by actavists 11.May.2002 13:54

moooove heckno mooove! mbthink@hotmail.com

I held my hands up to his
He said my grandfather cant feel a thing in his hands
He can pick up burning hot pans
doesn't feel a thing
I feel so very disconected
Yours are so fresh- your hands- am I doing sothing wrong?
She said you don't know suffering
Not like they do
do I have to do climb up on a cross By what scale do you measure me?
Does my voice fall on deaf ears? Or is it just that the desire to care about my thoughts fall disproporionate to your eagerness to misconstrue them?
seems that I feel a disrespected
It's like being my father
Only I'm not beating some kid smoking the electricity payment
leaving the kids to starve
Your respect is so transient it makes me feel like a gorrilla in a cage
at the zoo
you show up and say "Look at that!" "isn't that nice!"
I show you the moves the tough skin here the quality of my molars
Perform so to speak
Then you leave
Like the man in the yellow hat
Only I'm not with you.

I'm somewhere beyond angry. 14.May.2002 08:38


A fuck George Bush Poem? Perpetual war? How can intelligent, well educated people be so ignorant. I read 1984 too, and guess what, this ain't it, it ain't even close. How can someone watch the news today and be blind to the inherant evil that is out there. How can anyone who lived through September 11, 2001 not see that a war on terror is not only just, but long over due.

Oh, that's it, I forgot, not too many people lived through Spetember 11. They lived through the day, but not the event.

Me, I was in Fort Drum New York. My brother was at Fort Hood Texas. My father, already a Desert Storm Veteran was at his office. He's still active Army. I watched those planes smack into those buildings and my blood ran cold. I spent the entire day in a haze, most of the time waiting for my soldiers to get in contact with their family in NYC. I tried to reach my mother and couldn't. We were so sure that we were going to have to go down to the city that we bought pick axes, shovels, anything we could get together to dig. You can not imagine the images that ran through my head. Mutilated, brutalized, bloated dead bodies. Civilian bodies. Bodies of all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, laying dead in the ruble of a civilian building. An office complex. Thousands, THOUSANDS of people who did nothing any more agrresive than going to work.
I went to Uzbekistan quickly. In fact I worked for hours, sleeping two, maybe three hours a night, never calling home. By the time we got on the plane it was a relief to be able to sleep. A strange thing happened when they passed around the live ammunition. A thing that luckily, you will never feel. I had over two hundred and ten rounds of 5.56mm ammunition loaded into these cold, curved, magazines. I could feel their wieght. Two hundred and ten lives. It made me sick. Sick! And I wasn't the only one. We all took our turn puking, and voiding our bowels in that aircraft bathroom, because combat, taking lives, disgusted us. It was a horribly necessary thing, because once you step off on the ground, it's you or them, and all religion, and pretty thoughts be damned, you HAVE TO PULL THE TRIGGER TO STAY ALIVE. It's an evil, disgusting, scary thing. An awful feeling that fortunately the writer of this disgusting poem will never know.
I got lucky. I never had to kill. Instead, I almost died, five days after arriving in Uzbekistan. Instead of taking a life, I damn near lost mine. Guess what, colostomy bags, drugs, catheters, and hospital rooms are no fun.
A friend of mine had to kill. Had to. HAD TO! You see he was on an LZ in the Shar-I-Kot valley in Afgahnistan, and before he fired a shot these "freedom fighters" these muslim "heroes" began lobbing mortar rounds in on top of him. He had to fight for hours, even after he almost lost his legs to mortar fragments. He may not get to keep his leg. Strange thing about the two of us. We watch the television. We check out CNN, and the only thing that disgusts us worse than a poem like I just read, is the conflict we see everyday. Violence forced us into becoming pacifists.
It's funny. It's also awful, but this is no false war, these are no lies. Real people, good people, have had their lifes destroyed by the acts of evil men.

Before you begin talking about our "Occupation" of Afghanistan I think maybe you should know one things. The enemy in the Shar-I-Kot valley weren't Afghans. They weren't Taliban. They were Chechen Al Qaeda. Chechen, muslim, mercenaries, who came to Afghanistan for one reason. To learn the art of terror, and kill Americans.

Evil vs. Good?! 22.Oct.2002 11:52


Thank you for the inspired poem. The anger is understandable, as the rhetoric of the White House and hawks continues to promote violence and hatred as acceptable means of defeating 'uncivilized' cultures. A poster commented a bit about the ugly realities of war and I do appreciate this, but I think that the polarization of the methodologies of the United States and its enemies needs to be realized as fallacious.

Given the tremendous and truly excessive (I read recently that the United States has more conventional military 'might' than the 15 next largest countries _combined_) convential military power of the United States, the strategy of extensive global deployment of US forces (aggressively pushing war to other shores), and the strong international alliances that the US would have in a world war typical of the previous two, what options are left to countries that oppose the perceived and actual destruction of their nation by the US (either directly or indirectly)?

To get right to the point, the attacks on the United States were almost immediately labeled as terrorism. Terrorism is a general term for using violence systematically to induce change through intimidation (not at all different from threats of bombing on Iraq) but is used more specifically to mean violence on _innocent_ people. Especially, the feeling has been that the 911 attacks were attacks on the 'American' people -- everyone.

However, the attacks were very specifically directed to the root organizations that were perpetuating perceived injustices against the attacking (defending?) countries -- I think that the plane shot down in PA was headed for the White House; I don't know this to be true, yet. The struck targets were the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. The attackers did not attack churches, super-bowl domes, densely populated suburban areas, public water supplies, etc -- they struck the very centers of their opposition.

And, yes, tragically, many innocent (indeed people who were completely unresponsible for the actions of the US international policy, etc) people died. But, _such_is_the_case_with_EVERY_act_of_war_. The soldiers who kill and die on the field are almost never ones who are responsible for initiating or commanding battle. Furthermore, the frontlines tend to be populated (esp. after draft) with those who are the most oppressed by their country. For the sake of every veteran and every lost soldier, as well as the civilians, we must abstain from war.

But, the distinction between American acts of war and 'terrorist' acts is complete propaganda. If the US fired missles into the Iraqi center of government, military HQ, and, say, intelligence HQ (I don't think there is quite an equivalent for the WTC in Iraq), who will call it terrorism?
Furthermore, I would say a much more explict example of violence on _innocents_ in order to intimidate a people or government, in fact the worst terrorist act in history to date, was committed by none other than the United States: Hiroshima.

There is no 'good' in aggressive war. There are always innocent casualities, and not just civilians. The distinctions of Good vs. Evil in such war, like War vs. Terrorism, are fictions perpetuated as propoganda and excuse for the blood on US hands. Heaven help us all from this nation that wants to police the world, ignoring it's own trail of genocide, racism, colonialism, corruption, and militarism!