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Zionists in American Politics

Madeleine Albright was asked in the now infamous 60 minutes interview if she thought it was worth it that over half-a-million Iraqi children had died (back in 1996) due to the US-imposed sanctions on Iraq and she answered without hesitation that it was worth it. Doesn't she care about children casualties at all?
Not if she's a Zionist Jew!!


Double 04.May.2002 15:30


the anti-semites have found a nice home at this website.

idiot 04.May.2002 16:05

not an idiot

It's open publishing, anything can come in, does that make everything on here right? people are smart enough to see through shit like this.

ADL: American Dumb League 04.May.2002 20:50

Jon Chance jpchance@egroups.com

Seems like the ADL-Mossad and their numerous puppets in the corporate-government media have run out of intelligence.

Their IMC disinformationists either post stuff about UFOs or reveal their obsessions in their rape-like language.

Among other things, Mossad assets are now planting bombs in rural post boxes.

If only they had more Jungian shrinks and less drugs, perhaps these pathetic "Jews" (mammonists) could recover from their mass psychosis, which is contagious.

reponding to Jon Chance 04.May.2002 21:38

mussed coif

I too have suspicions about the so-called 'Midwestern Pipe Bomber'. It appears to be an operation designed to discredit government criticism. On the subject of UFOs I very much disagree that it is all disinformation. Quite possibly the issue of UFOs/ETs provides the key to unlocking a lot of pecular national events from the past 50 years, from political assassinations to rigged elections to defense overspending and 'Star Wars'.

copied from the 'Verified Documents' section of  http://www.cufon.com/ where there are documents retrieved from the National Archives and via FOIA requests

APO #244


DATE: 2 MAY 1945 (GCT).

OBSERVATIONS: The crew of plane #616 over FALA ISLAND, TRUK ATOLL, at 021802Z observed 2 airborne objects at their 11,000 foot altitude changing from a cherry red to an orange, and to a white light which would die out and then become cherry red again. These objects were out on either wing and not within range of caliber .50 machine guns. Both followed the B-24 through all types of evasive action. A B-24 took a course for GUAM and one of the pursuers dropped off at 021900Z after accompanying the B-24 for an hour. The other continued to follow, never approaching closer than 1000 yards and speeding up when the B-24 went thru the clouds to emerge on the other side ahead of the B-24. In daylight it was seen to be bright silver in color. As the B-24 let down at GUAM, the pursuer took a course of 330 degrees at 15, 000 feet to 20,000 feet altitude at 022130Z. ONe B-24 encountered eight intense flames light green in color, one of which burst and hung at 5,000 feet at 021013Z. There was no trail or warning until the actual burst. A B-24 reported 9 to 10 red tracer type trails of fire up to 5,000 feet. They came in pairs and one pair came within 50 to 100 yards of the tail of the B-24 at 021010Z. Source of each pair was at a different location.

Blame the Zionist Supremecists 05.May.2002 22:49


The term "Semite" has been co-opted by the Jewish lobby to include only Jews. However, other Semitic peoples additionally include Arabs and Chaldeans, among others. So, the term "anti-Semitic" is a vague misnomer and wholly inappropriate to use in the context as "anti-Jewish." Furthermore, one can be anti-Zionist and not have an ounce of anti-Jewish (or, to use your misnomer, "anit-Semitic") blood in his veins. Lastly, if this board appears to you to be attracting those people inclined toward anti-Jewish feelings, blame nazi-Zionist policies for this resentment in Palastine.

double 09.May.2002 00:58


how anti-semitic you are to blame Jews for anti-semitism. Your pathetic attempt to claim that Jew hatred is not anti-semitism leaves you with zero credibiltiy