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POLITICAL MURDER & DAMAGE CONTROL : "The killing of popular politician Pim Fortuyn has pushed the Netherlands into its most serious domestic crisis since World War II. It is inevitable that emotions will run high as a result of this attack, but things have to be kept under control if we are to avoid further bloodshed."

POLITICAL MURDER & DAMAGE CONTROL : "The killing of popular politician Pim Fortuyn has pushed the Netherlands into its most serious domestic crisis since World War II. It is inevitable that emotions will run high as a result of this attack, but things have to be kept under control if we are to avoid further bloodshed."


(from our correspondent)

FPF-The Netherlands - 11-05-2002 - An obituary in the Dutch newspaper "Het Financieele Dagblad" warned : "that while Mr Fortuyn - a polarizing and charismatic thinker - has been murdered last Monday May 6th, the issues that he raised will survive". But, some foreign observers already "have seen the light". And intelligence already shows that this popular "Fortuyn-uprising" and 'the issues' now are put under control, at any price. The Monday night when mr. Fortuyn was shot, thousands of people marched to the house of parliament and the place where PM Wim Kok is presiding. They shouted for hours : "The Government killed him" and ; "Murderers !". Scenes not seen in the Netherlands for hundreds of years. It was a medieval scene : "Things have to be kept under control if we are to avoid further bloodshed", a newspaper commented.

But, at present and behind the scene a myriad of "services and spin doctors" working for the government and in co-operation with "the industry" in The Netherlands, is feverishly pulling all strings possible - and that really means all - to get the situation under control. The fight for facts and power rages between
the 16 million not well informed inhabitants, and the 'spin doctors"whom most people do not even know about. All hired from and working for the major publicity/distortion PR- agencies. As well as journalists in news agencies and other media, who have the same owners as the PR- and ad-companies. And this - as usual - will be a sure loser for the taxpayers whom are still partly trusting the "news" which is either portioned out by the govt, or in a bad way commercialized. Very professionally the damage control newsspeak is slid on their plates and minds : "that man nor his issues and party should be remembered nor voted for". And they are they're trying to use all tricks in the deception handbook. (see Victor Ostrovksy: "Mossad - By way of deception")

The Dutch government lost in a landslide vote in the municipal election some weeks ago : an enormous show of no-confidence by all of the few that still in a form of protest took part in those elections. This government - an eight year old socio-rightwing coalition - had apparently lost all credibility. The vote for
Fortuyn was often only a vote 'against' the present incompetent Wim Kok' s "Dutch gold" -government. And will be that on May 15th too it is expected.

The Dutch people have many and very good reasons to be annoyed with their government.They are - a good second behind Sweden - paying the nearly highest taxes in the world, and getting very little in return. One of the results of Kok's governing during 13 years : around one million of the sixteen million inhabitants of the Netherlands ' vegetates ' according to official figures on the brink of existence. In one of the absolute richest countries in the world !

Dead maverick Fortuyn explained the people plainly how they have been screwed for many years. And - as some kind of proof - after eight years of ex-union- leader Kok's right-wing coalition government - the Dutch electorate was still seeing no results for earlier made and now empty promises. The level of education kept going down the drain, compared to 10 years ago. Violence in society was growing and - according to statistics - a Dutch cop spents in average 17 - (seventeen) - minutes per working day "on the beat". We all recognize the saying, don't we ? "They're never there when you need them". And this very expensive police force is right now solving only 15% of all reported crime cases ? While, 200 Kms from Amsterdam the German police solves fifty (50) % !

The National Health Service has been in the charge of one of the vice-PM's, Els Borst, who is an MD herself. Her mismanagement has earned her the nickname of "Angel of Death" or "Eliminating Els", because of the detoriation of medicare in the country. Last year 3 Dutch surgeons - in desperation - went on national television, angrily explaining that the rule of this minister Els Borst cost approximately and totally unnecessary the lives of around ONE THOUSAND people : per year ! Nobody in the Dutch government nor judiciary reacted : and more people in angry despair started - if they could - travelling abroad to get medicare. The government - arrogant as usual - did not react - nobody took any responsibility, so more people died. There are quite some people who hope that the people responsible for the death of beloved ones, will go to court some day. Public transportation has become so bad that only in England - where public transport is an absolute disaster - and the NHS is still worse - people can be found who think this is OK in Holland. Two weeks before the May 15th national elections in Holland the British weekly "the Economist" lost all image it ever had in the Netherlands among thinking people. The Economist published a full story praising all sides of the Dutch government : propaganda which had nothing to do with reality in the Netherlands. Well, people from many Third World countries like it too, I happen to know by living abroad for many decades, gathering experience in the field. Many wonder if and how much the Dutch taxpayer paid to see this Economist fairy-tail published...

Quote Fortuyn : "I say what I think, and I'll do what I promise ! ".

Along came Dr. Pim Fortuyn, earlier also professor in Marxist sociology at the Universities of Groningen and Amsterdam. An outspoken flamboyant man that caught the eyes and ears of the people with a simple message : "I say what I think, and I'll do what I promise". Populism ? Yes !. But it gave the people a hundred times more trust and confidence apparently. And many - after reading the books concerning the 'rebuilding' of the Dutch society, written by Fortuyn - chose his side.

Many of the things Fortuyn was trying to explain were on a level "the man in the street" could understand. And he was able to at least give the impression that he also would shake hands with people who didn't wear pin stripe suits. His political party LPF (List Pim Fortuyn) turned into a top hit : "This charismatic outsider was on the point of starting an uprising and he brought about an earthquake in the established, arrogant and stuffy Dutch political scene. He seemed to have everything the average Dutchman is longing for : an outgoing flamboyant life stile with an Italian touch and flavour. Above all : he succeeded in giving the impression to be honest and also touched the underbelly of the electorate. People started thinking : he is a man with a mission". When this danger to the people

in power became apparent within 24 hrs. the Black PR-sections - alarmed by the election results - started. A poll by Dutch RTV-NCRV on Wednesday May 8th, showed the supposed or real "guilt by association" of the press in creating the atmosphere for the killing of Professor Fortuyn. 68% of the people voting
said the media had helped "creating the climate" (with the spin doctors and their "agencies") by badly distorting the news and being "their Masters voices". The other 32% in the poll disagreed.

The inside impression however in the Netherlands is right now that an enormous effort is made to keep going a massive "damage control" -operation round the clock. Many media are getting involved because otherwise it may turn into a disaster. The parliamentary elections on May 15th will - thanks to the violent death of this politician and the right now enormously inflated Fortuyn-hype - bring about chaos in the political arena. At least in the beginning and on the surface. The newcomers in parliament will be given a short while to proof that they really can not do anything good. Also because the present government's civil servants
"I don't work here, I'm on the payroll" - whom Fortuyn had told to work or get out, they are expected to and will sabotage anything the deceased politician or his new party in parliament ever wants. They are anyhow - depending on the "fake flag operations" a.s.o. - expected to get an incredible one fourth of the 150 seats in Parliament. And will as soon as is possible be ousted.

Internationally, Prof. Fortuyn - in nearly all media - was described, demonized and compared to Le Pen in France and Haider in Austria. This was done by the spin doctors feverishly at work. Collaborating journalists in all major international media have for ten years at least been interwoven with the government : critical journalism in Holland is in a terminal state. According to the main Dutch "news" sources Fortuyn was a racist, and - without ever checking - most media in the world bought the story, served to them by the big news agencies which a long time ago forgot journalism and turned to money making.. Wrongly, or on purpose. The British paper the Guardian has this week published an enormous "Mea Culpa" : "we all hyped and published a lot of hot air. Nobody checked, everybody 'parrotting the others" is the conclusion. Isn't it strange that at any given meeting even now after his death, almost one third of "Fortuyn's followers" show to be foreigners of all colours and races living in Holland ?. And look at all the people showing up at his funeral. Multicoloured. Would they ever show up for a racist like Le Pen or Haider ? A top job of desinformation...

The remnants of the Dutch form of democracy are very much at stake right now. Press- freedom is still breathing. Wether the man who shot Fortuyn really is what he is said to be ( a freak environment activist?) remains to be seen. But never trust the information given to you by the "agencies" serving us all with our daily - not to be trusted - portion of Newsspeak.

"Fortuyn will not be around to see where his political adventure will finish... But the premature and uniquely dramatic end of his political aspirations does not negate the fact that he has started a process which established politicians can no longer ignore." They don't : they're working round the clock with every good, ignorant or just bad "authority" of any nationality which is offering tactics and means : to control the damage.

The US-ambassador, the Dutch Armed Forces and the Joint Strike Fighter.

At stake : the power to amass future profits. The damage control has nothing to do with law, human rights or freedom of speech or such for human beings valuable things. First on the menu among many other deals : a multi -10 or more - BILLION $ deal concerning the ordering of Joint Strike Fighter planes which Holland does not even need. Professor Fortuyn was killed on Monday May 6th. The day before, last Sunday - May 5th - the American ambassador to the Netherlands Mr. Sobel, some American "specialists" and Dutch generals contacted mr. Fortuyn concerning the JSF-deal. Since he was supposed to win in the upcoming elections his vote would be decisive. He told US ambassador Sobel and the delegation he would probably need those billions - with a slowing down economy - for more urgent things in Dutch society. Like medicare, education, public transport etc. Earlier and also in his political program, Fortuyn had declared he would get rid of most of the air force and the rest of the military, wanting to concentrate all powers to the Royal Dutch Navy. For people in uniform not a popular idea. For mr. Fortuyn the next day was his last.

Many people who disliked him politically are now heard saying : "By killing him, they (the present government et al) are trying to silence us. He said what many people were thinking. He was like a paradise bird among crows." However controversial he was while alive, "without Pim Fortuyn there is a true threat of
chaos", the Dutch government newspaper Volkskrant declared. "Fortuyn's death has pushed the Netherlands into its most serious domestic crisis since 1945. It is inevitable that emotions will run high as a result of this attack, but things have to be kept under control if we are to avoid further bloodshed. There is a huge danger that intense resentment will gain the upper hand in this extremely polarized climate."

Coming 15th : YOU ONLY DIE TWICE

So, what's going to happen ? People will vote on May 15th - and to many of them this will be similar to paying tribute or signing a register for condolences. Which does not reflect politically thinking realities, because they lack relevant and honest information. The new List Fortuyn -parliamentarians will be allowed to dabble around for a short while, until the following now already fabricated "government crisis" by the "spin doctors" is fabricated. And again will bring those to power, who fit the New World Order : the money-makers and warmongers. So the Dutch will once more be confronted, now with the second death of Fortuyn's and the people's illusions concerning democracy. The term "Double Dutch" which I learned at Weslyan University (Conn.) many decades ago, I understand better today. Concerning the spin doctors and the present Government :.........it's Dutch Gold !. The party of mr. Fortuyn will now also become a victim of the "Enforced Divide and Rule" -system to foment implosion of the group. You'll see it : just check the "hot-air-media"...

Dutch honesty and democracy died when commerce took over the running of most of the media and the State. There's definitely "something rotten in the State of Holland".


* The Dutch author worked globally for 40 years as an independent journalist / foreign correspondent for many international printed and AV-media. From Scandinavia (covering the slaying of PM Olof Palme in 1986) to Vietnam, as correspondent in Latin America, ( death of Allende / Chile '71-'74), and 10 years in North & South Africa and the Middle East. Lately accredited as N/W Africa & M-East correspondent - based in Tunisia for ten years, reporting for the BBC too... Because of journalistic research declared "Persona non Grata" five times by different governments in East and West.



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