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Disclosure Project gets coverage in Portland Tribune

This is an article that appeared in Friday's issue of the Portland Tribune about the April 24th event at the First Congressional Church.
A 10,000-pound gorilla offers a mental workout
Bill McDonald
On My Own

If you believe that all UFO sightings are made by swamp-dwelling, moonshine-guzzling hillbillies, then Dr. Steven Greer is your worst nightmare.
Bright, articulate and incredibly dedicated, this medical doctor is the man behind the Disclosure Project, a Charlottesville, Va.-based organization that aims to end government secrecy on the subject of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrials.
It's not a topic that the media have distinguished themselves in covering. In fact, as I arrived to meet the doctor after he did an interview at the Portland Cable Access studios last week, it felt like I was the one who as a member of the press needed to establish some credibility.
This I accomplished by asking if he had heard of "Incident at Exeter," the book that started my lifelong interest in the subject of UFOs. He had.
He mentioned that the percentage of people who now believe in UFOs is greater than the percentage who voted for our recent presidents. I chimed in with, "Didn't both Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter have UFO sightings of their own?"
It was only then that I saw the skeptical look begin to fade. We agreed to talk after he finished his interview.
During the taping, he described UFOs as "the 10,000-pound gorilla that has been kept secret for about 50 or 60 years."
What Greer has done is to gather 400 witnesses many of them conservative Republicans, by the way who claim to have firsthand knowledge on subjects such as recovered technology not of this Earth.
One turning point in his efforts was a National Press Club news conference on May 9, 2001, when Greer presented 12 of these witnesses to the media and to the biggest webcast ever on the Internet.
As the Portland interview proceeded, I sat and watched in the darkness, continuing my decades-long struggle to accept the notion that it could all be true.
This is so much more than a 10,000-pound gorilla. It's the ultimate mental workout, dwarfing previous challenges such as when people first heard that the Earth was round.
How far we've come since then, though. Just look at the technological advances in the last century, and imagine if a civilization somewhere was thousands of years ahead of us.
There has to be other life out there, right? How vain is it to think that we're alone in a universe of billions of galaxies that's been around for 13 billion years?
Perhaps you were taught that nothing could ever exceed the speed of light, so there wouldn't be time to cross the incredible expanses of space. But guess what? Scientists recently have broken the speed of light.
After the taping, I asked Greer the big question: If you had five minutes of television time around the world to convince the skeptics that you were right, what evidence would you show? Would it be the Belgium sightings? That's one of my personal favorites: hundreds of viewers, pictures, radar, scrambling fighter jets, the works.
Greer said he'd most like to present his witnesses: "the people who have dealt directly with the extraterrestrial evidence and the bodies."
Wow, the big gorilla was stirring again.
Incidentally, Greer's uncle, Macon Epps, worked on NASA's lunar module, which brings up an interesting point: We already have indisputable proof of bizarre creatures traveling through space namely, us.
Bill McDonald is a Portland writer and musician.

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandtribune.com www.disclosureproject.org

Actual '84 Defense Intel Agency poster 04.May.2002 19:19

mussed coif

What's the point of this bizarre poster? Pictured is a file cabinet of the type that locks via a rolling combination tumbler. Mr ET is looking right at the tumbler knob as he crashes into a open door.

Does the poster offer any clues as to what might be found in these sensitive files?
Actual '84 Defense Intel Agency poster
Actual '84 Defense Intel Agency poster

This information is real and important 05.May.2002 15:55

Agent Orange

Hello Portland Indymedia. At the risk of sounding like an "Art Bell wannabee" I would like to respectfully draw attention to the article I posted and the Disclosure Project. I am asking for all who read this post to do so with an open mind and with a scientific eye--meaning examining the evidence before dismissal. Specifically, I believe that issues being highlighted by the Disclosure Project are important to anyone interested in bringing about real, radical, uncosmetic change to an unequal and horrifiyingly unjust economic system. The Disclosure Project came about when on May 9th, 2001 Dr. Steven Greer held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC where several former high-ranking military, industrial, intelligence and government officials spoke of their first-hand experieces with exotic propulsion and energy systems as well as ET craft and bodies. Some of the aforementioned officials were air traffic controlers who testified that they had clocked targets on radar at speeds of 7,000 mph or more. The Disclosure Project has no fewer than 20 air traffic controlers who corroberate each other's stories with nothing to be gained but ridicule. Reviewing this testimony and the testimony of some of the 400 other witnesses identified by the Disclosure Project is key to understanding that the information being put forth is not a hoax, scam or other waste of time, but an earnest effort to reveal energy systems that could obsolete the oil, natural gas, and nulclear industries and replace them with clean, sustainable and abundant energy. The recent publication of the Portland Tribune article reviewing Dr. Greer's recent visit is a testiment to the rigorousness of the facts presented. I merely wish to spotlight this project because by its esoteric and contraversial nature, it is usually ignored by activists concerned with "real" problems. I cannot state it seriously enough: this information is as real as anything else and for this project to succeed it will require the help of dedicated people already engaged in working for social change. There is no time to waste.