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Indymedia - Nobel Peace Prize!

911 - Do you feel lucky?

Will Alina and Deva kindly collect that prize for us?
If you can believe something beautiful is going to happen, it probably will happen...

More peace has been brought to the world than anyone yet realises. Feel the breeze - this is the Silent Revolution we all secretly dreamed of. We are already here and with big government completely and utterly TWAT-ed, who are we going to get in to hold our hands? Will it be Saxophone Bill hosting the new and improved democracy and 'interim government'? Will they force us all to vote, give us back all of our freedoms and force us to say hi to the neighbours? Will bombs and weapons be banned forevermore? Has the Death Star imploded?

Take me to your leader...

Is it going to be the Queen and Tony Benn that handle the 'changing times ahead' and save democracy in the UK? Who else can they get in?

Is it true that Gorby is going to help out the Russians in the global last fight for democracy? Do the Italians end up with La Cicciolina?

Hopefully we will be getting a lot more women and those of colour running the show next time around, ideally all by that September World Peace Day.


Where has that Air Force One got to? Have they nicked it? Have the media let them escape? But to Where could they all go? The moon? They haven't even finished the luxury cells on Guantanamo Bay for them. Surely they cannot just be imprisoned forevermore just to face uncertain death in those freshly vacated cages? Will we have to put up a big sign pointing to hell for them and their atrocious religon of racial hatred?

As they say, either you are with us or against us, and those that live by the daisycutter...

Will guide dogs be spared from this utter lunacy, or is that too unfair?

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