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DHKC- Statement on the new EU- "Terrorlist"

date: april 30, 2002
statement: 252

nobody can conceal massacres with demagogy about the "terror list"!

We invite everyone to see the truth about Turkey.

Giving in to the demagogy of the murderous General Staff means approving the tyranny of fascism and the American empire.

For several days now the newspapers and TV have been conducting a campaign, almost frantic in its accusations and shot through and through with lies, to have the DHKP-C placed on the European Union's "list of terrorist organisations". This campaign has included headlines like "Terrorism has also waved its flag in Brussels" They hung out their flag "Terrorists also have diplomatic status" as though the DHKC Brussels Information Bureau had only been opened recently when in fact it has existed for years. With lies like that piled upon each other and suchlike drivel, they are screaming, "Put them on the list!" This chorus has finally been joined by the General Staff of Turkey's armed forces, who earlier merely acted as chorus conductor. "The terror organisation which has committed more than 350 murders is being protected by Europe," the Chief of the General Staff Kivrikoglu said, adding, "What further proof is needed that Europe is being insincere towards Turkey?"

It is the guilty who are talking! The General Staff and its government are frantically concealing their massacres. These accusations are in line with the USA's demagogy about terrorism. But the General Staff is responsible in the first degree for massacres, murders, torture, the emptying of villages by force, burning people to death, rape, pushing people into poverty and hunger "indeed, every kind of tyranny. Throughout the history of the Republic of Turkey, the General Staff has been responsible for all massacres and has drowned in blood every search for justice, every search for rights and freedoms. The General Staff has been the planner, instigator and practitioner. If there is a terrorist in Turkey, throughout the Republic's history it is this General Staff and the governments under its thumb which are the terrorists. Besides, there must be few people in the world who do not know the role the General Staff plays in politics in Turkey, and there must be few people who do not know the army's role in government.

This is why the General Staff is frantically sounding off about the "DHKP-C and terrorism". Its frantic noises spring from this urge to conceal its guilt. After all, the Ariel Sharon way in which it destroyed its own prisons on December 19, 2000, the way it burned people alive, has been documented and presented to the world. Yes, it is the DHKP-C that supplied the proof to the whole world. And the General Staff will not be able to say a single word in reply. The General Staff is responsible for murdering tens of thousands of our people, revolutionaries and patriots. And the world knows this. The General Staff is afraid that its authority will decline. It could not live and breathe for a second without America. It owes its existence, life and power to America. Even its mind is on sale to America, along with everything else. And all the executions, massacres and torture in Turkey are done under the direction of the General Staff. And this too has been documented by the DHKC for the whole world's benefit.

Now Kivrikoglu talks of "350 murders" by the DHKC. This is the General Staff that for decades has run governments, created juntas, put up gallows, created provocations, carried out executions and massacres, and used such people as Islamists and the civilian fascist MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) to carry out massacres and provocations. This is the General Staff that distributed leaflets in the mountains with verses from the Koran, leaflets calling for jihad against the communists. This is the General Staff that used Hizbullah against revolutionaries. This is the General Staff that has worked in collaboration with both the tarikats (Islamic religious orders) and the mafia. And all this was done to destroy the revolutionaries. And everything was and is done in the interests of America. And these generals are the real government in Turkey. When they retire, for purely selfish reasons they obtain posts as directors of banks and holding companies. There are few exceptions to that rule. But these generals who are still in power have no abilities other than committing massacres and acting as collaborators. And these are the generals who have reduced our people to poverty, collaborate with America and engage in demagogy about terrorism. These are the generals who cannot be without America for a second, but who use nationalist demagogy. These are the generals who commit murder but call others terrorists.

The General Staff and the government want freedom to massacre:
It wants everyone to be "just like me"! The whole world must know this characteristic feature of Turkey's General Staff. And now this General Staff has learned by heart the terrorism demagogy that America has taught, namely, "either you are with me or against me" and so it rushes about destroying any opposition. It sees no guarantees of its own existence. So it has to tell lies. It is afraid that one day it will be judged. It is afraid of being judged by the people. Take note: throughout history you have not seen this General Staff talking of rights and freedoms. Not once have you seen it defending democracy and justice. Not once has it defended the interests of the people. If the interests of the people come onto the agenda, it either stages a coup or threatens to do so. What it wants, treating it as a command from the USA, is to destroy all the revolutionaries. And then it and America would be all that is left on the stage. And it would stay in power forever. It wants no-one to think, no-one to have freedom of speech, no-one to be an opponent. Just as it is known that America is the creator of tyranny and poverty in the world, the General Staff is the creator of tyranny and poverty in Turkey, and it knows that where there is no justice, sooner or later there will be a people's rebellion. Its guilt leads it into every kind of unbalanced behaviour, lies and massacres. It is afraid of losing power. For this reason, it has a phobia towards the DHKP-C. It has resorted to threats, blackmail and pressure against many institutions and the media in Turkey in order to control them. It lies when it wants and commits provocations when it wants. This is what the General Staff is skilled in.

Never mind what it has done against revolutionaries; you will see the truth when you examine what it has done against the bourgeois opposition in Turkey. In Turkey there is no freedom of thought or freedom to oppose. There is no way of seeking democratic rights. Parties, associations, trade unions, the media are all repressed and kept in a form that suits the General Staff. Those who do not conform risk being murdered, tortured or jailed; this is the unchanging reality of Turkey. The General Staff says, "Give me money, give me weaponry, train me in massacres, give me technology but don't meddle in my other work." Its allies America and Europe want this.

Who is defending democracy? Who is defending justice, equality and freedom? Now it is being put to the test. We will see. We will see whether or not European democracy has at least a minimum understanding of rights and freedoms and whether it will defend them. For if it calls the DHKP-C or any other organisation struggling in Turkey "terrorist" at the behest of the General Staff, then that means it approves of the General Staff remaining in power indefinitely. It means it approves of all the massacres, torture and tyranny committed by the General Staff throughout the history of the Republic of Turkey. It means democracy and justice mean nothing to it. It means that the struggle for rights and freedoms means nothing to it.

Who is a democrat, who sides with democracy, and who supports fascism?
We will see!

Ignoring massacres in Turkey while calling the struggle against its tyrannical system "terror" is nothing but hypocrisy. It means saying to the government of Turkey's oligarchy: "Continue your terrorism, continue ignoring rights and freedoms.": it means that rights and freedoms are not important, what is important is establishing the US empire.

Yes, we are continuing the struggle for rights and freedoms in Turkey. We wonder what struggle it is that the General Staff is continuing? What does the state mean to the General Staff, and who is this state for? The General Staff cannot answer such questions. Now the world can put that to the test. Everyone being tested can say, "I am on the side of democracy and justice." But will those being tested give in to the demagogy of a murderous General Staff or will they take a proper look at the General Staff? We invite the whole world to see the truth. We invite the whole world to see the truth about Turkey. How many thousands have been slain by a General Staff which shouts, "Terrorist!" How is it continuing with its massacres? And who is helping it? How are these policies being pursued? We invite everyone to look at this truth in all its nakedness. It is also this General Staff which works to prevent the truth being seen by giving instructions to the media and telling them to write lies. It cannot endure even the smallest freedom of thought, or even the search for rights. It cannot even bear representational offices being set up. It cannot bear the thought of some people telling the truth about Turkey. All it knows is: "Hang, cut, close down" Nothing else! Its frantic accusations must be seen. Its true face is one of unconcealed fear. And they want the whole world to be like Turkey. If you revealed your beliefs, immediately you are punished as "someone who is a member of an (illegal) organisation or aided an organisation", if you set up an association or a party, they will concoct the lie that you formed an "illegal association", and if that fails they will hatch a conspiracy to have you closed down. This is what they want. They have done this for decades. And all these lies have come to this.

The DHKP-C, which struggles against fascism, is waging a just and legitimate struggle. Those who use demagogy about "terrorism" are engaging in every kind of exploitation and tyranny. This is the truth summed up in two sentences. Everybody will determine their own position from this.

Something known to our people and to the press: they are using the same demagogy again to steal prefabricated accommodation from people who have been left hungry, without water and homeless or who have been left dead in the ruins of earthquakes:

The Minister of Public Works, the MHP member Abdulkadir Akcan, issued a statement that after the August 17, 1999 earthquake, some of the prefabs put up after the earthquake had "fallen into the hands of PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) and DHKP-C sympathisers", so it was decided to empty the prefabs. This claim was completely false. They have left the people without shelter, hungry and without water and are now trying to cover up their thieving role with this type of demagogy. Every word he said was an invention; but on the other hand, look at the fascist mentality: what right does a sympathiser of this or that revolutionary organisation have to possess a roof over his or her head following an earthquake?

Isn't this the mentality of Ariel Sharon?

This MHP ministerial statement is clear proof of how in our country for years, every kind of tyranny or injustice has been concealed or justified using the cover of "terrorism" and "terror organisations". They will throw people who have been tormented by an earthquake out onto the streets by forcing them out of their prefabs, and then use this same demagogy, the demagogy of "terrorism"!

Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi
(Revolutionary People's Liberation Front)

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