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Eagle Victory Party

It is Friday May 10th? Where are you gonna spend your lunch? Its time for the massive rally to celebrate the Eagle Victory and demand an end to commercial logging on public land and spotlight the 100 timber sales on the GP and Mt. Hood National Forest

Rally and March to End Commercial Logging on Public Lands

WHEN: Friday, May 10, 12:00 noon; march to Regional US Forest Service
Headquarters at 1 pm
WHO: Cascadia Forest Alliance, Oregon Sierra Club, Bark, Oregon
WildlifeFederation, Native Forest Network, Rainforest Action Network, National
Forest Protection Alliance and others
WHERE: Pioneer Courthouse Square, downtown Portland
WHAT: Rally and March to Call for an End to Commercial Logging on
Public Lands

Portland, OR: Forest protection supporters will gather to rally for an
end to commercial logging on public lands, celebrate the Eagle Creek timber
sale cancellation, and draw attention to the one hundred new timber sales on
the two national forests closest to Portland. The rally will take place on
Friday, May 10 at noon at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown
Portland and will include music and several speakers from environmental, labor and religious perspectives who support ending commercial logging on public
lands as the answer to the Bush Administrationıs misguided federal forest
policies. The rally will be followed by a march at 1 pm to the Regional
Headquarters of the US Forest Service to present a list of policy
changes that would help protect and restore our public lands for future
Rally organizers expect 300 to 500 people to attend the lunchtime event
in downtown Portland.

The rally and march will take special aim at the Bush Administrationıs
federal forest policies. ³Itıs hard to tell where the timber industry
stops and the Bush Administration begins,² said Ivan Maluski with the Native
Forest Network. He pointed to former timber industry lobbyist Mark Rey
being appointed to oversee the Forest Service and the record breaking
soft-money contributions George W. Bush received from some of the largest loggers of public lands in the region during the presidential campaign of 2000.
Since that time, Mark Rey and the Bush Administration have dismantled the
popular Clinton-era roadless protection initiative and have announced plans to
Œamendı the Northwest Forest Plan to accelerate mature and old growth logging.

³We need to end commercial logging on our public lands to protect our remaining native forests and drinking water from the corporations that profit from their destruction,² said Sarah Wald of the Cascadia Forest Alliance. She pointed out that timber corporations benefit from the huge taxpayer subsidy of roughly $1.2 billion each year to log public lands, while less than four percent of the nationıs wood consumption comes from those same public forests, amounting to a huge corporate welfare boondoggle.

³Some of the same timber barons who gave $1.1 million in soft money to
George W. Bush in 2000 will benefit from the $1.2 billion logging subsidy and will likely be trying to log the one hundred timber sales in our nearest national forests this summer,² she added.

The rally comes on the heels of the successful campaign to stop the Eagle Creek timber sale and the tragic death of tree sitter Beth OıBrien, who gave her life trying to keep the timber industry off our public lands.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org
phone: phone: (503) 241-4879