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portland mayday photos #2

portland mayday photos #2

The day was a colourful display of signs and people

A good sign to remember

Though the march was making a political statement, there was also alot of good humour and play.

More banners

Big Signs

and little signs

After the march returned to the park blocks, various groups sat to eat, relax on the grass, and the anarchist youth formed a dance circle

Then sitting in a circle they had a rousing round of duck, duck, goose (right name?)

Some folks burned the US flag

The smouldering remains

One person was arrested on the way to the march for jaywalking, and was also charged with resisting arrest. Here the police apprehended these dangerous kids as they committed the heinous act of writing on the building with chalk. The officers finally let them go without citation.
According to Kaufory 04.May.2002 21:18


According to local attorney Greg Kaufory there is no law on the books that makes it a crime to chalk on public sidewalks in Portland.Writing on buildings may be pushing it just a bit.More research is needed on the subject.