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IMC has been hijacked by centrist asses...

Changes introduced a few weeks ago by IMC were more than cosmetic.

In my opinion, (there goes my posting) IMC's new format is more than an attempt to professionalize a board that admittedly had excesses at times.

There has also been a conscious philosophical shift toward the center--toward possible acceptability by the masses and by those in positions of power privately and publicly in this increasingly arrogant and aggressive nation.

This dictates that issues on the controversial cutting edge--conspiracy theories about 911 for example--be avoided completely lest the mainstream fail to take IMC seriously.

I believe this apparent decision to have been a mistake and the beginning of the end of the IMC we knew. The lemming masses have their media. They don't want IMC.

A few more editorial changes at the top and another visit or two by the FBI and IMC will represent nothing more interesting or controversial than a low budget version of Fox, CNN or CBS.

IMC's uniqueness lay in the fact that any idiot with an internet connection could get into the act. Those with no merit fell by their own weight quickly.

But a wealth of useful ideas was shared by creative and intelligent commentators throughout the world.

IMC's new bland and "acceptable" image is largely a bore and I believe there will be losses in daily site visits as idealism is quenched by the straitjacket of
the tiresome conformity we're already accustomed to in the mainline media.

huh? 04.May.2002 19:55

Enji enji@earthlink.net

sounds like a buncha crap to me. i know nothing about what goes on "behind the scenes", but if you're talking about portland indymedia, it doesn't look to me like anything's changed, certainly not cosmetically.

if you just rant and exaggerate and make accusations without giving any facts you just sound like a whiny child. grow up.

He is talking about the Global Newswire 04.May.2002 20:26

IMC Liberals Suck

He is talking about the decision to hide the Global Newswire on the homepage. IMC decided to take this measure, supposedly to discourage "Nazi propaganda and spam" from being posted on the wire, as well as to promote issues from the local IMCs.

This is bullshit. Hiding the newswire has not discouraged
"Nazi propaganda/spam." And highlighting the local IMCs and their various Features did not have to be done at the expense of burying the Global Newswire. Indymedia disingenously attempted to frame the debate as an either/or issue in which the Global Newswire and the Local IMCs feature page were mutually exclusive entities.

Bottom line is that INdymedia hid the newswire to make the site more "acceptable" to mainstream viewers who don't want to have the preconceptions and lies FUNDAMENTALLY challenged.

This is bullshit! 04.May.2002 20:57


Counter to your provocative assertions, the quality of news on indymedia and the level of participation continues to rise. I rather think you'd like to see it fail, or worse yet turn into a cesspool of Art Bell and Lyndon LaRouche wannabes.

Ho Hum.... 05.May.2002 06:38

Jon Chance jpchance@egroups.com

When EVERYONE has equal rights & equal responsibilities, all these media-money-military CONTROL issues will resolve themselves organically.

Fraudulant banking is the hub of all artificial power. Dump that and we'll rid ourselves of all these other symptoms.



(Shhhhhh.... But we're not supposed to know about fractional-reserve banking and the Federal Reserve Corporation.)



Oh look at me! I'm more radical than you! 05.May.2002 08:40

- - - - - -

Oh look at me! I'm more radical than you!

the poster is making a point 05.May.2002 11:12


ok. . .so the poster is not making the point in the clearest most polite manner

however, it is a legitimate point. . .

hiding the global newswire from the front page, is adding weight and focus to the coverage from the editorial groups from each indymedia and taking it away from the wide open and free newswire

it is giving power to a small group, and taking it away from the boader readership and contributors

the feature i put up about how the editorial groups as a whole are avoiding the call for a 9.11 investigation. . .and by admission of some of them because it will make Indymedia less legitimate, points to the capacity for an important story to get censored (not necessarily purposefully censored, but censored nonetheless) in the name of 'legitimacy'

history has shown that groups of people will generally get pulled towards the center of social acceptability in order to 'reach' the most people. . .this must be guarded against constantly

the newswire is the heart and soul of indymedia. . .

i also personally oppose taking the global newswire off the front page in order to make room for the local imc features. . .i also question the motivations of the decision since there is plenty of room to have both up there

if there is room for both, then why is the global newswire no longer on the front page? this is a valid question, and i would hope that people would discuss it in depth, and with an open mind to discover the best road to take

in general, i have noticed, that there is an excess of name calling and accusation, and a distinct shortage of real openminded discussion in the comments to various newswire stories


'Centrist Asses?' 05.May.2002 13:56

Mr. McGoo

Sounds like name calling to me!