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Dr. Greer of Disclosure Project on TV

Don't believe a quasi-annonymous post--
Find out for YOURSELF what Diclosure Project is about on PCA this June.
An April interview with Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the non-profit Disclosure Project will be appearing on Portland Cable access several times this June. In this program Dr. Greer discusses exotic energy devices, propulsion systems and the secrecy surrounding the ET subject. Greer's statements are a summary of what the Disclosure Project has accomplished already and what he and his staff of volunteers have learned from the testimonies of over 400 military, corporate, government, and intelligence community witnesses who have pledged to testify before Congress about these events. The men and women interviewed can provide documentation of their identities and careers and provide further proofs with coroborrative statements and supporting classified and declassified government records and internal memos.

Don't believe me. Watch the program, go to the website, review the evidence, and find out for yourself.

Disclosure Project on Portland Cable Access this June:
Monday June 6 Channel 11 6pm
Sunday June 16 Channel 11 3pm
Saturday Channel 22 8pm
Thursday Channel 22 8pm
Saturday Channel 23 7:30pm
Thursday Channel 23 7pm


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