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photos from the portland mayday march #1

photos from the portland mayday march #1

There was a celebratory atmosphere as people danced in circles, played music, and enjoyed the pleasant weather.

People were gathering for a couple hours before the march, sharing food and preparing signs, costumes and puppets.

A few speakers gave some words before the march

There were lots of costumes, bright dress, signs and banners

Our very own Portland marching band made a surprise appearance

The march getting started from the north park blocks. . .it was an estimated 1500 people

One wman leading the way with her twirling display and bright smile

Mr Taco Hell made his appearance

Speakers at the INS building. The focus of this May Days march was immigrant rights

Part of the crowd at the INS building

March heading up Burnside towards the NW Taco Bell

PCUN and other Unions and Organizations were represented at the march.

The crowd streamed for blocks

Gathered at Taco Bell at 23rd NW and Burnside

One persons solution

Many signs supported the tomato pickers