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The Idiots Guide to Yiddish Supremacy

Still don't understand the difference between a Jew, a Zionist, an Ashkenazi and an AshkeNAZI? Perhaps this will help dispel some corporate-media and "progressive" myths....

As Sharon's assault on the Palestinians intensifies, it is important to take account of the many American-Jews who have used their 'media muscle' to support the adventures of Likudnik extremists. It is vital to record in our collective memory banks the men and women, our self-appointed 'intellectual class', who have endorsed every murderous Israeli policy, regardless of international law, human rights, American values and American interests.

The following is just a partial list of American publishers and journalists who have dedicated a good part of their career to supporting the repression of the Palestinian people. We call it our 'Idiot's Guide to Yiddish Supremacists".

Note that this is just a partial list of the Yiddish cabal that represents the only American ethnic constituency that supports repression abroad. They stand by Israel, right-wing or extreme right-wing. These guys never miss a chance to glorify their favorite country, Israel, a racist apartheid land thieving repressive regime created by Yiddish supremacists for Yiddish supremacists against the native people of the Holy Land.

On domestic issues, observe that some of these writers, like Ellen Goodman and Alan Dershowitz, pose as 'liberals' or even 'progressives'. Some pose as Democratic party loyalists (Thomas Friedman - The New York Times) while others like Charles Krauthammer (The Washington Post) pose as neo-conservatives. But all align themselves with Ariel Sharon, a documented war criminal and notorious thug. So always discard the marketing label that comes attached to their forehead. Peel it off and you will find a bone deep Yiddish supremacist.

These 'media personalities' are hard core Israel Firsters whose tainted journalism is obviously coordinated with the Israeli Lobby. That is why they never even bother to notice that there is an Israeli lobby, a vast political network that undermines our democracy and diminishes the very value of the 'one man one vote' franchise.

Watch them subvert democratic values both in America and Israel. Never forgive them for conspiring against a small people fighting for their basic liberties. Over the last five decades, these bigots have come to dominate the debate on the Middle East and have made no secret of where they stand. They stand with Sharon of Qibya and Sabra and Shatila. They urged 'Sharon to be Sharon' and he obliged their blood lust. Instead of narrating the truth, they spread Yiddish supremacist dogma, a narrative that is discredited even among level headed Israelis.

Read Ha'aretz or the European press and you will discover how far right these folks really are. Sharon is not a Republican or a 'neo-conservative'. He would be an indicted war criminal, if it wasn't for their 'image laundering' operations. They deserve contempt for what they write today because of what they wrote yesterday in defense of Sharon and other Israeli thugs. The price of their complicity in the repression of the Palestinians is plainly evident. Their advocacy of Likudnik mantras has been launched with a vile defamatory campaign using the full weight of their monopoly media franchises.

Instead of making Israeli repression the issue, they have made the noble character of the Palestinian people the issue. These media whores are not fit to lick Palestinian feet and yet they dare to defame a people whose heroic resistance to right-wing Jewish expulsionist thugs has served the whole world by shedding light on the character of the Yiddish supremacy movement that has hijacked the Jewish faith, an aboriginal tribal faith inspired by the ancient sages of the Palestinian people.

In their blind subordination to Israeli policies, they have insisted in subordinating American foriegn policy to Israeli dictates. They have intimidated politicians, who deserve equal contempt for capitulating to their power games. They have squashed dissenting voices, purchased many tongues, forced honest men to sully their pens and waged a hate campaign against fellow citizens of Arab descent. From cartoons to movies to cable TV to high brow editorials, they have wasted no opportunity to be nasty to a people resisting foreign domination 'over there', knowing full well that it wounds the pride of fellow citizens over here. And they have certainly degraded the profession of journalism in America.

As if it was not enough to have a lobby full of high profile pundits. These journalists were not satisfied with the Yiddish supremacist occupation of the State Department by Albright, Ross, Indyk, Holbrooke, Kurtzer, Eagleburger and Rubin. The gang that produced the fictional 'generous offer' that was as miserly as Shylock. It was not enough to have Sandy Berger as National Security Adviser, Cohen at Defense and Greenspan at the Federal Reserve and another Rubin as Secretary of the Treasury, with Reich at Labor and Kantor as special trade representative.

All these insiders were not enough. AIPAC was not enough. Controlling the Democratic party was not enough. A dozen Yiddish supremacist Senators was not enough. Alliances with the crazed doomsday cults of the Christian-right was not enough. Billions of American tax dollars to finance exclusive ultra-racist Jewish settlements was not enough. It was never enough to have their voices heard loud and clear. What they have always insisted on is isolating other American voices, especially those who would stand up for the freedom of the Palestinian people.

We must raise our voices against these bigots and let them know that we consider their behavior a little too ethno-centric to be consistent with truly American values. We must insist that they allow others to engage in the political arena, including those who openly challenge their past as Yiddish supremacists. We must be generous enough to offer them group therapy that they may reform their ways, although their arrogance diminishes the prospects of a timely cure. We must insist that they allow other Jewish voices, perhaps representing a vast silent majority of American-Jews, to be heard without being labelled as self-hating Jews.

But first we must identify who they are and what they are. They have defined others long enough. The Yiddish supremacists need to learn to behave themselves in the company of other Americans without resort to slander. They must be called upon to explain their alliance with a monster like Sharon. No excuses will be accepted, just an admission of motives and guilt. If they want off this list, let them explain themselves, deny their collusion with the Israeli Lobby and stop lying to the American people about their political agenda in service to one of the most racist states in the world.

Know your Yiddish supremacist publisher:

- Art Sulzberger, Publisher of The New York Times, Boston Globe and thirty other municipal dailies.

- Gerry Levine, CEO, CNN/AOL/Time Warner.

- Donald Graham, Publisher, The Washington Post and NewsWeek.

- Mortimer Zuckerman, Publisher, U.S. News and World Report, and the New York Daily News. Also, President of the conference of major Jewish organizations.

Know your Yiddish supremacist journalist: - Thomas Friedman, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, The New York Times. Poses as moderate. Led campaign to bury Sharon's criminal war record.

- William Safire, Columnist and Netenyahu Likudnik, The New York Times. Open about his love affair with Sharon and having an affair with Netenyahu.

- Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post and NewsWeek. Mental cripple to the extreme right of the Likud. Calls for expulsion.

- Ellen Goodman, Columist for the Boston Globe, a publication owned by The New York Times. Poses as liberal.

- Aaron Brown, CNN Anchor. Poses as liberal. A real sneak about his digs against the Palestinians.

- Ted Koppel, Extremist Likudnik and ABC Nightline 'six million dollar man'. A 'family friend' of Netanyahu.

- Wolf Blitzer, CNN far right Likudnik who advocates running the Pentagon from Tel Aviv.

- Andrea Koppel, daughter of extremist Likudnik and CNN 'foreign affairs' correspondent.

- Andrea Mitchel, wife of Alan Greenspan and NBC 'foreign affairs' correspondent. If Greenspan is as crooked as his wife's journalism, we need investigation.

- Barbara Walters, you all know Barbara. Yiddish supremacist who can't pronounce supremacist.

- Larry King, CNN talk show host. Listen carefully to the bigot within this warped troubled man.

- Walter Isacson, CNN Director, behind the scenes control freak who masterminded merging CNN with IDF.

- Alan Dershowitz, supporter of torture and collective punishment and alleged 'civil libertarian.' Only a Yiddish supremacist can combine both attributes.


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Yiddish Supremacy as title for division 04.May.2002 22:46

Jacob Rosenblum

Whether or not Yiddish Supremacy is a force which has all of the political power alluded to, referring to a large list of Jews as being "Yiddish supremacists" causes extreme divisiveness. Such terminology, while it may be 'correct' by your standards, has tinges of anti-Semitism which will make it extremely difficult to dialogue with those who have contrary views.

No Justice Without Truth.... 05.May.2002 06:16

Jon Chance


It's unfortunate that duped Americans must be un-duped before substantial peace dialog can begin. But that's life.

Coming from a part-Yiddish family, seeing the way "our" media, money, elections and (with Paul Wolfowitz at the helm of the DoD) the military, it's clear to anyone who's brave enough to be objective in this country that the truth must be told before genuine peace and justice can begin.

From personal experience, I can validate any Arab's claim that, in America, the most dangerous and powerful white supremicists are the Ashkenazi Zionists.

They must be exposed - and forgiven - and the Mossad must be liquidated before justice is served. The same goes for all terrorists, including the Bush gang.

And you, like other misled and/or dishonest "Jews", do a diservice to humanity by slandering Semites and anti-Zionists as "anti-Semitic".

As you well know, Caucasian Jews are not Semitic, so please stop lying and abusing the English language.

Meanwhile, Americans need to educate themselves from uncensored foreign sources and objective history not taught in "our" schools and so-called "universities".


Re: Jon 05.May.2002 13:48


Jacob didn't seem to label Amr as anti-Semitic. He seemed to say that Amr's comments could be taken as anti-Semitic, and thus, would be less likely to be listened to. He was also saying that divisiveness won't solve the problem, and I agree. As a caucasian suburbanite, it seems to me that the Israelis don't think of Palestinians as human beings.. that they are something less... Arabs, terrorists, etc. Conversely, Palestinians see Israelis as Zionists, oppressors, etc. The only way this situation will be resolved well is if the Israelis and the Palestinians look at each other as people, and realize that everyone has a right to live and be loved.

Anti-Semitic bilge 05.May.2002 20:29


You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Go write press releases for Richard Butler or Pat Buchanan.