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Photos of painted anarchist portraits currently at Red and Black Cafe

There is an exhibit of painted portraits of some well known current and historical anarchists at the Red & Black Cafe at Division and 22nd SE. Here are photos of the paintings, along with the quotes that accompany them.

There is an exhibit of painted portraits of some well known current and historical anarchists at the Red & Black Cafe at Division and 22nd SE. Here are photos of the paintings, along with the quotes that accompany them.

The Exhibit:

This exhibit is created in tribute to the many influential Anarchists who have graced the Earth's soil. Still obscure in mainstream politics and education, the people depicted here have, in the artist's opinion, been bright lights in the struggle for equality along all lines of exploitation and division. Issues such as the class struggle, promoting feminism, combating racism, and the deconstruction of illegitimate forms of coercion and authority have been their life's work; and in the case of Sacco and Vanzetti, their life's downfall.

While not everyone included might be labeled Anarchist (Angela Davis and Randolph Bourne in particular), their belief in peace and egalitarianism compelled me to include them. As well, this is obviously an incomplete exhibit when one takes into account the many other prominent Anarchists and freedom fighters not included. Also, the millions of people who have struggled--and continue to--whose names we will never know are visually missing, but not emotionally forgotten. These are but a few of the people who have contributed to making a better world for every human being. The Anarchist spirit is un-resting, ever evolving, and truly dedicated to equality for everyone in all aspects of life. Based on the concepts of free-association, economic and social egalitarianism, and self-determination, Anarchism is the idea of true, total freedom.

The artist, Matty Darcy, is a life-long Portland resident. He can be reached at (503) 236-4801.

For more information on Anarchist thought visit www.zmag.org/AWatch/awatch.htm

Michael Bakunin - 1814-1876
"The State is authority; it is force; it is the ostentation and infatuation of force: it does not insinuate itself; it does not seek to convert. . . . Even when it commands what is good, it hinders and spoils it, just because it commands it, and because every command provokes and excites the legitimate revolts of liberty; and because the good, from the moment that it is commanded, becomes evil from the point of view of true morality, of human morality (doubtless not of divine), from the point of view of human respect and of liberty. Liberty, morality, and the human dignity of man consist precisely in this, that he does good, not because it is commanded, but because he conceives it, wills it and loves it."

Angela Davis - 1944-
"Progressive art can assist people to learn not only about the objective forces at work in the society in which they live, but also about the intensely social character of their interior lives. Ultimately, it can propel people toward social emancipation."
"The work of the political activist inevitably involves a certain tension between the requirement that position be taken on current issues as they arise and the desire that one's contributions will somehow survive the ravages of time."

Thank you so much! Ya just made my day! 10.May.2002 17:17


Thank you so much!

Awesome! 10.May.2002 21:11


Awesome...simply Awesome....Will go see these paintings at the Red and Black..

Need art lessons? 11.May.2002 12:49


Anarchy indeed. This person threw paint onto a canvas, mooshed it around and called it art.

If this art in any way represents what society would look like after the anarchists, we'd be in even deeper shit than we are now. Not only would we in be a bigger mess, but uglier too.

Why does anarchy have to mean bad music, (thrash metal rap rave,) and bad art? (See above.)

It's no wonder the movement isn't popular. It's like being fed rotten food and told to eat it for the sake of the revolution.

Art lessons, dear. Art lessons. Don't quit your day job. And try some art lessons.

Anarchy any one way? Missing the point? 11.May.2002 13:43

HE CK NO mbthink@hotmail.com

Hey art,
What is it we're saying that makes you think anarchy should or would be any one way?
I think you've got us confused with the communists- or maybee the current social system. Locally anarchists are starting up cafes, work spaces, making art, volunteering to help people, working at csa's, making a DIY paper, rising to the soap box like never before, if anything Anarchy and Anarchists ideas are on the ascendency. Does this bother you? If so WHY?
Maybee I'm just living in a bubble- but heck- I like to listen to a lot of jazz, oldtime, celtic, and indy music, of an anarchist bent when I can find it. Yer stereo types seem too bogus to believe.
I'm not an art "EXPERT", neather am I an art "AUTHORITY", but I do appreciate these paintings. I don't think every one of them is the best. I really like the Bakunin, Emma (the colors are really cool!), and the sacco&vanzetti one.
I've been an anarchist for years and have just started reading Emma Goldman. I think that people who are putting hard work and effort into developing thier skills should be recognized for thier efforts. If we don't develop skills how are we ever going to create our own communities, and networks of support?
If we do not provide the means to support ourselves how will we ever remove ourselves from this social system and it's values. If we do not create our own values as individuals and as communities can we really say that we work for "social" change?
Change starts with your self.

The glass is half full.

This is global news? 12.May.2002 06:29


The global IMC to promote your art show? Portland come on this smells bad.

reply to 'This is global news?' 13.May.2002 13:32

portland indymedia activist

portland indymedia was not one of the IMCs that was asked to be part of the process that sacrificed the open publishing newswire to a features newswire on the global indymedia site. As I understand it, only some IMCs were. So much for consensus.

Putting that point aside, should portland indymedia features be tailored to a global audience just because they're also linked from the global site now? personally, i don't think so. portland indymedia exists first to be a local resource, and this art show is a great local story.

and putting *that* point aside, who says that paintings of anarchists aren't of interest to *anyone* outside lil' ol' Portland?