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Global General Strike

What is the most efficient weapon in the hands of people.
It is a general strike that uncompromisingly halts all routines
of our daily life for a moment.
What is the most efficient weapon in the hands of people.
It is a general strike that uncompromisingly halts all routines
of our daily life for a moment.

If the German IG Metall goes on strike it might have some
devastating shocks on the economy.

If the Norweigian LO decides to halt all working by its
large memberforce it might have some immediate effect
on national scale.

When the Argentinian economy collapsed it had a severe
impact on the Argentinian economy. But the jaws of the
corporate policestate continues to clatch in the rest of South

In Italy general strikes have been announced and accomplished
but their impact on the global economy is scarcely even marginal.

In order to have impact on a global scale we need to concentrate
our effort on a global general strike.

This global general strike should be accompanied with a global
massive scale netstrike where preselected companies would be

We should remember that this opens an excellent opportunity
to arrange wide scale of activities simultaneously when the
general strike is on. For example World Wide Reclaim the City.

Selfdefense against corporate onslaught.

Unless the inhabitants, workers, activists, anarchists, environmentalists
and all the other groups of people who keep up the struggle against
the corporate policestate are able to achieve a global general strike,
much of the rest will be in vain.

Only a global general strike will have an effect on a global level.

We should also remain focused on the weakpoints of the system.
Stock exchanges, banks and credit establishments.

Do not forget that the corporate media is along with the forementioned
institutions the core antagonist of a more humane, just and friendlier
tomorrow. Hence, heavy activities must accordingly be guided against
TRUTH 09.May.2002 13:31

Heck mbthink@hotmail.com

I've got much respect for the practice of strikes. Strikes like boycots, and sabotage are effective tools for creating positive social change. Precisly because they hit the master class where they feel it most- in the wallet. I've been an anarchist for years now, doing cd, wreaking economic damage against the system, but only recently have I begun to really learn and interact with anarchists of the red stripe. It could be that as an enviromentalist, as a vegan, the folks I hang with are too insular. It could also be that many working class anarchists are insular themselves. I think people should be wary of any "One size fits all" solutions. I see the value of having a global general strike. When I say that the people of the world should rise up and take down thier leaders- people accuse me of bieng callous, even genocidal, in my support of self determination. They say that we need the support system provided- which i feel has been- fashoned of the subjugated earth and her peoples.- They say this because they feel we would starve if we brought down this social system. They're right. I feel that by the same token a general strike would have the same effect.
You don't think so? Well then, reflect on the Margret Thatchers of the world who rose to power, by standing up to unions who's tactics didn't include feeding thier neighbor's children..
I ADAMANTLY feel that the struggle of the working people is a just one! I work. I'm not bashing yer people!
This isn't some kind of "Yer eather with us, or agianst us!" assertion.
What I am saying is this- Without our own community based networks of support (FOOD,SHELTER,HEALTHCARE) independant of this fucked up social system
The tactics of the ELF AND the tactics of the IWW will fail.
What I'm saying is this- When we have this global revolution- networks of support LARGER than our communities capacity to control them (for thier own survival) will be the first to fall by the recrimination of the master class and those who follow them. Precisely because they are spread too thin for any one community to defend- or pick up and take with them.
What we need is too take stock of our social resources. Our skills, our ability to grow and preserve food, our hideouts. Look at strengthening these community support networks. Look at developing working relationships with people that we identify with. Cast off the shackles of our drug culture! And put up a fight!

For community based solutions
-anarchy as self government
all respect to you